Wednesday, 22 March 2017

My First Love Me Beauty Edit (With Exclusive 20% Discount Code)

Love Me Beauty Discount Code 2017

Over the past couple of years I've tried many a beauty box. From Birchbox to the Look Fantastic and Look Incredible beauty boxes, there have been some major triumphs and more than a few disappointments. It now takes something pretty special to pique my interest when it comes to beauty boxes, which is exactly what happened when I stumbled across Love Me Beauty.

When I did a little more research into Love Me Beauty, I soon discovered that there was an element of choice, something sorely missing from other beauty boxes and with that, my first Love Me Beauty box or edit, as I will soon explain, was winging it's way to me.

What really intrigued me was the whole notion of picking and choosing what you wanted and didn't want in each month's box. I think anyone who's ever received a monthly beauty box will agree with me that there was at least one item, or several, that you didn't get around to using or that there's a shade or type of product that doesn't work for you. Being able to pick and choose is such a game changer in my opinion!

Love Me Beauty Discount Code

How it works is that you get 60 credits each month to make up your edit. You can choose from a range of haircare, makeup, skincare, bodycare and nails, And your chosen items will arrive in a fun makeup bag, as it has with this month's, or something that ties in with that specific edit's theme. And in addition to that, you can top up your credits, for a few more pounds, to add even more to your monthly edit, if you so wish.

I was blown away with the products that I could choose from for this month's edit and as I'm going to New York later in the year, it was great to stock up on some travel sized items for me to use when away.

Love Me Beauty Box

I've been wanting to try the Omorovicza cleanser for months now, after seeing basically every YouTuber that I watch rave about it. The same can be said for the Perricone MD Blue Plasma Cleansing Treatment. I was also so happy to see Caudalie's Vine[activ] skincare products feature this month as both the eye cream and moisturiser are designed specifically to be used in urban areas such as big cities (hello NYC!) due to it's anti-pollution technology. And again, the same can be said for the Ultrasun Glimmer, which will certainly come in handy when I'm away in the Summer.

Love Me Beauty Edit

It's always great to try out a new face mask so I can't wait to put this one from Korebeauty to the test! And I'm already a big fan of Ellis Faas, not just because it shares my name. This is a nice way to try out the brand without shelling out over £20 a shade. I also felt a bit like a makeup artist when dispensing each of these out to use, which was pretty fun.

If the idea of Love Me Beauty's monthly edits sound like something you'd also like to try out too, I have an exclusive discount code for you to use to take 20% off your first edit. Just enter the code ellis20 when signing up and you'll get your first one for just £8 (+ £3.95 delivery)!

Do you like the idea of having a choice when it comes to what you receive each month? What do you think of this particular edit?  And have you tried any of the products in this month's edit? If so, what do you think of them?


Sunday, 19 March 2017

How To Spring Clean Your Home/Bedroom

How to spring clean your room

As tomorrow marks the official start of Spring, today I've decided to dedicate the full day to Spring cleaning. And as I do just that, I thought that I would share my top tips with you and here they are;

Pick up everything

If you're anything like me, you'll most probably have quite a few things on the floor of your bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen; basically any room in your house. There's at least one dirty sock under my bed, bags and boxes of online shopping that I haven't put away yet and plenty of cardboard boxes ready to be recycled. It's crazy how much of a difference having a floor free from clutter makes.

Get dusting

Is it bad to admit that I very rarely dust my DVD player, Sky box and TV? Therefore when I do it's normally coated in so much dust. The same can be said for the tops of high shelves and my intricate metal headboard. Please remind me to start dusting more frequently.

Flip your mattress

Every couple of months I like to flip my mattress. It helps to prevent one side of the mattress from sagging. It also gives me a chance to see what I've hidden under my bed in the vast array of bags and boxes under there. I'm always a little bit jealous of my parents who have a built in storage system under their bed. Bed Guru, who I'm collaborating with on this blog post, are currently running a giveaway, as part of their #SpringCleanGuru campaign, to win such a bed, one with four drawers built in. How convenient would that be? If you feel like entering, just head over to their social channels.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Put on fresh bedding

Again, the difference that this makes is truly unbelievable. Not only will your bedroom look so much more put together but nothing beats getting into fresh bedding at the end of a long day!

Donate/sell unwanted clothes and clutter

H&M are currently running a great scheme where you receive a £5 off voucher every time you donate clothes or fabric in-store. That way you're de-cluttering, doing good and getting a little treat in return.

And if the item still has tags on it, why not list it on eBay or Depop? If you want rid of it quick, start with a low starting price or put it on for a couple of quid. I've recently made a couple of hundred pounds solely from listing on both platforms. Let me know if you'd like me to dedicate an entire blog post to my eBay/Depop tips?

Will you be Spring cleaning? What are your Spring clean tips and tricks? What do you think of mine? And would you like to see an updated room tour?


Sunday, 12 March 2017

How To Budget For/Save When It Comes To Your Next Holiday

How to save money on holidays abroad

As you may already know, if you follow me on social media or read this specific blog post, I'm planning my first trip to the Big Apple, New York City, this Summer and as New York is one of the most expensive cities to visit, I've definitely been honing my money saving tips, which is what inspired today's post. That and the fact that Saga asked me to share some of my advice on the topic, to coincide with their #SagaTravelBudgeting campaign, regarding equity release being used to fund holidays and trips abroad.

You can save yourself quite a bit of money before you've even jetted off just by following a few simple tips.

Utilise comparison sites

Comparison sites aren't just for home insurance and reducing your energy/electricity bills. You can compare everything from flights, hotels, car hire and even train tickets on these sites and it's definitely worthwhile to have a few of them open at the same time as you can often find different prices on different comparison sites. Some of my favourites have to be Skyscanner and Momondo for flights and Expedia and Kayak for hotels and more.

Be flexible with your dates

Obviously if you're travelling for a specific event or have set dates that you need to work around, this might not always be possible but something as silly as travelling one day earlier or one day later can knock hundreds of pounds off the price. Travelling outwith the peak season, such as the school holidays, if you can, will also result in a substantial saving.

Consider an indirect flight

If you don't mind spending a few more hours sitting in an airport, flying indirect can, again, save you hundreds of pounds/dollars/euros. You could even work a short visit or overnight stay into your holiday when flying indirect, such as spending some time in Reykjavik when flying via Iceland with Icelandair or enjoying a few hours outside the airport in many a great city, one you might not have thought about visiting otherwise.

Book an Airbnb or villa

It can often be much cheaper to stay at an apartment, villa or house rather than staying at a hotel. This is especially true if you're travelling in a large group or with all the family. You can often rent an entire villa, house or apartment for the same price as a hotel room, if not much cheaper. Airbnb, and Clickstay are some of my favourite sites to use to do just that. And we've always saved quite a bit of money by staying at a villa, when visiting Orlando, rather than staying on Disney or Universal property or at one of the big chain hotels.

When you get to your desired destination it can be easy to get a little bit spendy and there's nothing wrong with that, especially if you're planning on bringing back some souvenirs or products that you can't easily get at home *cough, most of Sephora and basically the entire Wal-Mart/Target snack food/candy aisle*. But I'd much rather have my spending money for fun things such as excursions, attractions and shopping, of course, than to spend it on things that don't really add anything to my holiday, such as these;

How to save money during holidays

Don't buy at the airport

And what I mean by this is don't buy something that you could have easily bought and brought through security with you. You can get a 6 pack of crisps for the price of one pack at the airport! And even if your airport has an M&S food (sadly Glasgow International doesn't), why pay more for Percy Pigs simply because you're at the airport? Bring them with you! The same can be said for other snacks such as sandwiches, sweets and chocolate. Pack your own mini toiletries or even decant your current haircare, skincare and bodycare bits into travel-size bottles and tubs instead of spending a fortune at Boots before your flight. And don't end up having to buy something that you could have got at the pound shop or Primark such as luggage scales, a neck pillow or eye masks, for the extortionate airport prices.

Take public transport

On my trip to NYC I will definitely be taking advantage of the Subway system instead of splashing out on yellow cabs, even if it would be nice to fling my hand in the air and hail a cab. For 7 days you can get a Metrocard for around $30, which will allow you to use the Subway and buses as many times as you want/need to that week. Definitely look out for passes like this if you are staying for a number of days.

Take a dedicated travel money card with you

Last year, when travelling to Orlando, I did a lot of research into the best cards to use when travelling and eventually went for the Halifax Clarity card. There's no fees on spending abroad, unlike many other debit and credit cards and you don't need to worry about the latest exchange rate or carrying lots of cash on you either. There are several other cards, depending on how you're going to be spending your money abroad, that may be worth looking into before you go as well, so I'd definitely do a bit of research into this before your next holiday.

Money saving tips holidays

Use WiFi/check your data roaming policy

Most hotels and public places such as restaurants and shopping malls will have free wifi and I would certainly recommend using this to its fullest. Whether it's to Insta that amazing snap you took, check your emails or to reconnect with friends and family via Whatsapp, for example, do this when you're connected to WiFi. Double check what kind of data roaming policy you have, as well, as this can lead to you losing quite a bit of money unnecessarily. Three, for example, have their Feel At Home policy which allows you to use your data in 42 countries at no extra cost. If you are planning on using your data, looking into such policies before jetting off makes sense.

So there are my tips for budgeting for/saving when you get there, when it comes to your next holiday. I've also got another blog post dedicated to saving for the holiday itself (here) if you're in the process of planning where to visit next and how to save for it.

Do you have any money saving tips when it comes to traveling? If so, which ones work best for you? And what do you think of my budgeting ideas?

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Holiday money saving tips


Sunday, 5 March 2017

The Lowdown On The Latest Lip Releases

Latest Lipstick Shades

Over the past couple of weeks a number of really exciting lip products have been released and I'm here to share my thoughts on just some of the ones to hit drugstores, department stores and online.

Bareminerals GEN NUDE Review

left to right: Bareminerals GEN NUDE Matte Liquid Lipcolour in Kissyface*- Bareminerals GEN NUDE Radiant Lipstick in Kitty* - Bareminerals GEN NUDE Matte Liquid Lipcolour in Cookie- Bareminerals GEN NUDE Under Over Liner in Borderline*

If a nude lip is your thing or even if it isn't, you simply have to check out Bareminerals brand new GEN NUDE range! Comprising of every type of finish you could ever possibly want when it comes to your lips (lip liner, lipgloss, lipstick and matte liquid lipstick), you'll find 40 (yes 4-0!) shades, taking you from the palest of pale shades to beautiful berry hues. I'm such a big fan of the Radiant Lipstick and the Under Over Liner. It's definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone when it comes to trying out lighter shades.

Benefit They're Real Lip Review


When I first saw Benefit's brand new lip products, the They're Real! Double The Lip launch, I was immediately intrigued. I mean, anything that knocks off a couple of minutes from my makeup routine each morning is a big benefit (I promise that wasn't a pun) to me. So having the convenience of a lip liner and a lipstick in one handy bullet is such a smart idea. There's a fantastic range of colours but this one, Criminally Coral, really stood out to me. I can't wait to try out more of the shades the next time I'm at the Benefit counter.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Lip Oil Review

left to right: Too Faced Sweet Peach Lip Oil in Peach Please* - Too Faced Sweet Peach Lip Oil in Peach Fuzz* - Too Faced Sweet Peach Lip Oil in Tickle Me Peach*

And who can resist Too Faced's Sweet Peach range? The creamy peach lip oils feel SO good on the lips! They're silky and smooth and every one of them smell absolutely dreamy. And how adorable is the little Peach that sits atop each of the wands? If, like me, you're based in UK, you'll find the whole Sweet Peach range at Debenhams and Selfridges. International readers will find them at Sephora and Ulta, as well as on Too Faced's own website.

GOSH Liquid Matte Lips Review


If you've been reading Ellis Tuesday for a number of years now or if you've had a quick look through my Product Directory, you'll know how much I adore the drugstore beauty brand GOSH. If you've not paid their stand a visit when in Superdrug, you're seriously missing out! Their latest release, the liquid matte lips*, might just be my favourite release from them in a long time and that's really something. The pigmentation is unreal and they feel so comfortable on the lips. These aren't your typical drying matte liquid lipsticks! They also last basically a full day, so around 6-ish hours, as well, which saves me having to worry about any touch ups throughout the day too.

L'Oreal Lip Paint Review


To me, these are great, budget-friendly dupes for the Too Faced melted lipsticks, even if they come with a wand inside them instead. Basically, if you've been lusting after Too Faced's for quite some time now or weren't sure whether or not they were for you, I would definitely urge you to try the L'Oreal's option first. L'Oreal have both normal and matte options out there and a nice range of shades too, with plenty of bold shades which certainly impress as well.

So there's my rundown of the latest lip releases to hit the market.

Which one looks like it could be your favourite? Have you tried any of the products in today's post? If so, what do you think of them? Would you like to see more blog posts like these, where I dedicate it to a specific product? And which beauty releases have impressed you recently?

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