Monday, 1 February 2016

My Birthday Wishlist

2016 Beauty Fashion Wishlist

On the 11th of February, a little over a week, I will be turning 24. As my birthday is only a couple of weeks after Christmas I always tend to struggle to come up with ideas for possible presents and gifts and this year is no different. I've basically asked my parents for a box of chocolates and a DVD, both of which I've featured in today's post but apart from that I don't really need anything in particular. So I thought that I would do a bit of a wishlist to see if it sparked any ideas and it certainly has. As with all wishlists that appear on Ellis Tuesday I in no way expect to receive everything that I've included in this post but I have a feeling that I'll definitely need to treat myself to a couple of things from today's post to ring in another year. But let's get onto the items themselves, here's what's on my wishlist at the moment;

Whistles Abstract Print Shirt (£85) - I've been lusting after one of these shirts from Whistles ever since I first saw Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup wearing her mini loop print version of it. I also spotted that she's bought this gorgeous version of it on her Instagram, which basically sold me on this print right away. It is a little pricey at £85 but it's one of those pieces that I would get so much wear out of, especially with my monochrome obsession.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Blush EDT (£54) - Anyone who's ever seen me rave about the Marc Jacobs Daisy range of fragrances will know just how much I adore these scents. Last year it was all about the limited edition sorbet collection (which I reviewed here) but for 2016 it's all about the blush collection and just how pretty does the range look? I can't wait to go give this a sniff but if it's like any of the other Daisy fragrances, I have a feeling that it will be coming home with me on my next shopping trip.

Oliver Bonas White Marble Make Up Bag (£13.50) - Not that I need another make-up bag but how incredible does this white marble one from Oliver Bonas look?

Laduree Macarons Ballpoint Pen (£13.25) - How adorable is this macarons pen? I always seem to misplace pens (they're a bit like hair bobbles and hair grips; never to be seen again) but I have a feeling that I wouldn't let this particular pen out of my sight if I owned it.

Marks & Spencer Rosie For Autograph Blurred Floral Satin Pyjamas (£35) - It' a bit of a tradition for me to receive a new pair of pyjamas for my birthday and who wouldn't want to receive such a pretty pair of pyjamas? It might still be a bit cold to wear these but I'm already looking forward to the warmer nights.

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Lipstick (£16) - I have a feeling that most of us will have at least one item from the Gwen Stefani for Urban Decay collection on our wishlists right now. Am I right? And the lipsticks in particular have really caught my eye. That and I've heard such glowing reviews of the formula and the colours available. 

Alphabet Bags Meow Much? Coin Purse (£12) - Now this coin purse has been on my wishlist for a good number of years (it might have even been in a previous birthday wishlist post on here) but as it's just went into the sale on the Alphabet Bags website, it kind of feels like a sign to finally buy it, right? And again, it's just so unbelievably cute!

Oliver Bonas Etched Alphabet Necklace (£19.50) - I've definitely been favouring delicate pieces of jewellery in recent months and this letter E necklace is my idea of a dream piece right now. 

Lush Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar (£4.25) - I fell head over heels in love with this bubble bar this time last year and even received two for my 23rd birthday and as it's part of the limited edition Valentine's Day range at Lush it would be rude not pick up a few again this year. I wonder if I'll receive any for this birthday...

Lulu Guinness Lips And Stripes Foldaway Shopper (£39) - Ever since the 5p plastic bag charge came into effect here in Scotland I've lost count of the amount of times that I've forgotten to take bags with me when I go shopping. I absolutely adore the Lulu Guinness lip design and pair that with monochrome polka dots and you've basically got my dream combination. This would be a real treat and it's not really the kind of thing that I would buy for myself, which makes it the perfect kind of birthday gift.

Lush The Comforter Bubble Bar (£4.95) - Can you tell that I'm a fan of the bubble bars at Lush? This has to be my favourite product from their permanent range and I'm all out of it so this had to make it's way onto my wishlist. I might even pick up The Comforter Shower Cream as a bit of an additional birthday treat to myself too.

Legend (£10) - Another birthday tradition is to receive a new DVD release and it just so happens that this year Legend was released a few weeks before my birthday. Who doesn't love Tom Hardy? And to have two of him in one movie, well Happy Birthday to me!

Blog Wonderful (£9.11) - Dana Fox is a blogger that I've followed for many years now and whenever I have issues, such as how to change to a .com or anything design related, I trust and turn to her. Her new book, Blog Wonderful, sounds right up my street and if there's anyone to look to for some blogging hints and tips, it's Dana.

Lindt Lindor Strawberries & Cream (£3.59) - Whilst I'm not the biggest fan of my birthday being as close to Valentine's Day as it is, one of the biggest perks of this is the fact that I can indulge in as many of these gorgeous strawberry and cream flavoured Lindt Lindors as I can humanly consume. Who else shares this thought?

New Look Brown Leopard Print Mini Across Body Bag (£15.99) - I've had my eye on this leopard print cross body bag since well before Christmas and it might be time for me to finally add it to my wardrobe this month. How unique is the style of it and for less than £20 too?

Marks & Spencer Rosie For Autograph Miracle Concealer (£14) - I have a feeling I'm not the only one who's more than a little bit excited about Rosie Huntington-Whiteley debuting a make-up range for M&S. From the rose gold packaging to the impressive selection of products, I can't wait to try out a few of the pieces. The one product that intrigues me the most however, has to be the miracle concealer. Has anyone had a chance to try any of it out yet?

Canon G7X Camera (£379) - Now I know for a fact that this is way out of my birthday budget but if I get any birthday money this year it will definitely be going towards saving for a camera with a flip screen just like the one on this Canon G7X. If YouTube is going to happen this year, I think that having a flip screen will make it so much easier to get started.

So there's my birthday wishlist for this year. What do you think of it? Are there any products in it that you have on your wishlist or have already made sure to pick up? And what are you currently lusting after when it comes to all things fashion, beauty and entertainment?

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