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LEGOLAND Florida Travel Tips

Despite countless trips to Orlando, Florida over the past fifteen years, one theme park had eluded me, until now; LEGOLAND Florida.

So this year, we made a point of expanding our horizons when it came to the Floridian theme parks and put LEGOLAND Florida right to the top of our to-do list, as a result. Once we found out that it was located in Winter Haven, an area we'd always wanted to explore and that it was only about half an hour's drive from the villa we were staying at, the decision was made.

So let's take a trip to LEGOLAND Florida;


During our recent trip, this was the first theme park that we visited and it really did raise the bar as far as what we would come to expect at subsequent parks, namely Universal Studios and Busch Gardens.

We were lucky to enjoy a beautifully hot and sunny day on our visit, even though my body certainly isn't one that's prepared to deal with the Floridian heat and humidity (hello feeling faint/sweaty kind of mess Ellis, we meet again) but there were plenty of places to take shelter from the sun in the form of shaded spots. There were also lots of drinking water fountains, mainly located outside restrooms like they so often are in the States, which made a massive difference in terms of cooling me and lots of others down. I must mention though, only I, the ridiculously fair redhead experienced the heat and weather like this, to be fair. The rest of my family are never up or down when it comes to the humidity and sunshine.

LEGOLAND Florida Tickets

Many might think that LEGOLAND Florida is strictly for young children but that assumption couldn't be further from the truth. There really is something for everyone, no matter the age.

I was only a little bit jealous that I was too old for some of the kids' rides... just a little bit.

We went as a party of 4, with all 4 of us being over the age of 20 and had an absolutely amazing time. It even impressed my Dad and brother, who trust me, are hard to impress.

What to do at LEGOLAND Florida

I think the reason that LEGOLAND Florida was such a hit with us and all of the other families and individuals that were at the park that day, is the fact that we all grew up playing with LEGO.

You could literally spend days at LEGOLAND Florida and still not truly appreciate every little detail and intricacy. The attention to detail is simply unreal and there really is something to be found around every corner and even in places you wouldn't expect to find anything, like in trees and at your feet. I have many more photographs of such things, if you'd like to see them in a separate post. I might actually do an Orlando, Florida wrap up blog post at some stage solely because I took that many photos.

Somewhere I certainly went a little overboard, when it came to taking photos, was Miniland USA;

LEGOLAND Florida Travel Guide

Without a doubt, it had to be my favourite part of the park! I honestly could of spent hours there taking in all of the incredibly detailed and spectacular creations.

LEGOLAND Florida New York

I mean, how incredible is this?

Miniland USA is made up of over 32 million LEGO bricks (yes MILLION!) and it almost felt like I'd taken a US roadtrip, just by walking around Miniland USA. One moment you're transported to San Francisco Bay, the next moment you're in the nation's capital, then New York. You can even visit some of Orlando and Florida's biggest tourist attractions without having to leave the park, which is so great, especially if you don't actually get around to visiting them in real life.

You'll find a moving Orlando Eye, the Daytona International Speedway and even Kennedy Space Center, all of which we didn't get around to visiting on this particular trip.

LEGOLAND Florida Miniland USA Review

Seeing Central Park and the New York skyline, in particular, really did make my mind up about where I'll be travelling to next; New York, New York! I'm even exploring the notion of travelling solo so if anyone has any solo travel tips or New York must-see/do recommendations, send them my way.

LEGOLAND Florida Miniland USA

I also really appreciated this LEGO recreation of Viva Las Vegas. Just look at all that detail!

LEGOLAND Florida Ford Driving School

One area that my Dad and brother really enjoyed exploring was the Ford Driving School. They really aren't easy to please, as I mentioned above and are namely why we don't do Disney on our visits to Orlando, Florida anymore but they were delighted. They even enjoyed shopping, yes SHOPPING, at LEGOLAND Florida! This is something I never thought I would ever witness. They never get excited about spending hours at the malls or trekking around the tourist attractions, so to see them running about the different LEGO shops that were dotted around the park like little kids was quite the sight to behold.

We were also one of the last people to see the red Ford Explorer that was sat outside the Driving School, as this has now been replaced by a shiny new blue Ford Mustang. My Dad's face really did light up when he was inspecting the whole Ford area of the park.

LEGOLAND Florida Lost Kingdom Adventure

Another highlight of the day had to be our favourite ride, the one that we actually rode several times that day, we enjoyed it that much; the Lost Kingdom Adventure. It instantly reminded me of Men In Black Alien Attack at Universal Studios, except instead of shooting aliens, we were battling against mummies and skeletons.

I do have footage of this entire ride, that I took whilst we were riding it the first time. I really need to get to work at doing some kind of video roundup of my trip over on my YouTube channel some time soon. Now don't I? Would it be something that you'd be interested in watching?

LEGOLAND Florida Hotel

There's even a LEGOLAND hotel! I can't even begin to imagine how amazing it would be to stay there. Excuse me as I spend the next half hour Googling it and procrastinating a little...

We honestly can't recommend LEGOLAND Florida more. It was such a great day out, for all of us, I might add and if you are coming with children, of any age, then they will have an absolutely amazing time too. It's also significantly less pricey than many of the other Floridian theme parks but you get all of the same kinds of thrills, shows and attraction, plus much more. It's also worth noting that LEGOLAND Florida comes with it's very own water park. Sadly it wasn't open on the day that we visited, as it isn't open everyday but I would definitely recommend looking into it before visiting the park.

Would you like to visit LEGOLAND Florida one day? Or have you visited any of the LEGOLAND parks before? If so, what did you think of it? And have you been enjoying my theme park/travel blog posts?


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