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What's New In My Haircare Routine

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As much as I love shopping for makeup and even skincare, something I tend to neglect is my haircare routine. For years now I've used the same two shampoos and a can of hairspray that kind of leaves my hair feeling a bit crispy and crunchy. And for some reason or another I've not actively sought out anything else so when I received a couple of emails this month asking if I'd like to try out this haircare range or this haircare product, I jumped at the opportunity to add to and switch up my routine and to say it's changed significantly since then would be an understatement. I even took a trip down the haircare aisle, something I never do and picked up a couple of products from Boots and Superdrug on a recent trips, which have quickly become daily beauty essentials for me.

So here's what I'm currently using, in rotation of course, when it comes to my haircare routine;

New Haircare Releases 2017

When I'm looking for my hair to be smooth and sleek I reach for the Toni & Guy Smooth Definition shampoo and conditioner. I particularly like the fact that this is designed for dry hair, which I often feel like my hair can be. Using these in combination with the Moroccanoil Blow Dry Concentrate* is now my go-to when it comes to those days when I'd like to wear my hair straight. I tend to wear my hair curly or wavy so it's a nice change to switch it up and wear it straight.

And when I'm looking to wear it curly or wavy, which my hair naturally is, despite years of over-straightening, both the Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream* and Show Curl Enhancing Lotion* make such a big difference. Without them my hair can often look limp and curls and waves can drop in a matter of minutes. These both ensure that curls look defined and almost spring-like, which I very much appreciate. I feel like I've been looking for products to help my curls and waves remain curly and wavy for years, only to have two arrive at once.

Hair Finishing Products Review

Despite spending as much time as I do on my hair, whether I'm blow drying it, straightening it or curling it, I often just leave it after doing so and then wonder why it doesn't look as good, a matter of minutes later. I've recently started to integrate more finishing products into my routine and I can't believe I didn't do it sooner.

Something as simple as a good hairspray, one that doesn't make your hair feel crispy or crunchy thereafter, really does help to keep styles in better shape. I have a little sneak peek for you when it comes to this Rare Oil Perfecting Hairspray* from Paul Mitchell, which is brilliant. It also smells absolutely amazing! The entire Marula Oil range is out in May so I would definitely keep an eye out for that if you're a fan of Paul Mitchell or new beauty releases.

The next two additions to my haircare routine were ones which were made on a bit of whim on a recent trip to Boots. I might have/was certainly swayed by the packaging and sound of these two products but thankfully the inside lived up to the outside. I'd never even heard of hair perfume before but I was totally up for trying it after giving it a spray in the shop. I know some people might spray perfume onto their hair or swish their hair around in a mist of it but it's not something that I normally do but saying that, I have been reaching for this every time I leave the house. It smells incredible and doesn't leave the hair looking like it's laden with product either.

And when it comes to keeping frizz (aka. my hair nemesis) at bay during the day, the Umberto Giannini Weather Proof Curls is an absolute godsend. I hadn't really tried anything from the brand before but the new packaging really did it for me and anything to help me combat frizz was well worth a try. This is great for flyaways too and leaves my hair feeling so soft. I think I might need to try some more of the Umberto Giannini range as quite a few products, like the 60 Second Smooth Pre-Shampoo Treatment and Over Indulge Nourishing Hair Mask look really interesting.

Tangle Angel Review

Last but not least we have the Tangle Angel*. Having tried both Tangle Teezers and the Wet Brush in the past, I wasn't sure if this would impress me as much but it sure did. I would say that this is better for those of us with thick and unruly hair as the handle really gives you that bit of extra grip to deal with that kind of hair type. It also looks lovely sitting on my shelf/dressing table.

What are your current haircare essentials? Have you tried any of the products in today's post? If so, what do you think of them? And would you like to see similar blog posts on my skincare and bodycare routine?


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