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Blogging, Taxes & Registering As Self Employed

Making money from blogging plus what to do when you start making it

Even though the large majority of us aren't earning Zoella-style money from blogging, keeping a track of your earnings, however little, is incredibly important. When I first registered as self employed I wasn't entirely sure what I was doing, especially as blogging is such a new industry, so I thought that I would put together this blog post for others who might find themselves in a similar boat.

Blogger earnings

Basically, to keep myself right, I think of it as this; any money that I make from my blog, be it sponsored posts, advertising or affiliate networks is earnings. Simply put; if you blogging has resulted in you making money, this should be declared as earnings.

Registering as self employed

As soon as you start earning, even if it's just pennies to begin with, look into registering as self employed. The sooner you do it the better, as you can then start taking a note of how much you're making each month.

Paying taxes

The Personal Tax Allowance for each individual is £11,000. This means that you can earn up to £11,000, in a tax year, without having to pay tax on it. Please remember to take into consideration your other earnings, be it from part time or full time employment, when it comes to this number. When it comes to National Insurance contributions, this again depends on how much you earn. If you earn less than £5965 a year, you may be eligible for a Small Earnings Exception but other than that, you will have to pay National Insurance, either via direct debit or after HMRC send you a payment request/invoice.

Tax Returns

Before the end of each tax year aka. the 5th of April, you must declare your income by filling out a Self Assessment Tax Return. This can either be done online or by post. My best advice is to double check everything when you're filling it in. That way any mistakes should hopefully be found before sending it off. This page is particularly handy when it comes to all things tax returns.


Now the whole notion of blogger expenses can be a little tricky. Expenses are typically the things that aid the running of your business so something like buying a new camera or laptop, in my mind, is an expense. If unsure, you're best contacting HMRC directly.

Have you registered as self employed if you're making money from your blog? What do you think of my tips? Would you like to see more blog posts like this, where I share some of my behind the scenes blogging tips? And would a post on how I keep track of my blogger earnings be helpful to you?
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