Sunday, 30 August 2015

My 'Make Myself Feel A Bit Better' Haul

Haul Blog Post 2015

I feel like all I've done recently is drone on about not feeling well, particularly here on the blog and for that I do apologise. Even though I know it might not be to everyone's taste, I would be happy to discuss my health on here but frankly even I have no idea what's going on with me. Over the past couple of months/years I've had countless hospital appointments, tests, scans and trips to my GP and at the moment I'm playing the waiting game for even more of the aforementioned. And for that reason I've basically spent all of the last month at home either curled up on the sofa or lying in bed. Sadly it's also meant that blogging has taken a bit of a backseat but I have made a couple of 'make myself feel a bit better' purchases which I thought I would share with you today. And hopefully I'll be back to my usual blogging routine again soon.

Amazon DVD Haul 2015

First up was an Amazon order. I'd been counting down the days until I could order Parks and Recreation Season 7 on DVD and when that day and the DVD arrived I was very, very happy. If you haven't seen Parks and Rec, I honestly cannot recommend it highly enough and season 7 was everything I could have hoped for and more from it's final season. I also added two relatively recent horror movies to my basket; Ouija and It Follows. I've heard fantastic things about It Follows and plan on watching it tonight, which I'm really looking forward to. Ouija on the other hand had pretty unfavourable reviews both on Amazon and online but both me and my mum (who joins me in my love of a good scary movie) thought it sounded better than some of the other horror movies that we've endured in the past. It was a bit meh to be honest which always annoys me when I think that the premise of a movie could be so much better than it ends up being. But I guess that's what I should have expected when I saw the reviews.

I've just placed another Amazon DVD order, one that's a perfect mix of rom-coms that I've meant to see for years and years (You've Got Mail and Sleepless In Seattle) and horror movies that I remember watching at so many of the sleepovers that I attended in my teens (I Know What You Did Last Summer, Sorority Row and One Missed Call).

Moomin Pyjamas George at Asda

I'd had my eye on this pair of Moomin cuffed pyjama bottoms from George at Asda for a while now and I finally picked them up last week. They were just too adorable to leave behind, especially as they were the last pair left in my size.

Blog Post Haul 2015

I also picked up one of the brand new Imperial Leather shower creams. Who knew that something as simple as a shower cream that smells exactly like Fruit Salad sweeties could bring me such joy? Hehe. I repurchased another tin of Vaseline as my old one seems to have went walkabout and my lips are in a bit of state as a result of being run down and treated myself to a new Yankee Candle, even though I already have far too many in my possession. Hehe. 

Oud Oasis Yankee Candle Review

Oud Oasis, part of the new Grand Bazaar collection, is difficult to describe scent-wise but it just smells absolutely gorgeous and so warm, if you get what I mean.

Ted Baker Mini Bowcon Bag

And you know when you just have to treat yo' self in the hope of cheering yourself up a bit? Well that's exactly what happened when this gorgeous Ted Baker mini Bowcon bag came into the equation. If you saw my What's In My Bag (The Internship Edition) back in January then you will have seen the large Ted Baker Bowcon bag which I do get a lot of use out of but who can resist an adorable little bag like this one? I fell in love with the stunning purple shade straight away and it really did put a smile on my face when this arrived on my doorstep on a day when I was feeling really horrible. I must say though, I was tempted to treat myself to a couple of other handbags on the House Of Fraser site. So many Michael Kors pieces were calling out my name, especially as a few of them were significantly reduced in price but I managed to restrain myself, for now at least.

What have you been buying or treating yourself to recently? And what makes you feel a little bit better, shopping wise, when you're not feeling 100%?


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