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Why I'll Miss Having A Forever 21 In Glasgow

Forever 21 Glasgow

I vividly remember the first time that I stumbled across the shopping behemoth that is Forever 21. I was about twelve or thirteen years old and had been let loose in one of the malls in Florida, for the very first time, with my birthday and Christmas money for that year, combined. To say that I went a little crazy on that trip would be a bit of an understatement. I still have some of the pieces from that particular shopping spree, stashed at the bottom of my overstuffed drawers. As someone who exclusively shopped at Primark at that stage, which came with the unfortunate by-product of at least one other person, if not about half of the people in the same vicinity as you, wearing the exact same thing as you. That's when I started saving all of my money from Christmas, my birthday and my Saturday job to spend on my next trip to the US and ultimately; Forever 21. And for a good number of years basically everything that I wore was bought from there. It was like having my very own little secret, one that basically no one knew about or understood, apart from the odd person at my school who went on holiday to the US but even then, they weren't quite as passionate as I was about Forever 21.

In 2013 Forever 21 opened it's first Scottish store in Glasgow. I got the inside scoop as my friend Jess from Uni had just secured herself a part time job there during our final year. Based on what I've written above, you might be able to imagine how excited I was about it's arrival in Scotland. Okay, so I was slightly miffed that Forever 21 wouldn't be my little shopping secret anymore but I was willing to forgo that, knowing that I wouldn't have to wait for my next holiday to Florida to get my Forever 21 fix anymore. If I had been blogging at that point in 2013, rest assured it would have been all that I was talking about, that and my dissertation. Even uttering the word dissertation three years later still makes me shudder so I won't go into any more details about that.

I distinctly remember seeing some of my favourite Scottish bloggers blog about the launch and reading each of their blog posts in complete awe. But nothing could prepare me for how massive the store was in real life. There was no way that I could of made it around the entire store in one shopping trip, particularly as I tried to get my bearings on that first visit. It was honestly the biggest stand-alone shop that I had ever been in and I wasn't sure that I exactly liked how big it was. However, it didn't stop me from visiting the store each and every time that I was up that end of the town.

Despite it's size, I was a huge fan of the way in which the store was laid out. Instead of everything being displayed as it might be in Topshop or H&M, for example, the store was set out in concepts. This meant if all your were looking for was monochrome per se, then all you had to do was head straight to that section. The same could be said for the biggest trends each season. I also definitely appreciated the fact that the store catered for plus size women, men and children, as that certainly can't be said for a lot of major retailers here in the UK or even all Forever 21's in the US. But the one area of the Glasgow store that I will miss the most has to be the accessories hall. I don't think I ever once stepped into the store without leaving with a pair of earrings or ten and at least one necklace.

I know I can still get my Forever 21 fix thanks to their UK website but sometimes you have to see something in person for it to really catch your eye and stock does sell out ever so quickly online. It also means bidding a fond farewell to clicking and collecting my orders too.

Fare thee well Forever 21 Glasgow. I'm really going to miss you. 

Apparently the store closes at the start of May so if you want to experience the Glasgow Forever 21 store one last time, make sure to visit before then. 

If you live in or around Glasgow, will you miss the Forever 21 store? Are you a Forever 21 fan? And what are your favourite shops when it comes to the High Street?


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