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My Wanderlust Wardrobe & What I'm Taking With Me To Orlando, Florida

Holiday packing tips

There's only a number of weeks, well months if we're really counting, until I head over to Orlando, Florida on holiday. And as the weather differs rather drastically from the weather that we get here in Scotland, even on the warmest of Summer days, I've been picking up some new pieces to take along with me. As a result, I have what is essentially a holiday wardrobe, one that only makes an appearance when I fly off somewhere warm and sunny and it seems that I'm not the only one. The average person will spend £185 on their holiday wardrobe and one in twenty of us will spend six to eight months planning their perfect holiday wardrobe. So I thought that I would share with you some of my essential must-buys for a holiday to Orlando, Florida as well as a really handy holiday helper tool from CollectPlus which makes the decision-making process, when it comes to what you should take with you, fashion wise, super simple regardless of where you're heading to.

CollectPlus' Wanderlust Wardrobe allows you to select which destination you're heading to and wouldn't you know it, Florida is one of those very destinations. Each destination comes with style tips for day and night as well as what the weather, temperature and climate are like. This makes whittling down your wanderlust wardrobe a real breeze and I couldn't agree with their Floridian styling tips more. For me, it's all about comfort, without forgetting about looking casual and stylish at the same time. So here's what I'll be taking with me in my suitcase on this particular holiday;

Holiday Wardrobe Must-buys Must-haves

Midi dresses and jumpsuits - Over the years I've found what works well for me when it comes to the Floridian heat and that is midi dresses and jumpsuits. They keep me cool, don't expose too much and are just plain comfy to wear. Although maybe don't wear a jumpsuit that you need someone else to help you get out of when you're spending the full day at the theme parks. Let's just say; lesson learned. The ones that I look out for are made of materials that travel well and dry quickly.

Pleated Cropped Trousers - Talking of material that travels well, I'll certainly be bringing my beloved Topshop pleated trousers with me this year. You should be able to see the navy and white polka dot version of them peeking out of my suitcase and I may or may not have amassed these in basically every pattern and colour they've released. They're so easy to wear and really do make an outfit, which is why they're basically the dream holiday buy this year.

What to take on holiday to Orlando, Florida

Swimwear - Chances are that if you're heading to Orlando or Florida more generally, you will be spending some time by the pool, at the beach or at one of the great water parks, so investing in some swimwear is essential. My swimwear of choice has to be a skirted swimsuit or two. Not only do they hide the areas of my body that I'd like hidden, mainly my upper thighs but they flatten the tummy and hug the body too. I cannot recommend George at Asda enough when it comes to these kinds of swimsuits. They're well made, fit well and don't break the bank either. They also have other options, all of which are brilliant holiday buys.

Pack a Parka/Mac - And whilst you're happy to get wet when you've got your swimwear on, the Floridian rain isn't something that I like getting caught in. For this very reason I always and I mean always carry a Pack a Parka or Pack a Mac with me. They're light and portable and you'll really thank yourself for bringing one with you when an inevitable rain or thunderstorm rolls in. Plus, it saves you spending silly money on those disposable ponchos at the parks. I'm loving the range that ASOS have on their site at the moment and how incredible do the ones from Missguided look?

Best Bags/Backpacks for travelling

A Backpack - Last but not least we have what I'll be carrying around with me each and every day, regardless of whether we're at the parks, the malls, the beach or simply exploring. A great backpack, one that's not too big or too small, is a must for me when I'm travelling as I can take all of my essentials with me but still be hands free.

CollectPlus work with all of the retailers mentioned in today's post and many, many more, making shopping, especially before you go on holiday, so easy and convenient.

Hand Luggage Packing

Are you looking forward to my Orlando blogs and vlogs? What would you like to see most when it comes to them (outfit posts, vlogs, lookbooks, posts/vlogs dedicated to specific parks etc.)? Have you been on holiday this year? If so, what did you make sure to take with you? And what do you think of what I'm taking with me on this holiday?


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