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The June BBQ Degustabox (With Exclusive £6 Off Discount Code)

Degustabox 2016 Discount Code UK

This month's Degustabox really is jam-packed full of products, many of which are perfect for the warmer months, as the BBQ Box name should denote. As with every Degustabox review that I do, I have a fantastic and exclusive discount code for you to use to take a massive £6 off the £12.99 price tag. All you have to do is enter the code BLDEG15 when you register. 

So what exactly does the June BBQ box comprise of, well let's see;

Degustabox Review

As soon as I opened this month's Degustabox, before I even knew that this was the BBQ box, the first thing that sprang to mind was 'this and this and this would all be perfect for a Summer barbecue'. And that's exactly what Degustabox had planned for us. And whilst it's not exactly been the kind of Summer weather that we might have hoped for so far (it rained about 10 minutes after I took these photos), I still hold out hope that the weather will start to improve soon. I mean, it is July after all. 

Back to the box itself. You can't have a BBQ without some Branston relish, at least in our household anyway. We'd never tried this spicy tomato variety of Branston relish before but it is so so tasty. It really adds something special to your barbecued burgers. Talking of burgers; how cool is it to be able to make your own tasty burgers? Instead of just buying shop bought ones or making patties made of purely mince, the Schwartz burger mix allows you to create your own authentic American smokehouse burgers in seconds. Such a great idea! The Haywards silverskin onions went down a real treat too. My Mum, in particular, said that she could literally have sat and ate the whole jar in one sitting, that's how good they were so if you're a fan of pickled onions, I'd definitely recommend picking a jar of these up. And what's better than an ice cold drink, beer or ice lolly when you're enjoying a Summer BBQ?

The Zeo cloudy lemon is great for those of you looking to watch how much sugar you consume, as each 250ml serving only has 1.5 teaspoons of sugar, which is hardly anything compared to what you'd find in a glass of fizzy juice or even some 'fruit' juices. My Dad gives the King Star crafted lager a big thumbs up and the Smooze mango and coconut fruit ices are so yummy and refreshing. Unlike other ice lollies and ice poles, these actually taste like the flavours described instead of just sickly sweet syrup. These are also 100% vegan, which is certainly another bonus.

Summer BBQ Food

Talking of sweet treats, I was over the moon with the ones included in the June Degustabox. First up we have Belgian Butters Waffle Crisps. I've already got these earmarked for enjoying with a big cone of ice cream the next time we have a really hot day (please let that be soon!) 

I'm already a big Butterkist fan (their toffee popcorn is the best!), so I was happy to see the sharing bag and the multipack packet of their new yogurt coated popcorn in this month's box. It's such a unique but scrumptious flavour. The Bakedin miracle mug brownie is even tastier! Talk about convenience too. Isn't it always the case that you're craving something like a chocolate brownie when there's nothing like that in the house? Now, you can have this tub in your cupboard ready for such an occassion and you can have a warm, rich chocolate brownie in under 2 minutes. This could definitely be dangerous for my waistline. Hehe.

Degustabox UK

And last but not least we have three really helpful kitchen staples. These are the kinds of things that you're happy to have in your kitchen cupboard, especially on those evenings when you're not sure what to have for, or with, dinner.

I have to admit that the Miracle angel hair noodles kind of weirded me out when I first saw and held them. They come packaged a bit like mozzarella often does and what I mean by that, is that it's packed with extra water or fluid. But once you've rinsed them well, these are low calorie, gluten free, vegan and cholesterol free. Ideal for many different people. The Sacla pesto pots are brilliant for having with pasta and as I said above, ideal for those nights or evenings when you have no idea what to pair with something like pasta. The same can be said for the Amoy coconut milk. This is great to have in your cupboard if you're someone who enjoys making Asian cuisine.

This has certainly been one of my favourite Degustaboxes that I've received in a long time, not that I don't enjoy them each month but I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that they're products you can use in a variety of different ways and for different meals as well.

What do you think of this month's box? Have you tried any of the products featured in June's box before? If so, what do you think of them? And have you had a BBQ yet this year?


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