Friday, 19 February 2016

The Search For The Perfect Swimsuit

Swimsuit Fashion 2016

As it's only a couple of months until I go on holiday (seven to be precise, but who's counting?) and Spring/Summer collections are starting to make their way into stores, I thought that I would start my search for one of my holiday's key fashion components, which is what inspired today's post. Now swimming costumes or swimsuits aren't always the easiest of things to buy. I tend to find that they're either solely made for sport and not exactly that pleasing on the eye, really mumsy or incredibly plain, none of which particularly appeal to me.

Most years I head to Primark to pick up my swimwear but as their swimming costumes only really come in clothes sizes (ie. a size 12, a size 14, etc.) I tend to find that their costume only fits me in some areas and not others. So this year I've decided to search for a swimming costume, or two, that fit both my bust and my body; a task which admittedly filled me with a bit of dread but I am happy to report that this year I've stumbled across a few that mix fashion and fit and here they are;

And the best thing about treating myself to one from House Of Fraser is the fact that I still have a few Christmas gift cards from there so in essence, it won't really cost me an arm and a leg after all.

Which design is your favourite? I'm torn between the blue and purple Ted Baker suit and the black and white tribal print Seafolly offering. Is anyone else more of a fan of swimsuits rather than bikinis and tankinis? And are you heading anywhere sunny this year?


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