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Models Own's New 500 Piece Makeup Collection

Models Own Makeup

For years now, I've only ever associated the brand Models Own with fantastic and fun nail polishes but they're making a real statement, one which seriously challenges that preconception, by bringing out 500 (yes 500!) different make-up products. I was very kindly sent a selection of the new products* to coincide with their launch and the relaunch and revamp of the Models Own website. So here are my thoughts on just some of their brand new products;

Models Own Lip Gunk Review

First up we have some brilliantly bright colours. Basically if you're a fan of going all out when it comes to your make-up, you're going to love the new range. The first products to really catch my eye were the lip gunks. I received a red and a rather bold blue. Now I'm not sure that I'm the kind of person who can pull off a blue lip but the fact that it's even an option shows just how invested Models Own is when it comes to their new make-up collection. They immediately reminded me of the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics lip products, which can only be a good thing and I was really happy to see how fantastically the lip gunks were packaged. You get a lip brush and a little mixing tray, along with the lip gunk itself, all enclosed in a lovely little pouch.

The electric indigo i-Definer kohl pencil eyeliner applies close to the lash line and feels nice and creamy too. This pencil is also available in sixteen (yes sixteen!) shades.

Models Own New Makeup Summer

If you're looking to up your make-up game this Summer, then I can't recommend the next couple of products highly enough. The Sculpt & Glow liquid highlighter, in rose gold, was something that I was really excited to try out. However, I did think that it might be a bit too dark for my skin tone but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it blended really well to leave me with a hint of colour and as the name states; glow. The twist-up Rock n Rosy blusher stick is wonderful. You can wear it as sheer or as heavy as you'd like and a little really does go a long way.

The Now Brow! eyebrow pencil & blender duo has a slanted pencil at one end and a blender on the other. This shade is a little dark for me and my brows but if you're looking to try a new blendable brow product, I'd definitely give this one a go. And last but not least in this little Summer-y section we have the Sculpt & Glow contouring bronzing powder. This is a matte powder that can be used to bronze or contour, depending on what you want to get out of this powder. I think this shade in particular, deep tan, would work really well on darker skin tones.

Models Own New Makeup

Even when it comes to what I would essentially call basics (lipsticks, liners, mascaras, etc.), Models Own have taken it up a notch. The Luxestick lipstick feels lovely on the lips and the mirrored exterior really adds a touch of luxury, as does the magnetic closure. It gives the lips a velvet matte finish which doesn't feel drying on the lips nor does it cling to any dry patches either.

The design of the i-Definer kajal kohl liner blew me away. I've never seen anything like it before. Have you? It's really creamy on the skin and has pretty impressive staying power as well.

And how incredible is the brilliantly bright and bold packaging? Talking of packaging...

Models Own Sweet Dreams Eyeshadow Palette

How fun is the sweet dreams packaging?

Models Own Sweet Dreams Eyeshadow Palette Review

This is just one of nine eyeshadow palettes to choose from. There really is a palette for every need and for everyone in this new range. I've definitely got my eye on one filled with stunning neutrals. If it's anything like the toffee shade in this palette, I have a feeling that I will be seriously impressed. The shadows themselves are creamy, pigmented and easy to blend, aka. everything I look for in an eyeshadow.

Overall I can't rave enough about what I've had the chance to try from Models Own's new make-up range. Not only is it of a great quality but everything is just so affordable. I've already got my eye on a few other products, which I'll obviously share my thoughts with you when I do inevitably try them. You can find the new Models Own collection on their website and I'm sure they'll be arriving in Superdrug and on ASOS in the upcoming weeks and months.

Are you a Models Own fan? What products would you be most excited to try from their new make-up range? And would you like to see me create a look using some of the products over on my YouTube channel?

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