Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Sharing The Blog Love This October

Blogger Shares Blog Recommendations

It's that time again where I share some of my favourite blog posts from the month that has passed and here they are today.

The Perfume Shop's Christmas Press Show - As I mentioned in last month's Sharing The Blog Love post, I'm a big fan of reading about blog events and the only thing that I love more than regular blog event posts are ones of the Christmas variety. I actually have a post on a Lush Christmas blog event that I went to last week in the works for anyone else who enjoys a good blog event post so be sure to keep an eye out for that once it goes live. Lottie also now has me lusting after so many different perfumes as a result of reading this blog post, specifically Marc Jacobs Decadance and the new Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream incarnation. Can you tell that I quite like Marc Jacobs fragrances? Hehe.

New Shoe Lovin' - I have to admit it, my favourite place to buy shoes especially those of the flat variety, has to be Topshop even if my bank balance doesn't exactly thank me for it. Thanks to Hannah I've got two more pairs to add to my ever growing Topshop shoe wishlist. Both pairs are absolutely stunning and perfect for someone such as myself who's a big fan of everything monochrome.

Finding Your Blogging Voice - First of all, if you haven't checked out Charlotte's blog or her YouTube channel then you are seriously missing out and this blog post just highlights why I enjoy her content so much. When I first started Ellis Tuesday I felt like I had to write about beauty and nothing else for it to be a consistent read but boy was I wrong. Now my blog, as it's hopefully apparent, comprises of everything that I love and that's not just constrained to one topic or theme. Nothing makes me happier than sharing my Orlando, Florida Travel Tips, what I've been buying or writing about the movies and TV shows that I've been watching and I wouldn't have it any other way now. I feel like I have my own blogging voice and hopefully you feel the same way when reading Ellis Tuesday.

They See Me Haulin': What I Bought At The Crabtree Valley Mall - I had the pleasure of seeing Lis at the Lush event that I mentioned above and this post of hers certainly caught my eye this month. I have a feeling that every month I've shared the blog love I've also shared a whole lot of American haul posts as people jet off to the US and bring back lots of amazing goodies. I could live up to my name of 'Jealous Ellis' (hey, it's the only word, well apart from zealous, that actually rhymes with my name) after seeing what Lis picked up. And how adorable are the newly designed Bath & Body Works Pocketbacs?

Top Of The Rock: NYC - You've probably heard me mention on more than one occassion just how much I would love to visit New York (anyone fancy coming with me?) so anytime that an NYC specific blog post pops up on my Bloglovin' feed I just have to read it. Libby really captured some aweinspiring photographs of New York from above and I think that she has even persuaded me, if and when I do eventually visit, to forgo the Empire State Building and head straight to The Top Of The Rock. I mean just look at how spectacular the views are!

5 Big Fears of Jumping from Blogging To YouTube (and how to get over them) - If you happen to follow me on Twitter then you will probably have heard me say that I've been thinking about starting a YouTube channel for months and months now and yet there's not been a single video made (yet). Well I think that Sophie might have finally given me the push that I so desperately needed to finally sit down and start filming. This is such a great read if you're in a similar predicament to me (ie. want to start a YouTube but have no idea how to/if it's something that will work). Let's see how I get on...

What blogs and blog posts have you really enjoyed reading this month? Are there any blogs that you've discovered recently that you would like to share? And what blog posts do you have planned for the upcoming month/months?


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