Friday, 29 January 2016

Sharing The Blog Love This January

It's that time of the month again and the first time in 2016, where I share some of my favourite blog posts from the month that has passed and here they are today;

A Night In New York - It wouldn't be a Sharing The Blog Love post without me at least mentioning New York, now would it? Well the first of the two fantastic New York related blog posts in this month's post comes courtesy of Carrie. Her photography for this blog post alone makes me want to finally just take the plunge and book a trip to NYC right now! Christmas in New York is something that I definitely want to experience at least once in my life but until then I'll just need to experience it vicariously through Carrie's 'Night In New York'.

Postcards Of New York - As I mentioned, as if one brilliant New York post wasn't enough, Sarah's shared her trip to the Big Apple and again the photographs are stunning. There's also an appearance of a squirrel or several which instantly made me smile and who wouldn't want to visit when everything's all festive and sparkly?

Blogosphere Magazine Issue 7 Launch - After being invited along to this very launch party, as I wrote one of the feature articles in the issue, and being unable to make it down to London for it, it was great to see what I missed out on thanks to this fantastic post. It looks like it was a great night and it would have been absolutely fantastic to meet cover girl Samanatha Maria and some of the other contributors. Hopefully I'll be able to make it down for a future launch.

Disney Haul - Surely I can't be the only one who regularly leaves Primark with quite a few Disney products? Whether it's cosy pyjamas, socks or slippers, I seem to be amassing quite the Disney collection despite being almost 24 years old. But how can you resist when you see them there right in front of you? Ionna's haul is one to really lust after.

How To Attract, Improve And Maintain Relationships With PRs - I always find it incredibly helpful to read posts like these especially when the blogger behind them has experience in the field that they're offering up tips on. I've been really lucky to work with Stephanie, as a blogger collaborating with a PR but I've also read her blog for years now too. If you're looking to engage more with PRs this year then this is a must read for anyone wanting to do just that.

Kikki.K: My New Stationery Obsession: Kikki.K are a brand that I've only recently discovered as a result of many of you recommending it to me on Twitter and Carrie has made me realise that not only do I want a few pieces but I basically need them. Hehe. The mindfulness journal and copper pot really are right up my street and I think that I might just need to bite the bullet and add these to my life as soon as I possibly can. How much stationery does a girl need? Well in my case, it appears that the answer is a lot.

Free Weekly Blog Planner Printable - And last but certainly not least, Gillian has created the perfect weekly blogger planner and the best thing about it; it's free. Whilst I do like to plan out my blog posts for the month in advance and have to-do lists written all over the place, this planner combines a whole lot of planning onto one page. I also love the fact that it has lists for social media and emails as those are both aspects of blogging that I don't always remember to write down to remind myself to do but really should.

What blogs and blog posts have you really enjoyed reading this month? Are there any blogs that you've discovered recently that you would like to share? And what blog posts do you have planned for the upcoming month/months?


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