Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Finding The Perfect Summer Scent With Fragrance Direct

Finding the perfect Summer scent can be rather tricky but Fragrance Direct are always the first port of call for me. Buying a new perfume or fragrance is a treat for me and certainly something that I don't take lightly. Surely I'm not the only one who could spend hours sniffing different perfumes only to realise that they're in love with about ten of them? But buying from some of the big department stores can be pretty costly, which is why I now only buy perfumes and aftershaves from Fragrance Direct. When it comes to the price, it's very rare if they can be beaten and you don't end up making an impulse buy after being bombarded with free sample sticks, like you tend to do in some of the big department stores.

Fragrance Direct sent over three of the latest perfumes to hit their site, each of which would suit a broad range of fragrance fans but as I always recommend, when it comes to my perfume and fragrance reviews, I would definitely suggest making a trip to your local Boots, House Of Fraser, Debenhams, Selfridges, John Lewis etc. etc. to smell it in person first. That way you can actually smell the fragrances in person, try a whole variety of them out and even spritz them on your wrist to see how the scents develop as the day or night goes on. Then when you've picked which one, or ones, you just can't live without, you can do a quick search on Fragrance Direct to see what savings there are to take advantage of. So let's see what I think of this trio of suitably Summer scents;

Prada Candy Kiss EDP*

First up we have Prada Candy Kiss. If you cast your memories back to the Summer of 2014, or take a trip to my blog archive, you will see that that was when I'd just started my Summer Sun-days series. I reviewed Prada Candy Florale, the second Prada Candy release and a fragrance that I still absolutely adore. Prada have now added a third fragrance to the Candy family, one that's flirty and fun. If you love orange blossom, when it comes to your perfume of choice, then you will certainly love this. There's also notes of vanilla and musk. A winning combination if I don't say so myself and just how pretty is the bottle that it's housed in? 
Talking of stunning perfume bottle design;

Paco Rabanne Olympea Aqua EDT*

I mean, how gorgeous is this bottle? Following on from the original Olympea fragrance, Olympea Aqua takes a twist on the first fragrance. You might also remember, if you're a longtime reader of Ellis Tuesday or if you just clicked onto the link to my Summer Sun-days blog post above, that a Paco Rabanne fragrance also featured in that Summer lineup. But this new addition to the Paco Rabanne fragrance family invites us to take a trip to the Olympic baths. I'm pretty sure that's the Olympic baths of yesteryear and not the ones we'll see in Rio in a few weeks time but I won't go off on a tangent like I normally tend to do.

The scent itself is what I would describe as Oriental. There's a blend of Calabrian bergamot, gingerlily, ambergris, cashmere wood and last but not least; vanilla. I think that's why I love it as much as I do. There's something about the scent of vanilla that just makes me feel warm and happy and that's exactly how I feel when I'm wearing this.

Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Poudree EDP*

As the name denotes, this is a perfume with powder in it. It may sound like a strange concept but many other brands and classic scents feature powder in them and the simple addition of powder really gives the perfume a truly decadent and luxurious touch. Narciso Poudree has top notes of white jasmine and Bulgarian rose, base notes of vetiver and black and white cedar and musk right at the heart of it.

And even though I adore the intricate designs of the two previous bottles, something about the simplicity and sleekness of this bottle just speaks to me. It echoes the elegant and sophisticated scent of this perfume perfectly.

Do you have a scent that you like to wear in the Summer months? Or have you treated yourself to a new perfume for the hopefully, warmer weather? What do you think of the sounds of the three fragrances featured in today's post? And are you the kind of individual who wears several different scents throughout the year?


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