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Dressing Smartly For The Scottish 'Summer'

Guess Connect Reviews

Even though it's still technically Summer, the weather certainly says otherwise and most of the shops already have their Autumn/Winter pieces and ranges hitting stores, well at least here in Scotland anyway. As a result, I've been thinking more and more about transitional pieces that will take me from the Scottish 'Summer' to Autumn/Winter seamlessly and smartly and that's exactly what I've found when it comes to this particular pair of boots. And talking of dressing smartly, I'm also taking that quite literally when it comes to the timepiece on my wrist, which I'll be talking about today.

Guess Connect Watch

In the past couple of months, after buying my very first iPhone; the iPhone SE, I've been spending a lot more time tracking things I never imagined I could thanks to several apps on my phone. I can now see how many steps I've walked each day, keep a track of my sleep and even properly track what I'm putting into my body too. After years of not really understanding why so many people raved about the iPhone, I now finally get it and I started to feel myself getting a bit of the Apple bug, in terms of wanting to try more of their products. I was considering buying an Apple watch (my traditional Marc by Marc Jacobs watch battery had just stopped working and it was going to cost about £25+ to replace it) when Debenhams got in touch to ask if I'd like to try one of their watches, specifically the Guess Connect watch*.

Despite having my phone on me pretty much constantly, I'm still one of those people who likes to wear an actual watch on their wrist. The Guess Connect watch combines a traditional wrist watch with what we now know as a smartwatch. If you weren't aware that this was indeed a smartwatch, you probably wouldn't be able to tell and that's what I like about it. The design is beautiful and I absolutely adore the rose gold/copper detailing on this particular version. Debenhams also very kindly sent over one of Guess' rose gold bracelets* to pair with my brand new watch and I'm such a big fan of how they compliment one another.

In terms of it's smartwatch capabilities, let's get down to business. The little LED screen at the bottom of the watch face (where you'd ordinarily find the 6 on a traditional watch), works to alert you to many different things. I can receive notifications of important emails and messages, set alarms, see who's calling me and even control my camera at a glance or the touch of a button. I basically feel like Inspector Gadget with this thing on my wrist and the fact that you can actually take calls, as well as speak to Siri thanks to the built-in speaker and microphone blows my mind. I hear they might be looking for the next James Bond...

The watch also vibrates, if you want it to and is completely customisable when it comes to the notifications you receive. This means that you can pinpoint exactly what app is buzzing you for what reason.

Guess Connect Watch Review

There's a dedicated Guess app which is great and the watch also comes with a cable which allows you to directly connect your watch to your laptop or computer via USB.

My only issue with the watch is the fact that there isn't an activity tracker function, especially as I've been toying with the idea of treating myself to a Fit Bit or something similar along those lines but in the grand scheme of things it doesn't make this watch a no go for that reason.

It is bigger than the watches I ordinarily wear, especially as I'm someone with incredibly tiny wrists but it's really comfortable and doesn't feel too heavy on the wrist either. This is the smaller version of the Guess Connect watch for reference.

Autumn Winter Fringed Suede Boots

As I mentioned above, I'm trying to dress more smartly (not in terms of wearing a suit or something along those lines but rather more weather appropriate) and whilst these Sole Diva fringe ankle suede boots* might not be the most practical in a torrential downpour, I've been wearing them on an almost daily basis while the weather has been in the kind of awkward in-between phase that it's currently in, where it's not Autumn/Winter cold but it's not Summer warm either. 

Dressing Smartly in Summer

The heel is actually manageable for someone like myself who doesn't wear high heels all that often and the tan suede looks perfect with my tan handbag and tan belts. It just makes me feel a whole lot more put together even though all I'm doing is matching a pair of tan suede boots with a tan suede cross body bag but that's what makes it feel like a smart choice in the mornings these days. Is anyone else thinking about buying or bringing their ankle boots out in this kind of weather?

Do you have pieces in your wardrobe that work to your advantage in this sort of in-between part of the year? Have smartwatches caught your interest? If so, what do you think of the Guess Connect watch? And what would you like a smartwatch to do if you could choose an Inspector Gadget style one?


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