Friday, 30 October 2015

Getting Prepared For A Halloween Movie Night

If you've been reading Ellis Tuesday for a little while now then you'll probably know exactly how much I love watching movies. Saying that, it has been a while since I last shared 'What I've Been Watching' so I think that I might need to bring back that series even if it's not on a monthly basis. Let me know what you think about that one. And since the horror genre has got to be my very favourite, even if not all horror movies are exactly made the same, Halloween is all about the scary movies for me. There have been plenty of great horrors, ones that I don't own on DVD, on TV this week too and there are even more showing on Halloween night itself.

Last Halloween I shared some of my favourite movies to watch in the run up to Halloween and on the night itself but this year I thought that I would take my love for horror movies and Halloween one step further and invite you to join me to see just how I prepare for Halloween movie nights.

In preparation for the month of October/after a pretty epic trip to our local Yankee Candle store, me and my mum went a little cat crazy. Our question to ourselves was how many cat candle holders are too many? Well, I think that we might have reached that limit but hey ho! We've also been loving the limited edition Candy Corn fragrance. It's one that you should definitely check out the next time you're out shopping.

I've also sprinkled a few of the incredible Vampire Kiss nails* from Elegant Touch to add a bit of extra decoration to the setup today but I will certainly be getting them glued on this weekend to take my spook factor to the next level. All we need now are the snacks...

What do you tend to do for Halloween? Are you doing anything Halloween related this weekend? And what are your favourite Halloween/scary movies?


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