Saturday, 12 December 2015

Blogmas Day 12: Create Your Own Gift With The Body Shop

The Body Shop Gift Box

When I'm in doubt about what to buy for someone one of the first places that I head to is The Body Shop and this Christmas they are taking gifting to a whole new level with their 'Create Your Own Gift' service. All you have to do is fill a box, bowl or bag with the products of your choice and someone will be on hand to help you fill it. It's such a great way to really personalise your present without having spent months planning it. It also means that you don't have to try and individually wrap some oddly shaped products either. I have a feeling that anyone who's tried to wrap something that isn't rectangular will be with me there.

So here's the gift box that I filled up and the festive products that quickly made their way into it.

The Body Shop Frosted Plum

What immediately caught my eye when I first stepped into the store was the Frosted Plum collection. This brand new limited edition collection smells just as good as you would imagine it to. I just had to pick out a few Frosted Plum pieces to add to my gift box so I plumped for the Frosted Plum Sugar Scrub*, Frosted Plum Bath Fizzers* and a Frosted Plum Lip Balm* so as to make sure to stock up on the scent until next Christmas.

Then, right next to the Frosted Plum section, I spotted a firm favourite fragrance from last year; Frosted Cranberry. Again, this is a limited edition scent so I was happy to see it's return. Just as I was ready to pick up a body lotion I saw something that I definitely wasn't expecting to see in The Body Shop; A CANDLE! As I looked around dazed and confused one of the shop assistants stopped to let me know that not only have they brought out a Frosted Cranberry Candle* but they also have a Frosted Plum Candle and a Glazed Apple Candle too. This was very exciting news, to say the least and at £10 a piece I was certainly tempted to grab all three.

The Body Shop Christmas Makeup

My gaze was then caught by two gorgeous eyeshadow palettes in silver and gold. The two brand new palettes are simply stunning and that good that I felt both were needed in my make-up collection. 

The Body Shop Makeup Review

The Grooving Gold Eyeshadow Palette* comprises of warm berry shades, whilst the Swinging Silver Eyeshadow Palette* is made up of cool blue tones and they're priced are £16 each.

The Body Shop Coconut Treats

And last but not least I added two little gifts that would make perfect Stocking Fillers or Secret Santa gifts to my gift box. Who doesn't love their Coconut scent? Well this Coconut Treats* set comes complete with a Coconut shower cream, a Coconut body milk and a mini bath lily, all for £6. It also has a little ribbon atop it which would make it the ideal Christmas tree decoration too. 

The Body Shop Sponge Christmas

And as soon as I saw this adorable Owl Sponge* and it's £4 price tag I knew that it would have to come home with me. They also have a Robin Sponge and a Bear Sponge too and again, I was beyond tempted to pick up all of them.

Haven't The Body Shop just hit it out of the park this Christmas or what? Which product in today's post looks like it could be your favourite? And what do you think of the 'Create Your Own Gift' idea?

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