Friday, 24 June 2016

What Would You Like To See Me Vlog In Florida?

Just in case you've not already noticed, I finally started YouTube! After years of saying 'I'll get around to it soon' and then not, I bought myself a new camera, one with a flip screen, created my channel and sat down to film my very first video and now I've certainly got the YouTube bug. I'm constantly thinking of new video ideas, as well as how to improve and learn when it comes to my channel and as I briefly mentioned in my Makeup Revolution Goody Bag Giveaway blog post (don't forget to enter if that sounds like something you might like to win), I'm going to start vlogging too.

I already gave vlogging my first attempt yesterday when I went to a Benefit brows blog event, so that should be up on the channel at some stage soon if the footage worked out. And really, the whole reason that I finally got around to starting up YouTube was so that I could vlog this year's trip to Orlando, Florida.

I'll be doing a lot of the tourist-y kind of stuff as well as exploring the bits of Orlando and Florida that you wouldn't necessarily think of right away, as well as a whole lot of shopping! So if any of that sounds like it might be of interest to you, I'd definitely make sure to hit the subscribe button before I jet off later in the year.

I also really want to know what you would like to see most? It would also be great to find out what kind of format you would like to see the vlogs take too.

Would you prefer to have stand alone vlogs on specific places (ie. a vlog dedicated to a particular mall, a Disney Springs vlog, a Universal Studios vlog, etc.)? Or do weekly vlogs sound more appealing to you? Or what about a highlights style vlog or vlogs?

I'd love to hear what you think so please leave a comment below or get in touch with me via social media (I'm @ellistuesday on everything) or email.

Do you have a YouTube channel? If so, be sure to leave me a link to yours below. Are you a fan of vlogs? And what would you like to see more of on my channel more generally?


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