Sunday, 2 April 2017

5 Of My Recent Favourites On YouTube

It's pretty rare that I stumble upon a YouTuber or YouTube channel that makes me instantly want to hit the subscribe button. I feel like I've been watching the same set of YouTubers, give or take a few, for years now, so to discover one is a bit of a feat, nonetheless five, but that's exactly what happened with these five YouTubers/channels and I have a feeling that at least one, if not most of them, will be ones you'll enjoy watching too. So, without hesitation, here they are;

Ashley Brooke YouTube

Ashley Brooke

As someone who's always wanted to move to New York (brb just searching for apartments in Manhattan that I'll never be able to afford), I'm definitely guilty of living my NYC dreams vicariously through Ash and her boyfriend Ryan. It was a packing for Florida video that initially drew me in but her vlogs and how to style videos are what have made me stay/binge watch for hours on end without even realising.

Her NYC apartment hunt series is brilliant and was what really cemented how much I love Ash and Ryan, who are honestly the most adorable couple and again, it's got me searching for jobs in NYC. I think in life you need to live somewhere different to where you grew up, even if only for a few months/years and wouldn't New York be the place to do just that?

Start with: Sunday errands in NYC

Anti Haul

Kimberly Clark

One of my very favourite YouTubers is Anna from The Anna Edit (formerly Vivianna Does Makeup), so when Anna recommends something, you know it's gotta be something good and that's exactly what happened with Kimberly and her anti-haul videos.

Now any time that I'm out shopping or scrolling through ASOS and the like, I stop and actually think 'do I really need it?' and instantly hear 'don't need it! Not gonna buy it!' resounding in my head. As someone who's trying to save/stop frivolously spending, this kind of mantra and Kimberly's anti-haul videos are exactly what I needed to find. And the fact that Kimberly never fails to put a smile on my face at the end of a crappy day, is just an added bonus.

Start with: Anti-haul #9

Safiya Nygaard YouTube

Safiya Nygaard

Having first seen Saf appear in some of Buzzfeed's videos, I was over the moon when YouTube recommended one of her videos and that's where my love-affair with her channel began. I don't think I even made it half way through that first video before I had 'smash'ed that subscribe button.

Some of my favourite videos have to be her product and trend reviews and girl knows how to take on a trend to see if it's really as good/bad as it sounds. From the infamous Topshop clear knee Mom jeans to a period beauty box and Kylie Jenner's makeup range, Saf puts the kind of content that you stumble across when you're scrolling through social media to the test in the wittiest and best way possible.

Start with: Creating a custom lipstick at the Bite beauty lab

Amber Scholl YouTube

Amber Scholl

I like to think of Amber as the queen of DIY's. Basically any trend that you've seen doing the rounds on Instagram from those boxes/barrels of roses to faux fur chairs and all things embroidered, Amber's got a video to show you how to recreate it on a budget.

The girl also loves crystals and rhinestones and my inner magpie feels so much joy at this. And it's also great to follow her along on her trips to the fashion district (hello heart eyed emojis at basically everything) and stores like Sephora and Forever 21. Her London shopping vlog is also well worth a watch. And again, much like all of the channels on this list to be honest, if I'm feeling crappy, watching one of Amber's videos cheers me up in a matter of seconds.

Start with: How to shop at Sephora

YouTubers To Watch

Bright Sun Films

You know when you watch one video about Walt Disney World, for example, like I did before my trip to Orlando last year and then the recommended videos are all theme park related. Well that's exactly how I stumbled across/became a little obsessed with Bright Sun Film's Abandoned series. I've found myself watching videos on places and topics that wouldn't usually interest me but I end up utterly fascinated and engrossed.

It all started with the abandoned Nickelodeon Studios video, which was very near and dear to my heart as I used to love all things Nickelodeon growing up and visited those exact studios on several trips to Orlando, Florida in the early 2000's when I would have been about 9 or 10 years old. If you're someone that's interested in WDW and theme parks, for example, or even if you're not, add these videos to your watch later list and if you're anything like me you'll have watched the entire abandoned series in a matter of hours/days.

Start with: Abandoned - Nickelodeon Studios

I'm hoping to get back into regularly uploading on my channel this year too. I'll be vlogging my trip to New York this Summer, which I already can't wait for.

What are your favourite YouTube channels to watch? Have you discovered any recently that you'd like to share? And have you seen any of the ones featured in today's post?


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