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Attending The Queen's Garden Party At The Palace Of Holyroodhouse

The Queen's Garden Party at Holyroodhouse Edinburgh

On Tuesday I headed through to Edinburgh to attend the Queen's Garden Party at the Palace of Holyroodhouse. I joined 8000 others and a sea of fascinators (basically every single female had one on), to celebrate a vast array of Scots from all different sectors. First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon had nominated my Mum, due to her positive contributions and her 37 years at the same company. So I got dressed up and joined my parents to attend and hopefully catch a glimpse of the Queen and the Royal Family.

Our invites had specified that photography was strictly prohibited, which is why I left my Canon EOS M10 at home but I did manage to snap a couple of pictures on my iPhone SE throughout the course of the day. And I have to say, I'm really impressed with the quality of the snaps, especially after uploading them onto my computer. So hopefully these should give you a feel for what the party itself was like.

What to wear to the Queen's Garden Party

First of all; my outfit and an impromptu photoshoot inside Holyrood Abbey. We weren't exactly sure what the weather would be like through in Edinburgh which is why I went for closed toe shoes. The ones I ended up wearing are a trusty pair from Primark, which featured in a Primark haul post over a year ago now. And whilst I did end up with some pretty nasty blisters after all the walking to and fro, they definitely served me well on the lush but rather sodden grass inside the palace grounds themselves. I also went with a dress that I'm sure I bought last Summer, back when Forever 21 still had a store in Glasgow City Centre. As I've mentioned many times on here before, I'm such a big fan of midi dresses and instantly felt fancy but not too dressed up in this particular polka dot dress. I then added a pair of Forever 21 sparkly studs and the absolutely stunning necklace from Happiness Boutique that I've worn before in this post and on my YouTube channel. But back to the party itself;

Queen's Garden Party Afternoon Tea Food

The spread was absolutely unreal. Very much fit for a Queen. It was afternoon tea to the highest level. There were sandwiches of basically every variety including classic cucumber sandwiches, as well as cakes and biscuits galore. I literally could have ate about a hundred of the little shortbread biscuits. They were so creamy, buttery and yummy.

I don't know the last time I went through to Edinburgh, despite the fact that it's only about an hour away from Glasgow but I've already got a to-do list of things to do, hopefully in the next couple of months or at least before next Summer. These include but are not limited to, walking up Arthur's Seat (as pictured below), visiting Scotland's first ever cat cafe; Maison de Moggy and taking a trip to Camera Obscura before finally checking out Edinburgh Castle. I took a couple of photos from the bus, so they're not the best quality but I did manage to finally see the Scottish parliament building in person, which was a bit of a big deal, especially as I did my dissertation in Scottish politics. I also witnessed the Edinburgh trams for the first time, which was strange. I'm still not entirely sure how they even work as buses and trams were on the same stretch of road. Any Edinburgh locals care to explain?

Queen's Garden Party Holyrood Edinburgh

Overall, I had a really lovely day, even if my toes were rather sore by the time we were heading back home to Glasgow. It was really nice to spend a day, one that was sunny and dry too (aka. a bit of a rarity here in Scotland), with my parents and to get all dressed up for what was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I even saw the Queen, who was dressed head to toe in bright yellow and several members of the Royal Family (sadly Prince Harry wasn't in attendance), as well as Nicola Sturgeon herself.

Have you ever been to Edinburgh? If so, what would you recommend I check out or visit on my next trip through to the capital? What would you have worn to such an event? And what do you think of my outfit?

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