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CitizenM Glasgow

CitizenM Glasgow Review

Last week I packed an overnight bag and headed to Citizen M Glasgow for a bit of a staycation in Glasgow City Centre. I was very kindly invited along to share my honest thoughts, as always, so I picked a particularly packed day to use the hotel as my base and as a place to relax and unwind in the evening.

Along with a hundred and one errands, which included going to the Post Office, collecting online orders and generally making a start on my Christmas shopping, I also had two blogger events to attend. The first, a Charlotte Tilbury makeup masterclass, which I've went into more detail about in this post because well honestly I was a little snap happy at that specific event, for good reasons. The second, which was later in the day, was the Specsavers Scottish press show, which I'll go into further detail about below.

Having my room at the CitizenM that day was an absolute lifesaver as it meant that I didn't have to carry lots of heavy bags and online shopping orders around with me all day and I could stop off at the CitizenM between the two events to refresh and break up the day a little bit.

So let's take a trip to my home away from home for the day; CitizenM Glasgow;

CitizenM Glasgow

After the Charlotte Tilbury event had wrapped up, I headed straight up Buchanan Street to the top of the town as I like to think of it and just behind Buchanan Galleries/a couple of steps away from Sauchiehall Street, I found CitizenM Glasgow. It's perfectly located on Renfrew Street, which is just steps away from Buchanan Bus Station and several train and Subway stations. It also means that you're only a couple of minutes away from Glasgow's best shops, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and attractions.

Glasgow CitizenM

Checking in was an absolute breeze. I had seen on their site that check in took just one minute and I have to admit, I was a little dubious but it really was that quick. It's a bit like a self checkout but instead of checking out, well at that precise moment anyway, I was checking in. All you need is your email, surname or reservation number to begin the process. You then pick up and scan your room key and that's you ready to head to your room.

CitizenM Glasgow Reviews

As soon as you open the door to your room you're immediately greeted by a ginormous bed and a light bright environment. I'm quite picky when it comes to beds (they're normally a little too firm for me) but this was honestly the comfiest bed that I've ever slept in! The duvet was like a big cloud and the pillows instantly reminded me of marshmallows, they were that soft and plump.

CitizenM Glasgow Blogger

After lying on the bed for a few minutes and not wanting to get back up, I decided to explore the rest of the room.

CitizenM Review

Unlike other hotels that I've stayed in, the sink come vanity is actually located in the bedroom and not the bathroom. This makes much more sense, especially if you're sharing the room. It means that one of you can brush your teeth or start the beautifying process of applying makeup whilst the other is in the shower.

I also definitely enjoyed the little inscription on the bottle of hand soap! It's the little touches like these that really make me smile and this would definitely give you something to smile about, particularly if you've just arrived off of a long haul flight or hours spent on/in some form of transport.

CitizenM Bathroom

The bathroom was really clean and I loved the fact that it felt like a little self contained cubicle, separate from your room but still part of it, as a result of the incredible mood lighting that it houses.

The rain shower was absolutely fantastic! The shower experience can be another hit or miss factor for me when travelling but this one was one that I'd happily jump into again. It also doesn't hurt that you feel a bit like you're in a Lady Gaga (circa Bad Romance) music video when you've got the mood lighting on.

Glasgow CitizenM Review

My room, room 721, was located on the top floor, which was rather exciting. As soon as I stepped out of the lift my room was the first you could see. Now I have to admit, I was a little concerned that I'd hear a lot of commotion, being located that close to the lifts but I didn't hear anything too substantial, apart from when a couple of rather loud men starting singing as they waited the ten seconds or so for the lift. That was another thing that really impressed me. You didn't have to wait an eternity for a lift, up or down, which definitely negated the length of any noise or chatter at or around the lifts outside my room's door.

Specsavers Press Event

After a quick freshen up, I headed along to the Specsavers press show to lust after all of the stunning eyewear on offer. I was particularly taken with the Moschino frames. Can I justify treating myself to a pair of sunglasses in the middles of Winter? Well it has been rather sunny recently...

It was great to catch up with and meet some fellow bloggers for the first time, as well as having some lovely and incredibly tasty snacks courtesy of Martha's. I also left with a pick 'n' mix bag full of sweeties, which would come in handy for the movie night I had planned back at CitizenM.

CitizenM Glasgow Rooms

When I returned from the press show, I got straight into my pyjamas, climbed into bed and picked up the iPad, to get the room movie ready.

Everything from the lights (both the room lights and the mood lighting), to the curtains and blinds, to the temperature and TV, are all controlled by the iPad. You can even select which mood you're in. Obviously I went for the movie mood and then sat back, pick 'n' mix in hand to see what kinds of movies they had to offer.

CitizenM Ipad

There was a great selection of movies available, all of which are completely free to view. I settled on How To Be Single and Trainwreck, both of which I really enjoyed. If you'd like a full review of both or for my What I've Been Watching posts to make a return, let me know below.

After that I switched off, literally and figuratively, to enjoy a great night's sleep.

CitizenM Hotel Glasgow

I honestly can't recommend CitizenM Glasgow more. It's got everything that you could possibly need for a night away and much more. The room itself was impressive, clean and a little bit futuristic, in a really good way of course.

The overall design of the hotel was right up my street too. Anywhere that greets you with a massive photograph of Kate Moss, paper lantern lights and bright red life size animal figurines is alright in my books.

CitizenM Hotel Design

I also couldn't get over how beautiful this wall!

Rooms at CitizenM Glasgow cost between £63 and £113, on average, per night per room (not per person) and you'll find them in London, Amsterdam, Paris and New York, as well as Glasgow, of course. I'm planning on visiting New York for the very first time next year and I definitely plan on looking into staying at the Times Square hotel.

Have you ever stayed at a CitizenM? If so, what were your thoughts on it? Would you like to stay at a CitizenM? And would you like to see more blog posts like this where I share parts of my city and others, that you should definitely check out?


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