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How To Make Packing & Travelling That Bit Easier With Amara

Packing and travel hacks and tips

I don't know about you but I love the whole process of travelling. From packing my suitcase to picking what movies I'm going to watch on the plane, it's something that I really enjoy and look forward to. But there's no doubt that it can easily become a stressful and exhausting process, especially if you're not organised to the best of your ability. That's why in recent years I've paid much more attention to planning well in advance and bringing items along with me to make the whole airport and departures process much easier and that's exactly where these products come into play. Something as simple as investing in a piece of carry on luggage with four wheels instead of two can instantly change the game and allow you to glide, instead of struggle, through the terminals.

And if you're travelling alone, knowing where everything is and depending on yourself is vital. This year I'm embarking on my first piece of solo travel and will have to be totally responsible for myself for the first time so I've picked out some pieces from Amara to help me do so in style, comfort and in some kind of organised manner.

Kate Spade Travel

First up we have something as simple as a luggage tag. Feeling excited about using something distinctly travel related makes the whole experience feel like a fun one and stops me thinking or worrying about the possibility of delays, being sat in the same seat for 9+ hours or the lack of any 'real' food until I arrive at my destination. This one* from Kate Spade New York goes with my DVF cabin luggage perfectly and is practical too and is made from wipe-clean silicone. Even if it's going on your carry on case or bag, I like to have all my details on it just in case we do get separated at any point.

Now onto my carry on itself. I've mentioned before that I'm going to be using packing cubes for the first time on my next trip and I'm already excited to pack my clothes that's how much of a game changer they've already been. Separating pieces into different bags and cubes makes packing and unpacking so much easier as you can lift all of your underwear, for example, in one cube and put it straight into the hotel drawer or alternatively keep the cubes in your luggage and use them as your own set of drawers, as I'll be doing. Knowing exactly where everything is without having to pull everything out honestly makes such a big difference and stops you from having everything you've brought with you strewn across the hotel room.

It's also so much cleaner and sanitary having your shoes in a shoe bag (I wear a pair on the plane and bring at least one other in my case) and having at least one bag dedicated to dirty washing. I'll be bringing my to wash and to wear bags back full of dirty laundry, I can imagine, especially as I won't be doing a washing whilst I'm away. And who else always forgets which pouch, bag or secret compartment they've put their jewellery in, for safe keeping, as well? Now I know exactly where my 'bits & baubles' are thanks to this lovely little drawstring bag.

Radley Vanity Case

And for further organisation or if you're someone who likes to take as much makeup as they can really justify with them on holiday, this beautiful vanity case* from Radley London is the one. There's even separate compartments for brushes and smaller items and I really like the fact that this could even be taken as your personal item instead of a handbag, if you're wanting to feel like a Hollywood icon toting around a vanity case with you. I have to admit, I've always wanted to do just that ever since seeing Carrie Bradshaw with hers by her side any time she went travelling or when she put it down on the sidewalk to give Big that big (pardon the pun) ultimatum in season one. Again, can you tell that I'm feverishly rewatching Sex and the City as NYC prep?

I'm also someone who begrudges paying for bottled water at the best of times but no more so than when at the airport. Investing in a reusable bottle is one of the best things you can do and it means that you can refill it throughout the day, both on the plane itself and in the airport. This one* from S'well is a real treat yo' self purchase but it makes me want to drink water day and night, that's how pretty it is and it's also really durable and lightweight, making carrying it with you a breeze.

Do you find the boring bit of travelling, such as waiting in airports and hours spent on airplanes, exciting or nerve-wracking? What do you think of becoming more organised when it comes to packing and your airport experience? And do you have any items that make travelling that bit easier and more bearable?


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