Tuesday, 2 August 2016

What To Buy In World Duty Free This Summer

World Duty Free Beauty and Makeup Exclusives

As you will have seen if you read Sunday's post, in a few months time I will be jetting off to Orlando, Florida and even though there can be delays and the odd spot of turbulence mid flight, I'm one of these people who really does love the actual experience of travelling and that all starts at the airport. After checking in my bags and going through security, I settle in for what can often be quite a lengthy wait but two things instantly perk up my mood whilst waiting, with those two things being; grabbing about four or five magazines to read during the day (this really is the only time that I actually buy magazines anymore) and taking a wander through Duty Free. Whilst some are looking to pick up some discounted alcohol, cigarettes or a life size bar of Toblerone, it's all about the beauty buys for me. What else would you expect?

World Duty Free very kindly sent me out a selection of their exclusive beauty buys. So let's get onto exactly what you could be treating yourself to the next time you fly;

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Set Bronze Brush

First up we have a spectacular set from Bobbi Brown. As you will have seen if you saw my 'Trying Bobbi Brown For The First Time' post, I've only very recently become aware of just how incredible Bobbi Brown's products are, despite having intentions to try out the range for years now. This Bronze Shimmer Brick set* is exactly the kind of beauty buy that you should be picking up before flying off to somewhere warm and sunny.

The shimmer brick itself is absolutely stunning and I love the fact that this set includes a brilliant Bobbi Brown brush as well. And when you consider the fact that a Bobbi Brown shimmer brick on it's own is £34, you can pick this fantastic set up for just a couple of pennies more at £34.05. What a great deal! Am I right?

Marc Jacobs Daisy Miniatures Review Beauty Blog

Next up we have a stunning set of Marc Jacobs Daisy miniatures*. These even come in their own little suitcase style box, which is such a lovely travel related touch.

You might remember that I reviewed a similar set during the month of Blogmas and I have to say, these little sets are perfect for treating yourself and others. I put the two Daisy scents from that original set in my two most used handbags and gave the other two away as gifts to friends at Christmas. The fact that each fragrance is individually boxed means that splitting up the set into separate gifts is so easy to do. This is definitely the kind of airport present that anyone would love to receive when you return from your travels. And am I the only one who likes to buy a new fragrance to wear on each holiday? That way whenever you smell or use that perfume again it instantly takes you back to that holiday. This set comes with fragrances for four potential trips away, if you look at it that way. I almost want to book another three holidays just to take each of these with me. Hehe. The set also works out less than the price of one perfume at just £39.

Lancome Bi-Facil Review

And last but not least we have two products that I had been wanting to try for years now. The Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Twinkling Eyes* and the Lancome Bi-Facil Duo*.

As someone who gets extremely irritated and tired feeling eyes in warm weather, this cooling gel is such a great find. It just feels so spectacular and soothing on the skin and it's certainly the kind of product that I'd recommend to anyone jetting off somewhere warm, humid or sunny.

The Lancome Bi-Facil is another revelation. As I've probably mentioned on more than a few occasions on here, I'm not someone who spends an awful lot of time or money when it comes to removing makeup and ever since discovering micellar water infused wipes (Bioderma's and Clinique's are incredible), I never thought I'd fall for a classic makeup remover but I have. Expect a dedicated blog post very soon. This World Duty Free exclusive includes not one but two bottles of Bi-Facil for just £32 (an individual bottle usually costs £21.50).

Do you have any holidays or trips planned for the next couple of months or year? Are you a fan of Duty Free shopping? What do you think of the World Duty Free exclusives that I've featured in today's post? And have you tried any of the products that I've featured? If so, let me know what you think?


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