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My Top Ten Favourite Pinterest Boards

Best Pinterest Boards 2015

As someone who spends quite a considerable chunk of their day, every day might I add, pinning away, I thought that it was about time that I shared some of my most loved Pinterest boards over here on the blog. Just in case you don't already follow me over on Pinterest but would like to, I'm ellistuesday on there too (link here)

So here are ten of my favourite Pinterest boards as well as a little bit about why I created each of the boards and why I look forward to pinning to them on a daily basis. And despite these being my favourite ten, that doesn't discredit some of the old familiar Pinterest boards such as Quotes, Home Decor and Current Wants

Redhead Hairstyle Board Beauty Pinterest
As a redhead myself, this was the first board that led to me becoming completely addicted to Pinterest and as a result is the one that I pin to more than any other. It might also be the reason why this board has already amassed over 1500 pins in a couple of months.
This board was inspired by my love and admiration for my fellow redheads and the ways in which they style their auburn, strawberry blonde and crimson locks. And even if you're not a redhead yourself, there's still plenty of hairstyling inspiration to be had.

Walt Disney World Travel Board Pinterest
As you might be well aware if you read my Orlando, Florida Travel Tips series (link here), I'm a little obsessed with all things related to that part of the US and that of course includes all things Disney. In this board you'll find everything that I love about the parks, rides, attractions and Disney snacks, which are beyond incredible by the way. And if you're someone who loves the Orlando/Florida area but aren't as fussed about the Walt Disney World experience, then why not check out my Sunshine State board.

New York Travel Board Pinterest
Having grown up completely engrossed with all things Big Apple related, it's somewhere that I've always wanted to visit and hopefully one day I will be able to book a plane ticket and spend a couple of weeks visiting all of the incredible areas and places that I've pinned to this board. There's also a little nod to Taylor Swift with the name of this board. Cue me singing "Welcome To New York" for the next couple of hours now. Hehe. 

Movie Design Entertainment Pinterest
As a real movie buff this board combines my complete adoration of all of my favourite movies, as well as ones that are on my 'To Watch' list, with my love of great illustration, art, design and creativity. Some of these posters are completely breathtaking and almost all of them are so much better than the actual posters that were used to promote the films. What's your favourite movie and what was it's official poster like? You might even find a few different takes on it in this very board.

Summer Travel Pinterest
Since I'm not going on holiday anywhere exotic this year, all of my wanderlust and Summer lovin' has had to be confined to this board and all it's done is make me want to jet off to somewhere sunny with lots of sea, sand and incredible memories even more. Are you going anywhere exciting on holiday this Summer? And why oh why are Scottish Summers nothing like some of the snaps in this board?!

Pinterest High Fashion Couture Runway Red Carpet
I can't be the only one who often daydreams about the possibility of becoming someone rich and famous, now can I? And most of these daydreams of mine revolve around the idea of me walking down the red carpet in an absolutely exquisite and intricate gown with one of the most eligible actors at the moment on my arm (more about that below). This board allows me to gather all of my favourite designers and fashions into the one place and just stare at them wistfully. Totally normal, right? Hehe.

TV Love Pinterest Board
Whilst I'm a big movie fan, as I expressed above, I'm equally a huge fan of TV and root for so many different couples on there. Here are just a couple of them and you can expect to find all of my favourite fictional couples from a vast array of TV shows. I'm also thinking about expanding this board to include some of my favourite fictional couples from movies too. What do you think of that idea? And who are some of your favourite fictional couples?

Celebrity Pinterest Board
Okay so this is essentially just a way for me track my ever-growing list of Celebrity Crushes but if I'm ever feeling a little bit upset or stressed or lonely I just log into Pinterest and head straight to this board to indulge in a little bit of eye candy and it works every time. It also works even better if I follow up a quick scroll through my Celebrity Crushes board with a scroll through the next board on my list. Mmmm! Do you spy any of your own celebrity crushes in this board? 

Food Pinterest Board
I feel like this board is pretty self explanatory. It makes me hungry just thinking about it to be honest! Right now as I type this part of today's post up my stomach has started growling out of nowhere after seeing some of the amazing images pop up on my screen. Whilst the majority of it could be described as food porn (you know what I'm talking about), there is a bit of healthier food scattered throughout. In a way I feel like this pretty much sums up my diet to a tee. Hehe. A lot of indulgent food with the odd dish that's a little bit better for me and my health.

Beauty Blogger Pinterest
And last but not least, it's my blog board. Since the start of this year, when I treated myself to my Canon EOS M, I've pinned all of my 2015 blog photographs onto this board. I also set up Rich Pins for my blog a couple of months ago and I've already seen a big difference in the amount of interaction and views as a result. I would definitely recommend signing up for Rich Pins if you're a blogger. That's if you haven't already done that.

So what do you think of my ten favourite Pinterest boards? Which one or ones are your favourite? And what kinds of things do you pin on Pinterest if you use it? Don't forget to leave your links below as I'm always looking for new boards and people to follow on there.


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