Friday, 3 July 2015

Superdrug Summer Exclusives

Superdrug Summer Exclusives

As someone who used to work only a few metres away from a Superdrug store, it's safe to say that I've happily spent quite a lot of time and money in there. And what I have always adored about Superdrug is the fact that they offer so many different brands and products, many of which you won't find anywhere else on the British High Street. So here are just a few of the brands and products that you will find only in Superdrug stores and online of course and how perfect are some of these products for the Summer?

First up are a few of my favourite make-up brands which just so happen to be exclusive to Superdrug. If you've been reading Ellis Tuesday for a while now or have had a little browse through my Product Directory (link here) then you might already know how much I adore Makeup Revolution, GOSH and B. 

I was also pleased to see that Superdrug offer purse friendly bottles of famous and infamous celebrity fragrances such as Rihanna's, Taylor Swift's, Katy Perry's, Beyonce's and Britney Spears'. I actually owned Paris Hilton's EDP back in the day when I was rather obsessed with all things Paris related. Remember the days when The Simple Life was on TV and we hadn't even heard of the Kardashian's? Those really were the glory days! Hehe. So to find a Paris Hilton body mist in Superdrug instantly brought back all of those memories. Superdrug also now exclusively stock Models Own, on the British High Street and their festival range of colours couldn't be more Summery. Then there's MUA which is a brand that I haven't really dabbled with but I can't wait to try as well as a brand that I actually hadn't heard of until now, Knight & Wilson. Has anyone tried their range before?

And as it's Summer, Superdrug have plenty of fantastic tanning brands on their shelves. One that has really stood out and gained a lot of momentum in the blogging world is Bondi Sands which I can't wait to try out, whilst NKD Skin by Vita Liberata looks and sounds fantastic too.

Beauty Products Exclusive To Superdrug

And speaking of Summer, last Summer I did a series entitled Ellis Tuesday's Summer Sun-days (link here) and this July I will be dedicating my Sunday's and most of the month to be fair, to the subject of Summer. As I sit writing this post it's incredibly and unbearably warm so fingers crossed that the Summer weather is finally here, even if only for a couple of days/weeks.

Are there any products from today's post that you would like me to review in full first?

What are your favourite brands or products that you can only find at Superdrug? Have you tried any of the Superdrug exclusives included in today's post? And what are your Summer beauty must-haves?


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