Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Summer In The City Wish(lyst)

Summer Fashion Wishlist

It's been a couple of months since my last wishlist but this one, written in collaboration with Lyst, has been so much fun to put together. I only recently stumbled across Lyst when doing a little bit of sale shopping (I've already got a Summer sale haul post in the works as we speak but more on that later) and since then I've found myself drawn to the site like a moth to a flame. I really was amazed to be met by all of my favourite brands, shops and designers and in the one place might I add. And what really made me smile was the fact that it instantly shows you what items are on sale and for what price, as well as their availability. For an avid bargain hunter and sale shopper, like myself, this a real game changer.

The stunningly designed site instantly sucks you in and I found myself propelled to create a profile after a couple of minutes of browsing. Upon joining, several brands popped up on the screen with a cross and a tick. When you click the tick this equates to you now following the brand.


This means that Lyst can cater to all of your favourite brands and designers and it also allows them to know exactly what to include in your personalised 'New For You' page, which just so happens to be one of my favourite features. You can also search by section or via the search bar to unearth all sorts of wonders. 

So Lyst essentially combines all of my favourite social media platforms and my love of fashion. What's not to love?

And my very favourite aspect of Lyst; the ability to create my own lysts which makes wishlisting or wishlysting, if you catch my drift, a real breeze. And that's where I came up with my Summer In The City lyst. 

Wishlist Lyst

I don't know about you but I've fallen completely head over heels in love with the brand Self Portrait. And that's where my inspiration for this lyst came from. I've also been looking for some more Summer appropriate pieces to add to my wardrobe and in a couple of minutes on Lyst I found so many wonderful items.

In my wish(lyst) I picked out some stunning Summer pieces from a few of my favourite stores such as Topshop, H&M and ASOS and then had the compulsion to add quite a number of designer pieces into the mix too. And it's no wonder that I'm now a little bit obsessed with all of them. I mean just look at that those sunglasses and that Mulberry backpack!

So what do you think of my Summer In The City Wish(lyst)? Have you used Lyst before? And what kinds of lysts would you be creating?


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