Wednesday, 28 June 2017

What I've Been Watching Recently

What's On Netflix UK 2017

Longtime readers of Ellis Tuesday might remember my 'What I've Been Watching' series from years past. So when Panasonic got in touch to ask me what I'd been watching recently, as well as what I thought of the Panasonic 4K TV Range, I just had to bring back the series, hopefully not for the last time.

So here's what I've been watching recently;

The Keepers

I'm a big fan of watching documentaries on Netflix, especially when I'm endlessly scrolling through the different categories on there and not sure what to watch. The documentary section really is a goldmine of great stories and will easily keep you occupied for hours on end.

The Keepers immediately intrigued me as from what I could tell it was an unsolved murder involving a cover up. I love a good true crime doc, particularly when it involves something unsolved. It was definitely hard to watch at times, as many of these documentaries so often are but I would really recommend persevering through to the end. It's so shocking to see what kinds of things are going on elsewhere, even until this day.

Bates Motel

The final episode of the final season of Bates Motel aired this month in the UK and the way in which it was wrapped up couldn't have been better. I first discovered the show on Netflix back in January of 2015, documenting it in my 'What I've Been Watching In: January' blog post back then and have eagerly awaited each upcoming season ever since. And whilst I am sad that it's now over, they honestly couldn't have planned a better final season. Sometimes the last season of a show can feel rushed or leave it on a cliffhanger and I'm so glad that that didn't happen with Bates.

If you haven't caught Bates Motel yet, I can't recommend it enough and the first four seasons are currently on Netflix.

Shades Of Blue

Shades Of Blue is one of my favourite TV shows on the air at the moment. The first season lured me in with a corrupt cop (Jennifer Lopez) having to turn FBI informant on her corrupt crew and the fact that Ray Liotta, who I've loved since Goodfellas was commander of said crew. I really enjoyed the first season but I have to admit, season 2 is even better than the first and with the finale of that season airing earlier this month, it's annoying to know that I'll have to wait until next year to see what happens, especially as the season ended on quite a few cliffhangers!

T2 Trainspotting

In Scotland anyway, the original Trainspotting film is a bit of a right of passage. If you haven't seen it by a certain stage in your life and live in Glasgow or Edinburgh, you'll certainly get funny looks and shocked reactions. So when they announced that they would be making a sequel to the iconic 90's flick I was a little worried that it might taint the original but knowing that Danny Boyle was at the helm once again and that the original cast was returning made me excited to see it.

Being released on DVD in time for Father's Day, we sat down and watched it at the weekend and I'm happy to report that it lived up to what I was hoping for in a sequel. Sure it wasn't as good as the first one but if you look at it as a film in it's own right, you'll enjoy it all the more and as always with Danny Boyle films, the soundtrack is so on point!

La La Land

It only took me until now but I finally saw La La Land this month and it was everything that I could have hoped for and more. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone make the perfect pair, once again and the story is equally uplifting and heartbreaking. I've had the songs stuck in my head ever since (downloading the soundtrack was one of the best decisions I've made recently) and the cinematography is absolutely stunning. It's even got me wanting to visit LA, somewhere I was never particularly fussed about before, solely because of how beautiful it looks in this movie.

So there you have it. That's what I've been watching recently. I am thinking about bringing back my 'What I've Been Watching' series especially as I'll be travelling next month, which means I'll be watching many a new movie on the plane and possibly at my hotel too (thanks for the free movies CitizenM!) What do you think?

What have you been watching in the past couple of weeks/months? Do you have any recommendations for us? And would you like me to bring back the 'What I've Been Watching' series?

Written in collaboration with Panasonic


Sunday, 25 June 2017

Why Packing Cubes Are A Game Changer

Packing Cubes IKEA

Whether you love or loathe packing for your next trip or holiday, I think we can all agree that it's sometimes not the easiest of things to do. From trying to ensure that your clothes doesn't arrive in a disheveled mess, to cramming everything in and attempting to do so in a somewhat organised manner, it can often be a real struggle, particularly if you're an over packer. But after watching a whole load of packing videos on YouTube, I have stumbled across a real game changer; the packing cube.

'What is a packing cube?' I hear you cry. It's essentially a rectangular pouch, of which there are many different sizes to choose from, which allows you to get real organised when it comes to packing and creates so much space that it's hard to believe.

So here's exactly why I think they're a game changer;

They create space 

First and foremost, you can fit so much more into your luggage, whether it's your hand luggage or your checked bags, by using packing cubes. You might not believe me but I really do urge you to put them to the test. There are compression bags which literally reduce the amount of space your clothes, underwear, accessories, etc. take up and even just regular packing cubes, like the ones I purchased, allow you to cram lots in but in a good way.

How to use packing cubes

TOP TIP: Roll don't fold

You know where everything is

If you're someone who likes to be organised, you simply need packing cubes in your life. Having a cube dedicated solely to bottoms or dresses or underwear means you know exactly where everything is and don't need to rummage around, creating a mess, to find a top you packed at the bottom of your case. Most of the bags I've seen online have a mesh so you can literally see right through to know exactly what's in them, others come with labels or even images of what you've packed in each on the front of them.

You can create your own drawers/wardrobe

If you like, you can keep your clothes in their packing cubes during your trip meaning you don't have to completely unpack at your final destination. If you're staying at a hotel which is short of space (basically every one in NYC is like this) then you can use your suitcase as your own set of drawers.

They can even be used as a pillow

Okay so this might not be for everyone but if you're back packing or staying at hostels and don't feel like bringing a pillow with you or if there's no complimentary pillows on your overnight flight, a full packing cube honestly works as a great pillow. Can you tell that I've watched too many YouTube packing videos now? Hehe.

I've linked some of the best packing cubes on the market below but if you're looking for an affordable and easy to acquire set of cubes, I'd definitely recommend making a trip to IKEA like I did. If you or someone you know has an IKEA Family card, you'll even save £2.50 on what is already a great price. Here is the exact set that I bought.

Cath Kidston Packing Cubes £7-£8 / Go Travel Packing Organiser Set £9.99 / Mountain Warehouse Set Of 3 £9.99 / eBags Packing Cubes £17.99-£19.99 / Polka Dot Set Of 6 Packing Cubes & Pouches £8.99 

Have you heard of packing cubes before? If so, have you used them? If not, has this blog post made you want to? And are you someone who loves or loathes packing?


Friday, 23 June 2017

The Ray-Ban Review

ray ban tortoise

For years now I have one day dreamt of owning a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses and this year that dream finally became a reality. When got in touch to ask if I'd like to receive a pair of Ray-Bans to try out and review, I had to re-read the email a couple of times just to double check that I wasn't imagining it.

So here's what I think of my first pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses, more specifically the RB2448N frames*;

ray ban rb2448n

When it came to what style of frame to go for, I personally didn't see any point in buying a pair of Clubmasters, especially as I've got several High Street versions of the frame in my possession already. I also wanted to steer clear of trend pieces as well. As much as I love the mirrored lens trend, I'm not sure that they really suit me all that well nor will they probably be in fashion years from now. So I went for what I deemed to be a classic silhouette with luxe accents.

I can't believe that I've went this long without a pair of these in my life! Gone are the days of getting my hair caught in of a pair of £2 sunnies from Primark any time that I rest them on my head. I've also not felt the need to buy a few pairs of sunglasses, like I tend to do every Summer from the likes of ASOS, Accessorize and of course, Primark. I honestly feel like between this pair and my trusty London Retro Keaton shades, I'm covered when it comes to sunglasses regardless of the outfit or climate.

Ray Ban Reviews

I'm glad that got in touch as I wouldn't have thought of looking there for sunglasses, nonetheless discounted Ray-Bans. You'll also find the likes of Emporio Armani, Calvin Klein, Versace, Nike and Lacoste on their site and they also regularly do great discount codes to knock even more off the already reduced prices.

Do you own a pair of Ray-Bans? If so, what style do you have? If not, what would your dream pair be? And where do you shop for sunglasses?


Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Get The Glow This Summer (Especially If You're Fair/Pale Skinned)

Bronzers for pale skin

Even though most of us have been struggling through this heatwave style weather here in the UK this week, it has meant that we've been enjoying some sunshine and warmth, something which is rather rare, particularly here in Scotland. The Summer sandals are out, I've had at least one ice lolly a day (Fab's limited edition birthday cake flavour is incredible btw! I've already went through an entire pack myself) and I've been spending much more time in the sun. And nothing makes my makeup routine feel more Summery than the kind of products that promise to give me that 'just back from holiday' glow. However, saying that, over the years I've found it pretty difficult to find a shade that works for me and my fair, freckly skin. It's either far too dark, making me look like I've just rubbed dirt on my face or it's sparkly and shimmery and I end up looking like an extra from Twilight.

Well, I'm happy to report that some of my favourite beauty brands have obviously heard our outcries for lighter bronzers and universal highlighters and that's exactly what I'll be talking about today. So let's see how to get that Summer glow;

Benefit Hoola Lite Stick Dandelion Twinkle Review

When it comes to achieving that Summer glow this year, Benefit have got you covered no matter what your skin tone or colour is. They've released three new products for Summer 2017 and you seriously need to get yourself along to a Benefit counter to try them out as soon as you can!

First up we have Hoola Lite. Fans of Benefit's original Hoola bronzer will know just how good this product is and why it's one of Benefit's bestsellers but now it's available in a significantly lighter shade, perfect for the likes of us with paler complexions. Team it with Dandelion Twinkle, like I have been since they first arrived on my doorstep and I honestly glow, something I've never been able to achieve before. Normally bronzers are too dark or orange-y, which definitely isn't a good look paired with my auburn hair and even most highlighters that I've tried in the past, just did nothing for me and my pale skin. Thanks to Benefit, I've now got a face duo that I know will work for me and my fair complexion and I couldn't be more thankful that they have released these two new products.

Talking of new products, contouring doesn't get any easier than with the Hoola Quickie Contour Stick*! I can't get over how easy it is to get defined cheekbones and to do a spot of sculpting with this product! It's also a lovely shade for what I can imagine will be the large majority of skin tones and it's incredibly creamy and comfortable on the skin. I also love just how pigmented it is and the fact that it's really blendable means that it doesn't look like you've just drawn two big brown lines across your cheeks in a hurry. If you're looking for glow on the go, this is the product for you!

Best Bronzer and Highlighter

When it comes to achieving a subtle and natural glow, BareMinerals have got you covered. I absolutely adore their Invisible Powder Bronzer* in the shade fair to light and as someone who never wore bronzer up until a few weeks ago, I notice such a big difference in how healthy I look when I wear this product. As someone who essentially resembles Casper the Friendly Ghost all year round, I'm almost used to looking that pale that I look a little bit under the weather but now I feel so much more confident with just a little bit of colour to my face. It's also available in shades to cater to all skin colours and tones and provides a real glow to the skin.

The second of the highlighters to be included in today's blog post, totally won me over when I saw the packaging. I mean who can resist a shiny and adorable heart compact? The answer; not me, of course. The Too Faced Love Light Highlighter really is a must try and I opted for something that I don't already own, a gold highlighter. The gold shade, named Light Up My Life, screams Summer glow. But if gold's not your thing, there's also a beautiful rose gold shade (aka. the dream product) and a silver shade, both of which I'm really tempted to treat myself to after trying the one.

KIKO always come out with exceptional bronzers, particularly when it comes to their limited edition collections and this one is no different. Part of the Summer 2.0 collection, this baked bronzer is such a warm and beautiful tone. It's also a really generous size, making it ideal for bronzing the decolletage and other areas of the body. And I can't go without mentioning how good it smells! KIKO always get it right when it comes to their scents and fragrances and this one is no different. It also seems to be in the sale so get it checked out if you fancy buying it, as once the limited edition products sell out they are so difficult to find (hello eBay!)

Best Bronzer For Pale Skin

So there you have it, my picks when it comes to the latest bronzers and highlighters to hit the market for Summer 2017.

Are you someone who also struggles to find bronzers and highlighters that work for them and their skin tone/colour? If so, what do you think of the sound of the products featured in today's post? Which one would you love to try first?


Sunday, 18 June 2017

What To Pack In Your Hand Luggage Liquids Bag

What To Pack In Your Hand Luggage Liquids Bag

With my next trip only a few weeks away and as someone who genuinely looks forward to packing, I just had to share with you what I'm packing in my hand luggage liquids bag and here it is;

A clear makeup bag or pouch

First and foremost you're going to need a clear makeup bag or pouch. If you don't fancy scrambling about in the security line with a resealable plastic bag and a queue of fellow travellers behind you or if you travel quite regularly, I'd recommend picking one up that meets current security guidelines and constraints. I got this one as part of a gift set from Kiehl's but SuperdrugM&S and Ted Baker do some great alternatives.

Hand Luggage Liquid

Hand sanitiser and/or wipes

Bath & Body Works Pocket-Bac - Carex Refreshing Wipes

This is an absolute must for me. When you think about the last time the TV screen in front of you or armrest was properly cleaned, you'll probably want to give them a quick wipe before you take off, especially if you can see some visible streaks or marks on your screen (I always seem to get one like that). Airports and airplanes are notorious for being the kinds of places where you're likely to catch a cold or a bug. If you bring wipes that can be used to clean your screen/armrest, your hands and your face during your trip, you'll also save some precious space in your hand luggage. A good multi-tasking product will save you money, space and weight, all of which are definitely important during your travels.

Dry shampoo

COLAB Tokyo Dry Shampoo

Most hotels and even airbnbs will provide shampoo and even if they don't, you can usually pick one up from the nearest supermarket or drugstore when you get to your destination but dry shampoo is a completely different deal. I'm loyal to the one or two that actually work for me and my hair, which is why I would never just grab a can on a whim during my trip. Plus how would you rather spend your time on holiday, washing your hair or giving it a quick refresh before the day or night ahead of you?

Travel Size Makeup


Caudalie Vine[Activ] 3-In-1 Moisturizer - Caudalie Vune[Activ] Energizing And Smoothing Eye Cream - La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo [+]

This is when you'll be glad that you signed up for that beauty box or kept that sample from a magazine. You can also ask most beauty counters for sample sizes of your favourite products, all of which will save you having to decant bigger sizes or paying out of pocket for travel sizes.

Your makeup essentials

NYX Butter Gloss - NYX HD Concealer - Benefit Roller Lash Mascara 

This will differ for everyone and will also probably differ depending on the climate of the country you're visiting too (who has the time or energy to do a full face of makeup in 30 degree heat?) but you'll know exactly what your essentials are. For me it's the basics; concealer, mascara and a lip product or two. And these are my holy grails.

Travel Size Beauty Products

Sun protection and body lotion 

Superdrug SOLAIT 50 SPF High Moisturising Sun Lotion - Kiehl's Creme de Corps 

Again, depending on where you're traveling to this might be more of a necessity than it is for other destinations but even if you're heading to somewhere typically cold or rainy, sun protection is incredibly important. I love this little pouch from Superdrug as you can carry it with you basically anywhere. I also like to take a body lotion with me as my skin can get really dehydrated, particularly when I'm travelling. This little bottle of Creme de Corps is the perfect size and it's a little less painful paying for the travel size of this stuff than the full size, which is more of a treat yo' self purchase for me.

Heat free hair products

Umberto Giannini Miracle Worker Smooth Serum

If you can't take your hair straighteners, curling wand or hairdryer with you or plan on letting your hair air dry whilst you're on holiday, I'd really recommend taking a product or products to help you deal with your hair heat-free. Frizz is my biggest issue and it gets even worse in the heat and humidity (hello Monica!), so I'll be taking this serum with me. I just wish that they did smaller sizes of this as 75ml makes up quite a big chunk of my liquid allowance.

Deodorant, toothpaste and lip balm

Sure Invisible Black + White 48h Roll On Deodorant - Bioderma Atoderm Moisturising Stick - Arm & Hammer Total Pro Clean + Repair Toothpaste

These are the basics for me, Even when I'm going on a 3 week holiday to Orlando and therefore have everything I really need beauty-wise in my checked bag, I still like to pack a deodorant, lip balm and a little travel sized toothpaste with me in my hand luggage. That way if my checked luggage goes missing, I at least know that I've got the real essentials. My travel toothbrush also comes with too but I pack that in another little pouch to save as much room as possible in my clear liquids bag.

So there you have it.

What do you take in your hand luggage liquids bag? Have you tried any of the products in today's post? If so, what do you think of them? If not, what would you like to try?


Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The Love Me Beauty #HelloSummer Edit

Love Me Beauty Code

As you might remember, back in April I wrote a blog post where I honestly couldn't believe the value of what you were getting for what was essentially the price of one ecoTools brush or sponge. Well Love Me Beauty are back with another hit of a beauty edit and in perfect time for those warm Summer days (fingers crossed we actually get some of them here in the UK) and upcoming Summer holidays and trips. As with every Love Me Beauty post of mine, you can get 20% off your first edit simply by using the code ellis20.

So let's see what's on offer in the #HelloSummer edit*;

Love Me Beauty Reviews

Much like with the #InFullBloom edit, which I unofficially dubbed the ecoTools edit, this month's edit has another prominent brand feature in it; Caudalie. If you've tried Caudalie before, you'll know that you're in for a treat and if you've not yet tried the brand, this is a perfect time to do so, as well as to try some of their bestselling and well received products, all for what is a couple of pounds, with my discount code above of course.

The Divine Oil is the only product that I'd previously tried in this month's edit, after receiving it in a beauty bauble a few Christmases back and it's easy to see why it's as universally lauded as it is. Since you can use it on your body, face and hair, it's one of those great multi-purpose products to have with you on holiday, especially if your skin sucks up moisture in the heat and sun, like mines does. The nourishing body lotion has stopped my skin from getting overly dry and dehydrated since it arrived on my doorstep and I'm sorely tempted to grab the full size of this.

The Vinoperfect range is one that I've wanted to dabble in for a while so to receive the Concentrated Brightening Essence and the Complexion Correcting Radiance Serum was great. So far I get a lot of glowy goodness from these products and what I really like about trying out little sample or travel sizes of products, that can be anything from £20 to £50 to buy a full size of, is the fact that you'll know whether or not the product is actually for you by the end of finishing the sample and you've not spent a small fortune on it, especially if you didn't love it.

Love Me Beauty Discount Code

Even when a certain brand dominates the edit, there are always some other great brands and products included alongside them and I am so happy with the ones included in this month's edit. I'm a big fan of Pixi, more on that next month when I share my favourite products from them, so to see the nourishing lip polish was such a nice surprise. As you will have seen if you read my NYC Sephora wishlist, my lips can often get quite flaky and cracked, even in the warmer weather so I was over the moon to receive this product in this month's edit. I love the fact that the applicator is an exfoliating one, with little dots on it to stimulate the circulation of the lips and buff away any dry skin or patches.

I've only tried one other Perricone MD product and that was thanks to my first Love Me Beauty edit but I was thoroughly impressed and certainly happy to receive what sounds like a bit of a Summer essential; their Face Finishing Moisturizer Tint with Broad Spectrum SPF 30. And last but not least we have a couple of sample sizes from Yu-Be. I have to admit, I hadn't heard of this particular brand prior to receiving it in today's edit but this lotion is really lovely and is available from Space NK here in the UK. I also love having these tiny little tubes and sachets for travel.

Plus how on point are Love Me Beauty's makeup bags? It's almost worth snapping up an edit solely to get the bag that comes with.

Love Me Beauty UK

What do you think of this month's Love Me Beauty edit? Have you tried any of the products in today's post? If so, what do you think? If not, which one looks the most interesting to you?


Sunday, 11 June 2017

How To Make Packing & Travelling That Bit Easier With Amara

Packing and travel hacks and tips

I don't know about you but I love the whole process of travelling. From packing my suitcase to picking what movies I'm going to watch on the plane, it's something that I really enjoy and look forward to. But there's no doubt that it can easily become a stressful and exhausting process, especially if you're not organised to the best of your ability. That's why in recent years I've paid much more attention to planning well in advance and bringing items along with me to make the whole airport and departures process much easier and that's exactly where these products come into play. Something as simple as investing in a piece of carry on luggage with four wheels instead of two can instantly change the game and allow you to glide, instead of struggle, through the terminals.

And if you're travelling alone, knowing where everything is and depending on yourself is vital. This year I'm embarking on my first piece of solo travel and will have to be totally responsible for myself for the first time so I've picked out some pieces from Amara to help me do so in style, comfort and in some kind of organised manner.

Kate Spade Travel

First up we have something as simple as a luggage tag. Feeling excited about using something distinctly travel related makes the whole experience feel like a fun one and stops me thinking or worrying about the possibility of delays, being sat in the same seat for 9+ hours or the lack of any 'real' food until I arrive at my destination. This one* from Kate Spade New York goes with my DVF cabin luggage perfectly and is practical too and is made from wipe-clean silicone. Even if it's going on your carry on case or bag, I like to have all my details on it just in case we do get separated at any point.

Now onto my carry on itself. I've mentioned before that I'm going to be using packing cubes for the first time on my next trip and I'm already excited to pack my clothes that's how much of a game changer they've already been. Separating pieces into different bags and cubes makes packing and unpacking so much easier as you can lift all of your underwear, for example, in one cube and put it straight into the hotel drawer or alternatively keep the cubes in your luggage and use them as your own set of drawers, as I'll be doing. Knowing exactly where everything is without having to pull everything out honestly makes such a big difference and stops you from having everything you've brought with you strewn across the hotel room.

It's also so much cleaner and sanitary having your shoes in a shoe bag (I wear a pair on the plane and bring at least one other in my case) and having at least one bag dedicated to dirty washing. I'll be bringing my to wash and to wear bags back full of dirty laundry, I can imagine, especially as I won't be doing a washing whilst I'm away. And who else always forgets which pouch, bag or secret compartment they've put their jewellery in, for safe keeping, as well? Now I know exactly where my 'bits & baubles' are thanks to this lovely little drawstring bag.

Radley Vanity Case

And for further organisation or if you're someone who likes to take as much makeup as they can really justify with them on holiday, this beautiful vanity case* from Radley London is the one. There's even separate compartments for brushes and smaller items and I really like the fact that this could even be taken as your personal item instead of a handbag, if you're wanting to feel like a Hollywood icon toting around a vanity case with you. I have to admit, I've always wanted to do just that ever since seeing Carrie Bradshaw with hers by her side any time she went travelling or when she put it down on the sidewalk to give Big that big (pardon the pun) ultimatum in season one. Again, can you tell that I'm feverishly rewatching Sex and the City as NYC prep?

I'm also someone who begrudges paying for bottled water at the best of times but no more so than when at the airport. Investing in a reusable bottle is one of the best things you can do and it means that you can refill it throughout the day, both on the plane itself and in the airport. This one* from S'well is a real treat yo' self purchase but it makes me want to drink water day and night, that's how pretty it is and it's also really durable and lightweight, making carrying it with you a breeze.

Do you find the boring bit of travelling, such as waiting in airports and hours spent on airplanes, exciting or nerve-wracking? What do you think of becoming more organised when it comes to packing and your airport experience? And do you have any items that make travelling that bit easier and more bearable?


Wednesday, 7 June 2017

The Soap & Glory Happy Glamper Kit

Soap and Glory Happy Glamper

Planning on spending a few days or nights away from home this Summer, whether it be on a mini break, a festival or even your Summer holiday? Then you seriously need to check out the absolute bargain that is the Soap & Glory Happy Glamper kit*! Forget rushing around last minute and spending an absolutely extortionate amount on minis and the like. This kit comes complete with everything you could possibly need and more and features some of Soap & Glory's best-selling products. And in addition to that you even get a handy drawstring bag and a poncho, which Soap & Glory have cleverly named the Glamorak, all for just £16. What a great deal, eh?

So let's see exactly what you get in the kit;

Soap & Glory Travel Minis

First up, two absolute essentials, especially if you're staying on a campsite; anti-bacterial hand gel and wipes. Then you've got a mini hairbrush with a little mirror in it too and one of Soap & Glory's brand new releases; the Rushower dry shampoo. To keep you smelling lovely, or even just to make the campsite smell a little bit less 'fragrant', you've got the Original Pink body spray. And last but not least we have two makeup items; the incredible Supercat liner, which you will have heard me rave about before and a little mini Sexy Mother Pucker matte lip in a fabulous coral shade.

And don't forget the Glamorak! I was actually planning on buying a new lightweight waterproof jacket and these can be anywhere from £10 to about £40 depending on where you go, so to have an adorable pink polka dot one has made life that much easier and I didn't have to trek around different shops or spend days searching on ASOS to find one either. It's also so much better than any one I've seen in the shops/online this year and I love how light it is and the fact that it can be rolled up easily.

Soap & Glory Happy Glamper

Even though I'm not heading to a festival this year, I'll definitely be taking everything from my Happy Glamper with me on my trip to New York.

What do you think of the Happy Glamper kit? Have you tried any of the products included in it? If so, what do you think of them? And are you a Soap & Glory fan?


Sunday, 4 June 2017

How To Save Money On Designer Pieces

House Of Fraser Designer Sale

Whilst a lot of the big bloggers and YouTubers seem to buy a new designer piece every week, I'm well aware that for the large majority of us, myself included, buying something designer is a big purchase. As someone who vows to never to pay full price, especially when it comes to anything pricey, I thought that I would share how to seriously save on designer pieces without even really having to think about it.

So here are my top tips on how to save money on some of the big designer pieces;

Designer handbags

Depending on which designer you're buying, you have some different options. When it comes to relatively affordable designers such as my personal favourite, Kate Spade New York, there are two different options when it comes to current stock. If buying directly from their site, signing up for their newsletter can often save you a significant amount of money. And whilst 10% off at Topshop, for example, would save you less than a tenner, 10% off a £300 handbag is a real saving.

Most of the big department stores, such as Selfridges, House Of Fraser, Harvey Nichols and Debenhams regularly run store-wide discounts. So for example, House Of Fraser currently have up to 30% across the store and this includes the likes of Lulu Guinness, Ted Baker, Michael Kors, Love Moschino and Kate Spade New York, meaning that you'd save more buying your new handbag from one of these stores rather than from the brand directly on this occasion.

For pricier designer handbags such as Chanel, Chloe, Gucci and Saint Laurent, buying pre-owned really does make a lot of sense. You can specify that the bag has been hardly used or that it is in perfect condition and just by buying it second hand, you can literally knock hundreds of pounds off the price. Some of the best sites have to be Vestiaire Collective, HEWI (Hardly Ever Worn It) London and And I'd recommend checking the sites on a regular basis if you're looking for something in particular.

Save Money On Designer Clothes Beauty Accessories

Designer sunglasses

As a real bargain hunter, I will never understand why people buy designer sunglasses at the airport. Each to their own but the thought of making a pretty big purchase whilst waiting for my gate to open stresses me out even just thinking about it. By simply ordering your holiday sunglasses a couple of weeks or even days in advance, you can save some serious money, money that can be put towards a fancy dinner when you're away or an experience that you'll never forget.

For some big savings, I'd definitely buy online rather than in-store. Sunglasses Shop are great for the likes of Miu Miu, Dior and Celine. And if you're buying Ray-Ban's, have some incredible deals on them at the moment. That's where I got this pair*. I finally opted for a proper pair after getting my £2 Primark pair caught in my hair for the thousandth time.

Designer watches

Again, I've never paid full price for a designer watch. My first foray into designer watches came via TJ Maxx, the American version of TK Maxx, when my parents and I went halves on a Marc by Marc Jacobs watch to celebrate my 21st birthday. And you can get some lovely designer watches, albeit past season's, in TK Maxx too.

Sites such as watchshop,com, again, are great for savings and John Lewis regularly price match any deals as well.

Designer shoes

TK Maxx can be a real treasure trove when it comes to designer shoes and I would certainly recommend taking a trip there. I've seen Manolo Blanik, Jimmy Choo, Stella McCartney and YSL on the shelves, as well as Michael Kors sandals and wedges in my local branch.

There are also sample sales, if you live in some of the bigger cities in the UK, most notably London. You can search online to see when and if sales are on and this is particularly helpful if you know you'll be in the Capital, for example, when one is on.

How to save money on designer purchases

Designer makeup

If you're a bit beauty mad, like I am, it might not even register with you that you're buying designer makeup, even if you are well aware that you're spending a small fortune on it. But again, like with most designer pieces, there's no real excuse for paying full price.

Chanel, Dior, Giorgio Armani, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford and my biggest vice, Charlotte Tilbury, you know the ones I'm talking about. Debenhams and House Of Fraser regularly run 10% off all things beauty, with the Debenhams beauty card offering up points and special discounts in addition to this. You can also earn back some real money when it comes to your points at Boots and they run promotions on designer beauty every week practically. It's just a case of waiting to see when there will next be some sort of promotion, whether that's double points, money off or extra freebies for buying at their counters. Boots points really do add up without you even realising so you can often deduct these from your purchase to make some serious savings.

Have you ever made a designer purchase? If so, what did you last buy? Or what has your favourite purchase been? Are you a bargain hunter or do you happily pay full price? And will you be putting any of these tips into practice the next time you make a big purchase?

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