Friday, 30 October 2015

Getting Prepared For A Halloween Movie Night

If you've been reading Ellis Tuesday for a little while now then you'll probably know exactly how much I love watching movies. Saying that, it has been a while since I last shared 'What I've Been Watching' so I think that I might need to bring back that series even if it's not on a monthly basis. Let me know what you think about that one. And since the horror genre has got to be my very favourite, even if not all horror movies are exactly made the same, Halloween is all about the scary movies for me. There have been plenty of great horrors, ones that I don't own on DVD, on TV this week too and there are even more showing on Halloween night itself.

Last Halloween I shared some of my favourite movies to watch in the run up to Halloween and on the night itself but this year I thought that I would take my love for horror movies and Halloween one step further and invite you to join me to see just how I prepare for Halloween movie nights.

In preparation for the month of October/after a pretty epic trip to our local Yankee Candle store, me and my mum went a little cat crazy. Our question to ourselves was how many cat candle holders are too many? Well, I think that we might have reached that limit but hey ho! We've also been loving the limited edition Candy Corn fragrance. It's one that you should definitely check out the next time you're out shopping.

I've also sprinkled a few of the incredible Vampire Kiss nails* from Elegant Touch to add a bit of extra decoration to the setup today but I will certainly be getting them glued on this weekend to take my spook factor to the next level. All we need now are the snacks...

What do you tend to do for Halloween? Are you doing anything Halloween related this weekend? And what are your favourite Halloween/scary movies?


Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Sharing The Blog Love This October

Blogger Shares Blog Recommendations

It's that time again where I share some of my favourite blog posts from the month that has passed and here they are today.

The Perfume Shop's Christmas Press Show - As I mentioned in last month's Sharing The Blog Love post, I'm a big fan of reading about blog events and the only thing that I love more than regular blog event posts are ones of the Christmas variety. I actually have a post on a Lush Christmas blog event that I went to last week in the works for anyone else who enjoys a good blog event post so be sure to keep an eye out for that once it goes live. Lottie also now has me lusting after so many different perfumes as a result of reading this blog post, specifically Marc Jacobs Decadance and the new Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream incarnation. Can you tell that I quite like Marc Jacobs fragrances? Hehe.

New Shoe Lovin' - I have to admit it, my favourite place to buy shoes especially those of the flat variety, has to be Topshop even if my bank balance doesn't exactly thank me for it. Thanks to Hannah I've got two more pairs to add to my ever growing Topshop shoe wishlist. Both pairs are absolutely stunning and perfect for someone such as myself who's a big fan of everything monochrome.

Finding Your Blogging Voice - First of all, if you haven't checked out Charlotte's blog or her YouTube channel then you are seriously missing out and this blog post just highlights why I enjoy her content so much. When I first started Ellis Tuesday I felt like I had to write about beauty and nothing else for it to be a consistent read but boy was I wrong. Now my blog, as it's hopefully apparent, comprises of everything that I love and that's not just constrained to one topic or theme. Nothing makes me happier than sharing my Orlando, Florida Travel Tips, what I've been buying or writing about the movies and TV shows that I've been watching and I wouldn't have it any other way now. I feel like I have my own blogging voice and hopefully you feel the same way when reading Ellis Tuesday.

They See Me Haulin': What I Bought At The Crabtree Valley Mall - I had the pleasure of seeing Lis at the Lush event that I mentioned above and this post of hers certainly caught my eye this month. I have a feeling that every month I've shared the blog love I've also shared a whole lot of American haul posts as people jet off to the US and bring back lots of amazing goodies. I could live up to my name of 'Jealous Ellis' (hey, it's the only word, well apart from zealous, that actually rhymes with my name) after seeing what Lis picked up. And how adorable are the newly designed Bath & Body Works Pocketbacs?

Top Of The Rock: NYC - You've probably heard me mention on more than one occassion just how much I would love to visit New York (anyone fancy coming with me?) so anytime that an NYC specific blog post pops up on my Bloglovin' feed I just have to read it. Libby really captured some aweinspiring photographs of New York from above and I think that she has even persuaded me, if and when I do eventually visit, to forgo the Empire State Building and head straight to The Top Of The Rock. I mean just look at how spectacular the views are!

5 Big Fears of Jumping from Blogging To YouTube (and how to get over them) - If you happen to follow me on Twitter then you will probably have heard me say that I've been thinking about starting a YouTube channel for months and months now and yet there's not been a single video made (yet). Well I think that Sophie might have finally given me the push that I so desperately needed to finally sit down and start filming. This is such a great read if you're in a similar predicament to me (ie. want to start a YouTube but have no idea how to/if it's something that will work). Let's see how I get on...

What blogs and blog posts have you really enjoyed reading this month? Are there any blogs that you've discovered recently that you would like to share? And what blog posts do you have planned for the upcoming month/months?


Sunday, 25 October 2015

My Autumn/Winter Room Tour

Autumn/Winter Room Tour

Since you really seemed to enjoy my last room tour and my Autumn/Winter homeware wishlist, I thought that I would combine the two to bring you my Autumn/Winter room tour.

In my Autumn/Winter homeware wishlist I did feature quite a few pieces from Asda's George Home collection and as if that selection wasn't impressive enough Asda have recently curated several beautiful trend collections influenced by world travels. As soon as I saw the Luna collection I was immediately won over and began adding to my online shopping basket at a pretty alarming rate. And who could blame me when the Luna collection consists of basically everything that I love, homeware wise or otherwise, such as copper (I mean just look at that copper vase*!), shades of grey (not of the E.L. James variety of course) and faux furs. The range instantly reminded me of all things Nordic and when you spend as much time as I do on Pinterest pinning Scandinavian home decor setups and a whole lot of coppery goodness to your aptly named Home Decor board, to find that I could actually add some similar pieces for a couple of pounds from Asda honestly blew me away.

Asda George Home Bedding

When it comes to affordable bedding Asda has always been my first port of call (the quality is far superior to places like Primark despite being basically the exact same price). Even the bedding in my last room tour was from Asda (and it's still in stock if it took your fancy).

I love the coppery typography on this Wild Woods duvet set* and it certainly ties in with the rest of the Luna range. Basically if you're having a bit of a copper or rose gold moment, especially when it comes to homeware, then you are going to adore the Luna range. As you might remember, the Shine Like The Stars cushion* featured in my Autumn/Winter homeware wishlist and for good reason. It really does look fantastic against the duvet set and adds something really special to my bed without it feeling like it's been taken over by a hundred and one cushions and pillows.

Why Not Me? Mindy Kaling Review

And now that the nights are getting that much colder, I've been spending most of them curled up in bed with this fantastically snug and soft faux fur throw* wrapped around me. It is literally the cosiest throw that I have ever owned and it's one of those fabrics that you really have to feel to believe. And an early night curled up in bed isn't complete without a good book and that's where Mindy Kaling's Why Not Me? has been the perfect accompaniment. Mindy is basically my spirit animal!

Copper Homeware

And gracing the little shelf above my bed are even more copper pieces. I finally have a place to put all of my important letters, you know the ones that you need for an appointment or something and then they mysteriously disappear never to be seen again, now that I have a letter rack*. And all of my most worn jewellery and hair pieces now have a place too in my copper trinket box*. You might also spot four beauty related items on my shelf (five if you include my personalised tub of The Righteous Butter). These should give you a little clue as to what next Sunday's big giveaway is going to be all about. What do you think?

Copper Light Fixture

I've also finally replaced my old light fixture with a shiny new copper one. For some reason or another lighting was not on my side when attempting to photograph my copper effect drum light shade* but the inside of it is lined in a spectacular silver holographic material, meaning that my room has never been brighter when the light is on. Again, if you're looking for a copper light fixture then Asda is where it's at.

Asda George Home Haul

So what do you think of my Autumn/Winter room tour? Would you like to see another one when I have all of my Christmas decorations etc. up? And how do you decorate your bedroom/rooms during the Autumn/Winter months? Have you bought any new pieces to do so this year?


Friday, 23 October 2015

One Of My Favourite Haunts In Glasgow

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum Floating Heads

When Travelodge asked me to share a place with real sentimental value from my hometown of Glasgow as part of their #FlauntYourHaunt campaign, the first place that sprung to mind was Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. Whenever anyone is visiting Glasgow it's somewhere that I always recommend visiting. Not only is it an absolutely stunning building, which honestly takes your breath away, that's packed with spectacular art, artifacts and exhibits but it also holds some great memories for me. 

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum Blog

Every time that I visit and smell that familiar smell I'm instantly transported back in time to my childhood. Every single school holiday, without fail, my dad would take me and my brother to basically every art gallery and museum that Glasgow had to offer at the time. And whilst the Transport Museum (which closed in 2010, with most of the pieces being relocated to the Riverside Museum now) was definitely my favourite as a child, Kelvingrove still continues to have a special place in my heart. However, saying that, as I've grown up I've learned to appreciate the place and the pieces within it that little bit more but again it still reminds me of school trips taken to seek inspiration for a whole host of different art projects and folio pieces.

Places to visit in Glasgow

Another reason that I tend to gravitate towards Kelvingrove is due to the surrounding area. There are plenty of fantastic restaurants (Bothy, Hillhead Book Club and Hanoi Bike Shop are all well worth a visit), cafes (you just have to visit The University Cafe for an ice cream on a sunny day), and shops, making it the perfect recipe for a day out in Glasgow. You're also literally minutes from other iconic Glasgow landmarks such as Oran Mor, Ashton Lane and the Botanic Gardens. And the great thing is, it's so easy to make your way over to the West End to take all of this in. There are actually three Subway stations, all within walking distance of Kelvingrove and the subsequent places mentioned in today's post. And if you're visiting Glasgow the Glasgow Subway system will seriously become your new best friend whilst you're there. I don't know if you've seen the map of the system if you're not from here but unlike the tangle of the Paris and New York systems it just goes round in one big circle which means it's pretty difficult to get too lost.

Have you ever visited Glasgow before? If so, what were your favourite places to visit? What would you say is your favourite haunt in your hometown? And would you like to see more posts dedicated to my best picks of places to visit in and around Glasgow?


Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Look Fantastic Beauty Box No.1 (October 2015)

Look Fantastic Beauty Box Review Blog

With last month marking the birthday of the Look Fantastic Beauty Box, the #LFBeautyBox is back with some absolutely incredible brands and products enclosed within a brand new design. I do have to admit, I wasn't sure if they would be able to top their Birthday box but boy did they prove me wrong. Without a doubt, this is my favourite edition of the #LFBeautyBox and I couldn't wait to share my thoughts on it with you today.

Look Fantastic Beauty Box No.1 Review

The first product to catch my eye, when I opened up the gorgeous new box design, was the Volumising No Oil Oil from Percy & Reed. Percy & Reed are a brand that I've wanted to try for quite some time now but for some reason or another just hadn't got around to. Well after putting the No Oil Oil to the test I will most definitely be dabbling with their range as soon as I possibly can. If the rest of the range smells as good as this product and works as well as this did, I have a feeling that I might have found a new brand to become obsessed with. Then I saw some brands that I know and love. Nuxe's Reve De Miel Hand & Nail Cream is already a firm favourite of mine and one of the best hand creams on the market, in my opinion and MONU are a brand that always seem to impress me, even if they did just appear in last month's box. And talking of repetition, Balance Me appear yet again. You might remember me mentioning in previous reviews that Balance Me are a brand which pop up a bit too often for my liking in beauty boxes but even I can't complain when it's to bring me a product like this face mask. It's definitely impressed me thus far, even if the brand itself makes an appearance more than I'd like. But back to the rest of the box.

I was also so excited to see both Murad and Elemis included in the No.1 box. As much as I enjoy discovering new brands as a result of them being included in beauty boxes, it's always great to see some well recognised and big brands feature. I'll be putting these two products to the test in the upcoming weeks, so you can expect a mini review on social media when I do. And last but not least, another brand that I've been meaning to try out; Look Good Feel Better. So to see one of their fantastic brushes and an eye shading one at that, instantly put a smile on my face. This brush is just so soft.

All I can really say is wow! What on earth is box No.2 going to include next month?! I can barely contain myself.

What do you think of this month's Look Fantastic Box? Have you tried any of the brands or products included in this month's box before? And what do you think of the new design?


Sunday, 18 October 2015

The My Body Philosophy Campaign & Giveaway With Bio-Oil

Bio-Oil Body Philosophy Campaign

Throughout my teenage years my self-esteem and body confidence were at an all time low and I guess it all started during puberty. My weight would go up and down and as my body started to transition from a child to a teenager there were some very visible signs, or at least visible to me, of that happening. This was particularly true around my midsection where more incredibly angry looking bright purple stretch marks than I could count appeared almost overnight. I turned to my mum, who had never seen anything like them in her life nor had she really experienced any significant stretch marks when she was carrying me or my brother, who suggested trying Bio-Oil. And from then on Bio-Oil has been my go-to product for many different reasons. So I can safely say that I've been putting it to the test for almost a decade now (gosh that makes me feel old! Hehe).

No matter what weight I was or what dress size I fit into I always felt 'fat'. And it really does sadden me to look back at photographs of myself at those ages only to ask myself what on earth I was thinking. When I was in high school, I'm 23 now just for reference, most of my body comparison was to celebrities in magazines (this was the era when celebrities such as Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton and their pals seemed to be getting smaller and smaller by the second) and my peers (who for some reason I always thought were prettier, skinnier and better than me, even though we were all wearing the same Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation and spritzing ourselves in Impulse body spray but hindsight is a wonderful thing I guess). I can only imagine the pressure on young girls and teenagers now.

Body Gossip Body Campaign Bio-Oil

It probably took until my late teens, around the age of eighteen or nineteen before something clicked body confidence wise and I just thought to myself 'this is me, this is what I look like and what's the point in comparing myself to anyone else'. It did mean however, that during the period of my life when I should have been living life to the fullest and exploring who I was (aka. my teenage years), I spent it constantly worried about my body and my weight. I only wish that I had heard something along the lines of RuPaul's famous line,
'if you can't love yourself how the hell you gonna love somebody else!' Can I get an amen?!

Well Bio-Oil have teamed up with body confidence charity Body Gossip to fund a roadshow of body confidence performance projects in schools. And that's why Bio-Oil got in touch with me to ask if I would like to help them form the basis of the Body Gossip workshops with the help of you. The only mandatory entry for this giveaway is to leave a comment below to share your one piece of body confidence boosting advice.

Bio-Oil Review Giveaway

And here are the rules:
This giveaway is open to UK residents only.
There will be five winners. Each winner will win a 60ml bottle of Bio-Oil.
There is one mandatory entry: leave a comment below with your one piece of body confidence boosting advice.
The giveaway will run for exactly two weeks, so it will end on Sunday 1st of November at midnight.
I will be picking my five favourite pieces of body confidence boosting advice. The winner will then have 48 hours to send me over their details or I will pick another winner. The prize will then be issued by Bio-Oil.

Best of luck to everyone who is planning on entering! And if you've not already entered and like a good giveaway, My Partylite Halloween Candle Giveaway ends tonight at midnight.


Friday, 16 October 2015

Degustabox: September Box (With Exclusive £6 Off Discount Code)

Degustabox September Box 2015

It's that time of the month again where I share my thoughts on this month's Degustabox. As with every Degustabox review that I do, I have a fantastic and exclusive discount code for you to use to take a massive £6 off (in previous months it had been £3 off) the £12.99 price tag. All you have to do is enter the code BLDEG15 when you register. 

So what exactly does the September box comprise of, well let's see;

Degustabox Review

From left to right: Kent's Kitchen Spicy Szechuan Posh Noodles - Bassetts Jelly Babies Berry Mix - Mallow And Marsh Raspberry Marshmallows - Maynards Wine Gums Red N' Black - Compete Mocha Flavour Energy Bites - Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Degustabox 2015 Review

From left to right: Sweet Sally Winter Spice American Southern Tea - Up & Go Chocolate - The Good Cider Pear - Up & Go Vanilla - The Good Cider Apple - The Olive Shop Extra Virgin Olive Oil

As with every Degustabox, that I have had the pleasure of trying and reviewing, there truly is something for everyone (especially as me and my family share the contents). And on top of that, we've discovered some great new products, ones that we will surely be repurchasing from now on.

For us the biggest hits of the September Box came from The Good Cider. Both were incredibly tasty and the quality was unlike any other that we've tried in the past. When it comes to our cider buying habits we tend to always opt for our fail-safe brand, which just so happens to be Kopparberg but we'll definitely now be picking up our ciders from The Good Cider. And the inclusion of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups was welcomed with open arms, as were the other sweet treats. The Mallow And Marsh Marshmallows and the Red N' Black Wine Gums from Maynards were both brilliant and disappeared from the box almost instantaneously, as did the Jelly Babies Berry Mix. But that Berry Mix of Jelly Babies brings me onto something slightly disheartening about September's box.

Much like last month's box (review here), we have product repetition once again. Both the Kent's Kitchen Posh Noodles and the Bassetts Jelly Babies Berry Mix appeared in the March box (review here), which was certainly a little disappointing. I was hoping that it was a bit of a blip that last month there were product repeats but it looks as though this might be becoming a monthly thing (I can only hope not). What has impressed me the most thus far about Degustabox is the fact that not only do you get a great range of products for your money but that you also get to try brand new products, exclusives and things that you would never have picked up yourself whilst out shopping. Products appearing more than once in subsequent boxes kind of detracts from all that for me.

So what do you think of this month's box? Have you tried any of the products featured in September's box before?


Sunday, 11 October 2015

Michael Kors Gold Fragrance Collection

Michael Kors Gold Perfumes

Anyone who knows me can attest to how much I adore all things Michael Kors. From watching him critique new designers on Project Runway (who else used to watch that show when it aired here in the UK?) to spending hours and hours in his stand alone stores and department stores both here and in the US, perusing his watches, handbags, shoes and cosmetics, I'm definitely a fan. If you happened to read my Florida Fashion Haul post this time last year then you might remember that I made two amazing new additions to my existing MK collection with my Mini Selmas. I also absolutely love the Glam Jasmine scent, which I've featured a couple of times on here in the past, so when I saw that three brand new Michael Kors fragrances had been released I was very, very excited, to say the least.

The Gold Fragrance Collection comprises of three unique scents, each of which are so unbelievably striking. And talk about incredible packaging! I mean, just look at how stunning the bottles and even the boxes which house them look. And as soon as I saw the packaging it truly was love at first sight, plus I bet you can guess which one I was transfixed with straight away. You guessed it, the rose gold. And as if the packaging wasn't exquisite and wonderful enough, the scents themselves are unlike any that I've ever smelt before.

24K Brilliant Gold* - I have a feeling that if you're buying perfume for a loved one this Christmas or for any other special upcoming occasion, this particular one will be a surefire hit. It's fruity yet floral which is always a winning combination for me, yet it's incredibly rich without being too overpowering either. The top note is mandarin orange (a favourite of mine), with floral and woody notes to compliment it too.

White Luminous Gold - With top notes of pear, middle notes of jasmine and base notes of amber, White Luminous Gold certainly smells like an oriental/exotic floral scent to me. Even though it's a base note, if you're a fan of amber based scents then this will be the one for you as it really shines through as a standout fragrance in this perfume.

Rose Radiant Gold* - After being won over by the packaging, as I imagine many of us will be, this, again for me, feels like the most nighttime appropriate of the three fragrances in the Gold Collection. It's spicy yet floral but with a hint of musk that gives it that sexy and seductive feel.

Michael Kors Gold Fragrance Collection

As I always say when it comes to my fragrance and perfume reviews, it is pretty tricky to capture and convey exactly how a scent smells via a computer screen, so I would definitely recommend making a trip to your local fragrance counter to test these out for yourself. I've got a pretty good feeling that you won't regret it at all. Plus who doesn't want to check out the fragrance and beauty departments in the run up to Christmas? I certainly get far too hyped up by all of the great gift sets and new releases at this time of year. And these are seriously well worth adding to your Christmas list this year. I know it's only October but surely it isn't too early to be thinking up our Christmas lists now is it?

The three fragrances are available in 30ml (RRP £39), 50ml (RRP £58) and 100ml (RRP £79) bottles, of which both the 50ml and the 100ml bottles have been featured today.

So what do you think of the Michael Kors Gold Fragrance Collection? Which one looks and sounds like it might be your favourite? Have you given any of these a sniff when you've been out shopping yet? And are you a fan of the Michael Kors brand?

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Friday, 9 October 2015

My Search For The Perfect Pair Of Winter Wellies

Joules Wellies

Every year as the cold Winter weather starts to roll in I inevitably wear a pair of impractical and pretty flimsy shoes or boots out in the rain, sleet or snow and after that said shoes or boots are a complete right off. My feet get soaked and what makes it even worse, especially if I'm wearing a pair of cosy socks, is that squelching sound. You know the one. Well every year I vow that next Winter I'm going to finally buy a pair of boots or even wellies that don't result in that happening but then I go shopping and find that the task isn't exactly the easiest. Normally the only wellies that I find on the High Street are either incredibly gharish (I don't know about you but I don't exactly want to wear highlighter neon yellow wellies with my Autumn/Winter outfits) or they're a bit too industrial/farmer-like for my liking.

But just when I thought that I would have to go without a pair that I actually liked the look of for another year, the lovely folks over at Outdoor and Country got in touch to ask if I would like to check out their new Autumn/Winter ranges, specifically their Joules wellies and write about them on here. It was then that I immediately knew that the search for the perfect pair of wellies was over. Not only that but I actually had too many incredible pairs and designs to choose from. So I thought that I would share a few of my favourites with you as well as the pair that I think I'm going to have to treat myself and my feet to this year. How adorable are the ones with the little doggies on them?

What kind of footwear do you wear in the colder Autumn/Winter months? Have you found your perfect Winter boot yet? And what do you think of the selection of boots and designs that I've included?


Tuesday, 6 October 2015

My Orlando, Florida Travel Tips: Halloween

Halloween in Orlando, Florida Tips

When it comes to Halloween the Americans and in particular the Floridian theme parks sure know how to go all out for it so I thought that I would dedicate today's Orlando, Florida Travel Tips post to what's on offer Halloween-wise in and around Orlando and I'm already a little jealous of anyone visiting during the month of October. Depending on who you're on holiday with, there are plenty of options, both in the family friendly realm and for the adults. And as I mentioned, the theme parks really know how to do Halloween on a whole different scale from anything that you will probably have experienced before and not only that but there are so many different attractions, shows and scares to be had. So let's get right into it and start with the one of the longest running and most scare-inducing events held in Orlando for Halloween; HHN (Halloween Horror Nights).

Halloween Horror Nights 25

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando
Select nights September 18th - November 1st

Halloween Horror Nights has been a Halloween highlight for 25 years now and there's nothing quite like wandering around Universal Studios as the Floridian sun starts to set and you see and feel the park completely transform before your very eyes. Let's just say, if you're a fan of horror movies or getting a good fright then HHN is the Halloween event for you.

HHN25 Orlando

This year, for HHN 25, there are brilliant haunted houses featuring some of the biggest names in horror. There's The Walking Dead, Insidious, Freddy Vs Jason, The Purge, Body Collectors, Asylum in Wonderland 3D and An American Werewolf in London. And as a big Insidious fan I am insanely jealous of anyone who gets to make their way through that house. I've just got my fingers crossed that it makes a return for HHN 26 as I will be visiting Orlando myself next October.

As always for Universal Studios, the level of detail and the way in which they stage everything is impeccable. To say that it feels quite unbelievable to be walking through Universal to be met with hordes of mutants, monsters and maniacs, would be a definite understatement. You really do feel like you've stepped onto the set of your favourite horror movie but it's even better and much scarier than when you're sat in the comfort of your own home or a cinema.

In addition to the haunted houses there are also five scare zones dotted around the park. And they really have nailed the description when calling them scare zones as I challenge you to walk through one without jumping, screaming or shrieking (or all three at once). This year's scare zones include characters from the Shadybrook Asylum, the All Nite Die-In, as well as some of HHN's Icons.

Halloween The Carnage Returns Universal

Universal Studios are also renowned for their great shows and there are two fantastic ones on offer this Halloween. Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure and The Carnage Returns, which just so happens to feature a terrifying clown named Jack. If you happen to have a fear of clowns you might not want to bump into Jack on a dark night at HHN.

Additional info: No costumes or masks allowed. Event may be too intense for young children and is not recommended for those under the age of 13.

Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Magic Kingdom

Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom
September 15th - November 1st

If you happen to follow me on Pinterest (I'm @ellistuesday on there too), then you might have seen me pinning a whole lot of Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party pictures to my Walt Disney World board. Like Universal Studios, WDW sure know how to put on a show and the Halloween Party is no exception. And unlike HHN this Halloween event is perfect for all ages and if you're anything like me and grew up watching every Disney movie that you could possibly set your eyes on, well this party will make you feel like a child once more. Expect all of your favourite Disney characters plus some more that don't ordinarily make an appearance at the Disney parks. This leads me onto a show that I wish I could see in person this Halloween; the brand new Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular.

Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular Halloween

Fans of Hocus Pocus and the incredible Sanderson sisters will be over the moon to see a whole show dedicated to the trio of witches and some of their spooky comrades, ie. a few of best Disney villains to ever grace the screen such as Maleficent, Cruella de Vil, Dr. Facilier and even Ooogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Who doesn't love a good Disney villain? 

There's plenty of fun to be had and they even sing my favourite song from the movie and basically the best Halloween song ever; I Put A Spell On You. I may have already watched clips of this show on YouTube several times just to appreciate how incredible it is. Oh if only I was there in person to see it.

Mickey's "Boo-To-You" Halloween Parade

And if there's something that Disney and in particular the Magic Kingdom know how to do well it's a parade and Mickey's "Boo-To-You" Halloween Parade takes it to a wonderfully spooky level. The parade starts with an appearance from the Headless Horseman himself. I know it's not a Disney movie but who else adores Sleepy Hollow? I'll definitely need to watch it again before the 31st.

All of your favourite Disney characters are dressed up for Halloween on their floats and one of my favourite rides, The Haunted Mansion, makes an appearance thanks to these three (as pictured). And the night ends with Happy HalloWishes, a Halloween take on the Magic Kingdom's normal firework display Wishes, complete with music from Peter Pan, Fantasia, The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Little Mermaid.

Additional info: Costumes are allowed as long as they are not obstructive or offensive. Entertainment is subject to change without notice.

Brick-or-Treat at LEGOLAND Florida

Brick-or-Treat at LEGOLAND Florida
October 3-4, 10-11, 17-18, 23-25, 30-31

LEGOLAND, which is located in Winter Haven, a little further away from Orlando than some of the other theme parks, is well worth the extra journey time. And every weekend in October LEGOLAND will be hosting their Brick-or-Treat Halloween event. In terms of being family friendly and ideal, especially for younger children, LEGOLAND's Brick-or-Treat is definitely that.

Halloween at LEGOLAND

Growing up I was rather obsessed with LEGO (what child isn't to be honest?) and I can only imagine how incredible it would be for young children who love playing with LEGO to then be met with life size LEGO characters and more LEGO bricks than you could even imagine, when visiting LEGOLAND Florida. I have a feeling it would be like all your Christmases had come at once for a child like that. And despite it being quite a while since I was playing with LEGO, something about seeing builds made entirely from LEGO just makes me smile. Oh and if you love LEGO be sure to take a trip to Disney Springs for Disney related LEGO creations but back to Brick-or-Treat. There's a vampire build which you get to help out with, as well as a 13 foot LEGO hearse, which is probably pretty spooky to behold as a child. And on top of that, then there's something even more Halloween related made entirely from LEGO bricks.

LEGOLAND Florida Halloween

You can have your photograph taken next to the world's largest LEGO Pumpkin (as pictured). All I can say is it must take some patience and manpower to complete something of that size.

And when in Orlando, Florida it's not just all about meeting and greeting Disney characters and those at Universal. At LEGOLAND Florida, this Halloween you can meet some of the brand new LEGO characters. From Wanda the Witch to Vladimir the Vampire, Frank N. Stein (love it!), Mortimor the Mummy and Mad Scientist this is definitely more of a child friendly way of getting into the Halloween spirit. And to top it off there's also a nightly fireworks display, as well as a costume contest.

Have you ever visited Orlando during the month of October? If so, did you visit any of the parks and the events that they hold? Did you stock up on Halloween candy and treats to bring back with you? And what will you be doing for Halloween this year?


Sunday, 4 October 2015

High-End Beauty Hauling With Cosme-De (Plus Exclusive 15% Off Discount)

Cosme-De Discount Code

I've always been a bargain hunter. It's something that my mother instilled in me from a very young age and even she now admits that I'm starting to beat her when it comes to saving money. So any time that I can bag a bargain or find a significant sale or saving I will and that's where discovering Cosme-De has certainly come in handy. I don't know about you but I so very often find myself drawn to beauty brands and products that are on the luxury side of things, only then to be put off by the price.

I was recently very kindly sent a selection of some of the most recent products to hit the site and I have to say, I was blown away by what arrived at my door.

NARS Satin Lip Pencil Yu

First up is a NARS Satin Lip Pencil in the shade Yu*. I already own a couple of NARS' Satin Lip Pencils and I honestly cannot recommend them highly enough. They are fantastically pigmented and incredibly creamy. And this shade looks like such a fun and unique shade of pink, one that I can't wait to start wearing. NARS Satin Lip Pencils usually retail for £19 but this is just £16 on Cosme-De (or be sure to scroll to the end of the post to save a further 15% on your order).

Lancome Virtuose Drama Mascara

Next up is a brand new release from Lancome, one that I've had my eye (or more like my eyelashes) on ever since I first heard that it was going to be released. This truly is fantastic and I have to admit, I finally understand why so many pay a little bit more, than I have in the past, on mascara as this one is well worth the extra expenditure. It gives me exactly what I would like from a mascara; volume, length and a true black shade, plus it doesn't flake as the day goes on.

Christian Dior Cheek & Lip Glow

The next product that I unwrapped was the Christian Dior Cheek & Lip Glow*. This is a product that I've had on my luxury beauty wishlist for quite some time now so it was really incredible to see it as part of my haul. Usually costing £27, the Cosme-De price for this product is £24 which again is another welcome saving. I've found myself drawn more and more towards multi-use products recently and this is almost like the mother of all multi-use beauty items. It's such a pretty and wearable shade, one that's also completely buildable. So far I've had a play with this on my lips and now I'm going to have to try out some Christian Dior lip products as a result and I'm looking forward to seeing how this looks on my cheeks very soon.

Chanel Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow in Tisse Rivoli

And last but certainly not least is this spectacular eyeshadow from Chanel. Having never tried anything from the Chanel make-up and beauty range I honestly couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this. Have you ever seen a prettier eyeshadow palette? Comprising of four absolutely stunning shades, the Tisse Rivoli Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow* is that beautiful I'm almost frightened to start using it. And talk about luxury from start to beginning. The fact that the palette comes in a velvet (possibly my favourite of all the Autumn/Winter fabrics) pouch with the famous Chanel CC etched on it still makes me smile. It's just such a special beauty buy one that might have ignited a bit of a love affair with Chanel beauty (I already have a pretty substantial wishlist of their pieces in my head. Maybe I should get to work on my Christmas wishlist already. Hehe).

As you might be able to tell, I really was blown away by the products that I received from Cosme-De, as well as the variety of brands, products and deals that they have on their site. Considering the fact that these products made their way to me, here in Scotland, all the way from Hong Kong, they arrived so quickly (quicker than I've waited for some orders placed here in the UK) and everything was packaged very well too to keep everything protected. I'm that impressed that I'm already planning another big high-end haul before the end of the month. And talking of the end of the month; I have a very exciting and exclusive discount code to share with you which is valid until the end of the month or the 31st of October to be precise.

All you have to do is add the code ELLIS15 on the shopping cart page where it will say 'Enter Promotion Code' and it will automatically take 15% off your entire order.

What do you think of the products in my Cosme-De haul? And what would you treat yourself to with my exclusive 15% off discount? Have you got your eye on any high end beauty items at the moment? If so, what's on your wishlist?


Friday, 2 October 2015

My Dream Day In Dubai With Travelbag

If you've been reading my Orlando, Florida Travel Tips posts then you might have noticed just how much I know about that relatively tiny part of the world but recently I've felt an urge to visit so many more incredible places, ones that I've always wanted to see. I have a feeling that it might have something to do with the fact that I have just binge watched four seasons of The Amazing Race in the past week or so, where the contestants have the opportunity to travel all over the globe. If you happen to have Sky box sets and a bit of free time on your hands then I honestly can't recommend The Amazing Race highly enough. I have a feeling that I might need to pester Sky to see when they will be adding more of the seasons for me to watch though. Hehe. But back to the travel destination in question; Dubai.

Dubai is somewhere that has always caught my eye so when Travelbag asked me how I would spend a day in Dubai I didn't have to think too hard about how my 'Day In Dubai' would look.

Dubai Desert Safari

Desert Safari

My day would definitely have to start with a morning desert safari through the beautiful sands of the desert. There are various modes of transport that you can take to traverse the sand dunes such as 4x4's and quad bikes but there is something that looks so magical about riding across the sand on camels for me. I've never done anything like that before in my life so it would certainly be something to experience even if just once.

Dubai Wild Wadi Water Park

Wild Wadi Water Park

After a trek across the desert I think that I would seriously need to cool off and where better than somewhere with plenty of water; Widi Wadi Water Park. With a plethora of slides, thrill rides, a wave pool, a lazy river, two, yes two, of those wave simulators (as pictured) and a waterfall that goes off every ten minutes, this sounds like the place to be on a hot and humid day in Dubai. You'll also be able to check seeing the Burj Al Arab off your list of things to do and see whilst there as it is visible (see it there in the background?) from the park.

Day in Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall

And what's a trip abroad without a spot of shopping? I love a good mall. I even wrote a whole post on my favourite malls in the Orlando area as part of my Orlando, Florida Travel Tips series and Dubai Mall looks like a mall on a whole different level to any that I've ever seen or visited before. I mean, who's ever known of a mall or shopping centre to have an aquarium, an ice rink and a record breaking observatory all under one roof? Oh and on on top of that they even have a Souk right in the centre of the mall if you're looking for more of an authentic Middle-Eastern shopping experience. There are literally thousands of shops and 160 (yes 160!) food outlets. I can't even get my mind around how incredible that food court must be. And after shopping until practically dropping and gorging on so much food (I can just imagine it), you're one elevator ride, albeit one of the world's fastest elevator rides, to the next attraction on my list.

The Observatory at Burj Khalifa

The Observatory at Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa (aka. the tallest building in the world!) has an observatory which offers views of Dubai like no other and as you'll be taking a trip up to the 124th floor, I have a feeling that it might not be for those of us who don't like your feet being too far off the ground though. Not only is it the tallest building in the world but consequently The Observatory has the title of the world's highest observation deck. There's also an electronic telescope which allows you to view the surrounding landscape in real-time as well as what the view would be like in other weather conditions and at different times of day. How cool does that sound? And you'll even be able to see the next attraction on my list from The Observatory.

Dubai Fountains

Dubai Fountains

And what better way to end a day in Dubai than by taking in a show and a spectacular one at that. One of the things that's always drawn me to visiting Las Vegas, especially as I'm not the biggest gambler, are the beautiful fountain displays at the Bellagio. Well the Dubai Fountains look bigger, louder and even more spectacular than those of the bright lights of Vegas. Located right at the base of the Burj Khalifa, as I briefly mentioned above, and Dubai Mall, the show takes place every 30 minutes. And best of all; it's completely free. I'd definitely want to get a seat at one of the restaurants nearby whose terraces look onto the fountains.

So there's what my dream 'Day In Dubai' would look like. What places would you visit and what would your dream 'Day In Dubai' look like? Is there anywhere you've wanted to visit for years but have pretty elaborate plans for what you would do if you were to visit?

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