Friday, 27 May 2016

Soap & Glory Shower Jelly

Despite my affinity for Lush bath bombs, I'm definitely more of a shower person so when I heard that Soap & Glory were adding two new products to their incredible bath and body range, I was definitely intrigued and excited to see what they would be. Imagine how happy I was when I found out that they were introducing two new shower gels or should I say, jellies. Something about them just screams Summer and as the weather has been warmer and sunnier over the past couple of weeks, I've found myself reaching for these every time that I've hopped into the shower recently. So as I've been putting these to the test since their launch, I'm here to share my thoughts on both of them and the shower jelly concept and here they are;

I have a feeling that a lot of you will have clicked onto this particular blog post solely to get your Sugar Crush fix and you'll definitely be happy to find another product added to the lime scented line. I'm a fan of the Sugar Crush scent, as you might have been able to tell if you've been reading Ellis Tuesday for a while and this Sugar Crush shower jelly smells exactly like you'd expect it to; sweet, zingy and fresh. 

The consistency is unlike any other shower gel or shower cream that I've used before and as the name suggests, this really does come out of the tube like jelly. I went through a bit of a phase in my early teens where all I would eat as a snack was strawberry jelly so the Original Pink shower jelly, in particular, certainly takes me back to those days. But what impressed me the most was the fact that both lather up really nicely. Some other shower gels just don't do that and that's why those are ones that I don't repurchase. These on the other hand, I can see as a permanent fixture in my bathroom cabinet for many months and years to come.

Speaking of Original Pink; I think that this might just be my favourite out of the two, solely because I'm all about the Righteous Butter and the Clean On Me range of products. Both shower jellies leave your skin smelling absolutely incredible and of your Soap & Glory scent of choice for a good number of hours and of course, if you follow up your shower with it's sister products, the scent lasts all the longer.

These retail at £5.50 each, which does seem a little bit pricey but that's mainly because I'm the kind of person who begrudges paying any more than £1 for a shower gel normally. I'll definitely be making an exception when it comes to these and as Boots regularly run 3 for 2 deals, it will be nice to receive one or both of these as a little added bonus after buying two other products. 

What do you think of these? Will you be picking one or both of them up when you're next in Boots? Are you more of a bath person or a shower person? And which Soap & Glory scent is your favourite?


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