Sunday, 30 April 2017

Why You Should Buy Your Summer Holiday Essentials Sooner Rather Than Later

Holiday Packing List

Even though it was snowing here in Scotland earlier in the week, there's no denying that Summer has well and truly hit the High Street and with many of us heading away somewhere substantially sunnier and warmer this Summer, it's time to start thinking about what we need before we leave. So I thought that I would share some of the reasons why you should buy your Summer holiday essentials sooner rather than later and here they are;

Get it before it sells out

How many times have you seen an amazing bikini, floaty dress or sunhat only for it to go out of stock as quickly as it arrived on site or in store? If you'd rather not spend the next few weeks/months continuously refreshing the page, hoping for your size to miraculously come back into stock, I'd definitely recommend buying now rather than later. You can always take things back.

Take advantage of current deals

There are so many incredible deals to take advantage of at the moment. Topshop, ASOSRiver Island, Miss Selfridge and New Look all currently have 20% off for students and quite a few Summer sales have already started, which is a bit unreal to be fair. Boohoo always seem to have a discount code to take advantage of, as do H&M and Accessorize so there's quite a few savings to be had.

I managed to bag this beaut of a swimsuit from the M&S sale last month (here it is in blue), a great leopard print cap from River Island (get 20% off now), my super shiny rose gold passport holder from New Look (there will hopefully be no losing that as a result), as well as my beloved Hotter Tourist sandals in another colour.

Here are some of the other pieces that I've currently got my eye on at the moment;

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Be prepared 

I'm definitely not a last minute packer. Even though I don't go on holiday until July, I've already got my liquids bag packed, invested in some packing cubes, which will hopefully make packing even more of a breeze and worked out which outfits I'd like to wear when I'm away. By buying pieces now, like a new jumpsuit or cami top, it eliminates the stress of a last minute trip to Primark to pick up what you'll think are essentials but only really end up being bought 'just in case'. Those are always the items that go unworn and unused and take up crucial space in my suitcase. I mean, who really needs a pair of 50p flip flops that will tear your feet to shreds or six different bikinis for a week's trip?

Hotter Sandals Ray-Ban Erika Review

Invest in advance

For the slightly bigger purchases, such as a new suitcase, a pair of designer sunglasses (I'm in love with my Ray-Ban Erika 4171 sunglasses) or noise cancelling headphones, I always recommend making this purchase at least a month in advance of your next trip. Not only does this mean that you don't need to worry about making it right before your holiday or getting pressured into buying something at an inflated price at duty free, for example, but it also means that this purchase cost won't cut into your holiday pot. If, like me, you take a specialised travel credit card with you, leaving with a full/as much of your monthly credit limit available means you don't have to worry about emergencies leaving you stranded or without any money at all.

Do you have any trips or breaks away planned this Summer? Are you a last minute packer/buyer? And what will you be looking to pick up for the warmer weather?


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