Sunday, 31 January 2016

My Boots & Me

Perfect Pair of Over The Knee Boots

Despite being someone who only ever buys and wears ankle boots, for months now I've had my eye on a pair of over the knee boots. The only problem was, I couldn't find a single pair that I liked. They were either too baggy around my legs, made of a weird material or came with a stiletto heel. So I had pretty much given up all hope of ever finding a pair until, yet again, New Look came to my rescue.

As soon as I saw them online I knew that I'd hit the over the knee boot jackpot and at just £44.99 I couldn't believe how perfect they looked. They also come in a burgundy shade, which have just went into the sale for £18. Talk about a bargain! 

They're made of the softest suedette fabric and they fit like a dream. The heel is also one that I can actually comfortably walk in, which isn't something that can be said for all boots and they just add so much to an outfit. I also love the addition of a zip as it makes it so much easier to pull them on and off with that little bit of extra room.

How To Style Over The Knee Boots

I absolutely adore the way that they look with skinny jeans or even tights or leggings underneath and as they are such a statement piece I've been keeping it simple with what I've been wearing them with. I thought that I would pair them with a pair of grey denims and on top; a black jumper and my heavy Winter coat. I would have done a full outfit post but it was far too cold to even contemplate unbuttoning my coat, to be honest.

I've now finally been able to throw out my old and battered pair of Primark ankle boots (pictured above) that I've brought out every Winter for a good few years now. And now that I've found my dream pair of over the knee boots, I think it will be some time before I go back to my trusty ankle boots.

What do you think of them? Are you a fan of over the knee boots? If so, like me, have you previously struggled to find your perfect pair? And what style of boots are your favourite to wear in the colder months?


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