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My Orlando, Florida Itinerary 2016

Visiting Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure Florida

Universal Orlando/Islands Of Adventure

For the first time in many years, this year we'll be heading back to Universal Studios and Islands Of Adventure. So much has changed since we lasted visited, which is why I'm particularly excited. I can't wait to check out all things Springfield related as well as rediscovering some of my old favourites such as Men In Black Alien Attack, Terminator 2 3D and E.T. Adventure. To see my thoughts on Universal Studios more generally, be sure to check out my Travel Tips post on that very subject.

Shake Shack Chicken Burger and French Fries

The Orlando Eye/Shake Shack

Another new addition since we last visited, is the Orlando Eye. Whether or not I actually brave the 400 foot tall structure is another question but even just to see it in the flesh would be rather spectacular. I've never been to London so I can't quite compare it to the London Eye but the photographs of the Eye rotating around sunset just look so dreamy. Another reason to visit; there's a Shake Shack positioned directly below it. As someone who's never had a Shake Shack either, the very notion of paying this place a visit is very exciting. I mean how good does that chicken burger and fries look? Don't mind me as I spend the next couple of minutes salivating just looking at it.

Visiting LEGOLAND Florida


Despite visiting the Orlando, Florida area around ten times in the past fifteen years or so, somewhere we've never taken the time to drive out to is LEGOLAND Florida but that's all about to change this year. I grew up pretty much obsessed with all things LEGO and really enjoyed visiting the stand alone LEGO store the last time we were at Downtown Disney/Disney Springs so it will be great to check out the theme park now too. The fact that they can make almost anything in LEGO still makes me smile like I'm about five years old and knowing that it will be approaching Halloween when we're there is certainly something to look forward to too. I'll also finally need to get around to watching The LEGO Movie before we leave.

Sprinkles Cupcake ATM Disney Springs Florida

Disney Springs

When we were last there Disney Springs was just about to make the big change from Downtown Disney to what it's now known as; Disney Springs. But even then, amidst quite a bit of construction, it was still so amazing. I dedicated a full blog post to why I loved it as much as I did and if you have a read through that you'll probably understand why I loved it so. Since we were last there, they've opened a town center, which houses some great stores, a Sprinkles (complete with a Cupcake ATM), a Sephora and a Kate Spade store. It's almost like they designed an area with all my dream American stores in one place and then added that brilliant Disney twist. So expect to see a photo or video of me using the Cupcake ATM, potentially with Sephora and Kate Spade bags on my arms.

Wolfgang Puck Express Disney Springs

Wolfgang Puck Express

Another big reason that we'll be visiting Disney Springs during our trip is the fact that we can't wait to eat at Wolfgang Puck's Express restaurant. A few months ago, Wolfgang himself was on This Morning and he showed us how he makes his famous mac and cheese and ever since then every one of us has been dying to try the dish for ourselves. It literally looks insane, in such a good way of course. I might also need to order some of the creamy mash too.

US Haul

Shopping, shopping and more shopping

For me, shopping is always high on the agenda when it comes to my trips to Florida. I've already made a little start to my shopping list, which I will be sure to share on here when I've put a bit more thought into it. I'm hoping to invest in some quality pieces that'll last me a long time, instead of going crazy in Forever 21 like I normally do (that doesn't mean a visit to Forever 21 won't be on the cards though). The plan is to get a good pair of Winter boots and a Winter coat, which might prove tricky considering the fact that it will still be ridiculously warm and sunny when we're there. I'm also hoping to pick up some new bras from Victoria's Secret and maybe even a rose gold/copper pair of sandals. Expect some serious Sephora, Bath & Body Works, Old Navy and drugstore shopping too.

American Halloween Candy


As you will have seen if you saw my Halloween post, Orlando and the US in general, go all out when it comes to Halloween. Visiting in October means you get all the perks of Halloween, even though we're not technically there on the 31st. I'm literally like a kid in a candy shop when it comes to the Halloween candy aisles in Wal-Mart/Target. You can get huge pack of sweets for unbelievable prices. If you see me setting up an American candy store when I return, that'll be why.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I will be vlogging my trip and taking a ridiculous amount of photographs whilst I'm there so that's something to definitely look forward to when I return.

Have you ever been to Orlando, Florida? If so, do you have any recommendations when it comes to places that I should make sure to visit? If not, what would be on your itinerary? And are you looking forward to the vlogs/blog posts?


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