Friday, 13 May 2016

Topshop Bloggers Personal Shopping Event With Forever Yours, Betty (And Summer Wishlist)

Topshop Scottish fashion bloggers event and review

I've got a feeling that a lot of you will already know who this wonderful lady is but just in case you don't, Sheri aka. Forever Yours, Betty is a bit of a blogging phenomenon and girl boss with the most amazing sense of style and tangerine coloured hair.

Last week I was invited along to Topshop's Argyle Street store in the heart of Glasgow City Centre for a preview of the Spring/Summer pieces that are currently hitting stores. 

Despite spending a whole lot of time browsing Topshop, both online and in-store, I've never really thought of trying out their Personal Shopping service. I was well aware that it was a free service to use but for some reason or another I thought that it would only be worth both my and the Personal Shopping team's time if I was looking for a complete wardrobe overhaul. This is certainly not the case, as I found out during the event itself.

Topshop Personal Shopping Glasgow Argyle Street

We got a chance to check out the Personal Shopping space which is basically an Instagram lovers dream. Anywhere with velvet soft furnishings, glass jars full of sweets and the latest copies of my favourite fashion magazines is a big hit with me. It was also really lovely to step off the shop floor. Most of the time when I visit a Topshop store, specifically the Argyle Street one, it can be quite busy and there are times that the changing rooms are completely mobbed. The Personal Shopping area, on the other hand, was so serene and relaxed in comparison.

We were also introduced to the Topshop Personal Shopping team as we were ushered towards the back of the store where a fantastic rail of Spring/Summer style was positioned.

Topshop Granny Shoes Trend

Sheri took us through her personal edit of the Spring/Summer collection which she and Personal Shopper Kirsty had put together. As someone who's been loving the bomber jacket trend (I need to let you see the stunning one that I just bought from Zara!), I was happy to see what Topshop's offerings were in regards to it this season.

Sheri's outfits are always on point and whilst I know that there's no way I would be able to pull half of them off like she does, it was great to see the thought process behind the ways in which she puts them together.

Topshop Spring Summer Must-Haves 2016

A personal favourite of mine had to be this particular outfit. Did you know that House of CB is exclusively available here in Scotland in the Argyle Street store? It's definitely worth checking out if you're in or around Glasgow. And who else has been lusting after this absolute dream of a jacket, like I have been?

It was then time to have a good browse of the store. I thought that I would include some of my favourite pieces from the Topshop Spring/Summer collection to even do a bit of an Ellis Tuesday edit for you. 

If you can't see the edit directly below then you may need to disable your Adblocker to do so.

After a wander around the store I headed to the changing rooms to try on a few of a my favourite pieces.

Topshop Personal Shopping review

And after doing so I left with one of the pieces from my edit above. Can you guess which one? My fellow blogging beauties Jude and Abbey convinced me that I just had to have them.

Are you a Topshop fan? Have you ever used the Personal Shopping service? If so, what were your thoughts on it? Is there anything in Topshop at the moment that you have your eye on? And who wants to see my purchase of the night feature in an outfit post?


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