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The New Benefit Brow Collection

The Benefit New Brow Collection

As you will probably be well aware, unless you've been living under a rock or had no internet connection for the past month or so, Benefit have released their brand new brow collection.

Sadly brows have never been a big part of my beauty and makeup routine, despite the fact that I write about beauty pretty often on here and this was wholly due to the fact that very few brands truly cater for redheads and fair skinned/freckly individuals like myself. However, as you will soon see, that has certainly now changed.

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited along to Hugh's Champagne Bar at House Of Fraser Glasgow for an evening of all things brows related. I did attempt to vlog a couple of snippets from the event but like a complete idiot, I somehow managed to delete the files from my memory card. Can you tell that I'm not exactly the world's greatest vlogger just yet? Hehe. But back to the brow event itself. We were taken through the entire collection and given the opportunity to try out each of the products for ourselves. I was also shade matched by the brilliant Sophie from House Of Fraser Glasgow who finally gave me the confidence to do my brows in a matter of seconds, something I didn't think was possible. And at the end of the evening we were very kindly given the opportunity to pick out our two favourite products, that we'd tried that night, to take home with us, along with the Browvo! Conditioning Primer. So let's get straight on to the review;

Benefit Ka Brow Review

Straight away Ka Brow!* caught my eye. For years now I've wanted to try Anastasia Beverly Hills world-renowned Dipbrow Pomade but I've never been confident enough to place an order without being shade matched. So when I saw that Benefit were releasing a cream-gel brow colour I certainly got rather excited. But the most exciting thing about this product; the fact that the shade actually matches my brows and my auburn hair perfectly. Like I can't even describe how exact the colour match is for me. This is the lightest shade, shade 1, which I am across the range. I could have easily went for shade 2 as well, which completely blew my mind. To go from having no real colour or shade match when it comes to brow products, particularly at the drugstore, to then having two was almost a little too good to be true but trust me, it wasn't.

I love how warm this is in terms of tone and colour and the fact that you can either go soft and natural with this or really build it up to add a spot of drama or make it nighttime appropriate, is fantastic. It's also waterproof, comes in all six shades and lasts a full 24 hours. Like, what more could you want from a brow product?!

The design of the product itself is also absolutely brilliant. You don't need to find or invest in a separate brush as a brush comes with Ka-Brow! and can easily be pulled out of the cap. You can also slip the brush back into the cap in reverse, so it's sticking out to be used and that way you can achieve even more precision and control. Such a 10 out of 10 across all boards for me!

Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil

Next up, my second favourite product from the new brow collection and a close second at that; Precisely, My Brow Pencil*. This is an ultra-fine brow defining pencil that allows you to create hair like strokes. 

Benefit Brow Pencil Review

Again, it's available in all six shades and is waterproof. Benefit promise 12 hour wear with this one and you don't need to worry about finding a sharpener for this pencil as it has a twist-up tip. 

Under the end of the pencil you'll also find a spoolie-brush which really is perfect for keeping your brows in shape and groomed.

Benefit Browvo! Conditioning Primer

And last but not least, we have a product that I didn't even know existed out there; the Browvo! Conditioning Primer*. Despite using primers on a pretty regular basis, for some reason or another I never even considered that there might be a primer dedicated to brows. Not only does Browvo! prime, to extend the wear of your brow products and enhance the colour of them but it also works to condition them. So on an evening you can apply this to your brows before bed and wake up to feel and see a real difference.

Browvo! Conditioning Primer

It's a clear gel, meaning you don't need to worry about what shade or colour to choose and it's packed full of nutrients such as keratin and soy. If you're someone looking for naturally thicker and fuller brows, then this is the product for you. And the applicator is so soft. The perfect amount of primer pops out of the middle of it and due to the design, it actually allows you to coat the brow hair and your skin really evenly. 

Brow Products For Redheads

So here are my new and improved brows. I've got a little combo of both Ka Brow! and Precisely My Brow Pencil on in this photograph and I just love the way that they look. To finally have shades that match me and my red hair is such a big thing!

Benefit Brow Shades

As I mentioned above, there are 6 different shades so you should be able to find one or even two, that match you and your brows perfectly. Not all products come in all six shades but there's definitely one that will work for you when it comes to all of the products.

I've already got my eye (and brows) on the newly repackaged Brow Zings and the High Brow and High Brow Glow highlighting pencils so expect another post or video on those when I do, inevitably, pick them up.

Benefit Brow Collection Review

Other new additions to the range include the Ready, Set Brow! shaping and setting gel, 3D Browtones (aka. highlights for your brows) and the Goof Proof Brow Pencil.

So what do you think of Benefit's new brow collection? Have you tried any of their brow products in the past? If so, what do you think of them? And are brows a big part of your makeup/beauty routine?

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