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25 Realistic Goals To Achieve Before I Turn 25

25 Before 25

As I just turned 24 (my birthday was last Thursday), it got me thinking about how close I am to turning 25. Now I'm not one of those people who begroans the fact that they're getting older. You might want to ask me again in a few years though, when the scene might resemble that from Friends when Joey has a bit of a birthday breakdown; 'let the others grow old not me' style. So I thought that I would come up with 25 goals and realistic ones at that, to achieve before my next birthday. I'm hoping to revisit this blog post pretty frequently over the next twelve months to cross off the following goals and here they are;

1 Back up my computer - So I just watched the episode of Sex And The City where Carrie's laptop crashes and she hasn't backed anything up. For some reason that particular episode fills me with fear, mainly because I never back up anything either and the thought of losing everything on my laptop would make me a bit of an emotional mess a la Miss Bradshaw too.
2 Treat myself to a designer handbag - And when I say designer what I actually mean is a slightly more affordable designer handbag. I can already hear Kate Spade New York calling my name.
3 Start YouTube - This will be the year that I finally get around to doing this.
4 Vlog in Florida - This has to be my main motivation for getting YouTube up and running. Not only will it be fantastic to have the footage to look back on but I'd love to share one of my favourite places in the world with you.
Switch banks and bank accounts - At the moment I make absolutely no interest at all on my current account and my savings basically make nothing either so it's about time that I changed that. I'm actually hoping to have accomplished this one by the end of the month so hopefully this will be one of the first goals on my list to be checked off.
Make it down to London for a blog or press event - I'm incredibly grateful to be invited to so many wonderful and really exciting press events down in London each year but as I stay up in Glasgow I never make it down to them. It's not the easiest of journeys to make or the cheapest but it's not impossible. Time to get myself on a train and even spend a few nights down there.
Wake up in time to see a sunrise - This shouldn't be too difficult to achieve when I'm in Florida later in the year. Who else appreciates sunrises and sunsets all the more when they're on holiday? I sure do.
8 Start buying quality instead of quantity - There's a reason that those £5 pair of shoes from Primark only last 5 minutes.
9 Attend the Queen's Garden Party - Now this is a bit of a once in a lifetime opportunity. My Mum has received an invite to the Queen's Garden Party, later in the year, at the request of Nicola Sturgeon (ie. Scotland's First Minister). She's also allowed to bring my Dad, my brother and I, along for the day. I already have my fingers crossed that Prince Harry will at least make a bit of an appearance. Hehe.
10 Learn to make one of my favourite takeaway dishes at home - There was a point in my life, I think I was about 12 years old, where I had nailed the recipe for one of my favourite takeaway dishes; vegetable pakora. Those days are long gone but it's time to rediscover that talent I think.
11 Have an article published - Ideally this will be in print but anything that allows me to add to my writing portfolia is a-OK with me.
12 Exfoliate more - This is one part of my beauty routine that I'm particularly guilty of neglecting. I have keratosis pilaris, which basically means that I have permanent goosebumps on my arms and legs and exfoliating does help to make them less risen and visible yet I know I could and should be doing it more.
13 Host a blog meet-up (or at least help to organise one) - Attending the Scot Blog Meet last summer was so much fun and it was great to meet such a large group of fellow bloggers all in one place. I'd love to help replicate that this year.
14 Sell my prom dress - This is something that I've been meaning to do for years and years and years. My prom was in 2008 and all my dress is doing is taking up valuable space in my wardrobe. Anyone out there looking for an emerald green Coast evening dress who's also a size 12? Hehe.
15 Play tourist in my own city - I've lived in Glasgow all of my life, however there are some touristy areas of the city that even I haven't visited or at least haven't visited since I was at school. I'd love to venture outwith my Glasgow comfort zone, which ties in nicely with the next goal on my list.
16 Explore parts of Glasgow that I've never been to before - It's time to get an all-day ticket for the Subway and hop on and off at each stop to explore more of my city.
17 Stop buying as many notebooks - And the ones that I do own are pretty but not that pretty that they can't actually be written in.
18 Properly clean out my wardrobes and drawers - I tend to say this quite a lot, especially when the seasons are changing but I'm really running out of space, even with two wardrobes and three large sets of drawers. There are t-shirts, jeans and so much more that I haven't worn in at least five years and they need to go.
19 Take any and all unwanted items to a charity shop - And once I've cleaned out my wardrobes and drawers it's time to give them a new home. This is another thing that I keep meaning to do but never get around to so having it as one of my 25 goals should be the kick up the bum that I need.
20 Go to the cinema - This might seem like a bit of a simple goal to achieve but I never go to the cinema anymore. I think the last thing I saw in the cinema was Annabelle and even then that was on a rainy day in Florida. What should I go and see first?
21 Find an alternative to dairy that I actually like - For some terrible reason milk, butter and cheese do not agree with me. Let's finally find something that kind of tastes like my old favourites.
22 Step away from all things digital for 24 hours - I have to admit, I'm constantly glued to my phone or my laptop and as a blogger I sometimes use the fact that I blog as an excuse. Does anyone else do that? It would be nice to take it back to basics and spend a whole day without checking Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Bloglovin' and Buzzfeed on a consant loop.
23 Act like a 5 year old at Disneyworld - You're never too old for Walt Disney World so why not act like someone a fifth of your age (yup that's right, a fifth of your age) and go all out at Disney this year. Bonus points for donning Minnie Mouse ears.
24 Relaunch Ellis Tuesday - Okay, so technically I only relaunched Ellis Tuesday last June and I absolutely love my current template and blog branding but I've got a couple of ideas in mind for later in the year to give my blog a bit of an update and to maybe streamline it a little. Is anyone else as restless as I am when it comes to the look of their blog? Although, having said that, my blog has only had three templates in a little over 2 years so that's not too bad, now is it?
25 Finally learn to drive - And last but not least, the one goal of mine that has thus alluded me. I haven't sat in the driver's seat since I was 17, which rather worryingly was 7 years ago. I keep saying 'one day I'll get around to it again' and never do but I really do need to at least give it a try once more.

So there we have it; the 25 goals that I have until February 11th 2017 to achieve. All I can say is, wish me luck! 

How many of them do you think I'll actually tick off of this list? And do you have any goals that you've been meaning to achieve?


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