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Benefit They're Real! Colours

Benefit They're Real! Review Colour

Last Monday I was invited along to House of Fraser in Glasgow for a top secret Benefit event. When the invite pinged into my inbox details about exactly what we would be finding out more about were few and far between but I had a feeling that we might be about to see some colourful new products. We were greeted with Champagne and cupcarons (an incredible cupcake/macaron hybrid), as you might have seen if you happen to follow me on Instagram (link here) and directed towards a table with lots of exciting and colourful goodies strewn across it. My Benefit Spidey senses had definitely served me well in guessing what we would be finding out more about that night.

Benefit They're Real Review Colours

Over the course of the evening we were given demonstrations of the brand new additions to the They're Real! family and I even had a little They're Real! colour makeover myself. And as we left at the end of the event we given a little surprise goody bag. We were told that each one would include two of the brand new They're Real! colours. Having had my makeover done using the brown mascara and liner I did secretly have my fingers crossed that two colours would be in my little goody bag and boy was I happy when I opened it up to find the Beyond Blue mascara and the Beyond Purple Push-Up liner.

Benefit They're Real Purple Blue

If you would like an in depth review of the original They're Real! Beyond Black trio (ie. the mascara, push-up liner and remover) then be sure to check out my review from last year (link here). And whenever I discuss Benefit's They're Real! range, whether it be on here or to people in person, I always start by recommending the They're Real! remover before anyone even thinks about applying the mascara or liner. The products really do not budge without the dedicated They're Real! remover, so for me it's an essential product in my make-up arsenal. If you're looking for incredibly long wearing and smudge resistant eye make-up then the They're Real! range is where to head. And if you've yet to try out any of the Beyond Black range then I would definitely suggest the Real Tempting Trio (link here) to get a feel for them. But back to the new products.

Benefit They're Real Blue Mascara

Benefit They're Real! Beyond Blue Mascara* £19.50

First up is one of the two brand new They're Real! mascaras. And as I mentioned briefly above, there's a Beyond Brown shade and then there's the Beyond Blue which is what I will be reviewing today. As someone with blue eyes and an incredibly pale complexion and auburn hair, very dark, black eye make-up can look really quite harsh on me so to see several new alternatives is very exciting. 

This blue really is so stunningly striking and as soon as I saw it on Claire, who was our wonderful host for the evening, I had a feeling that I would need to get my hands on it. Much like the original They're Real! mascara, the formulation is absolutely brilliant. My lashes instantly look and feel thicker and more voluminous but what takes it to the next level is the brilliantly bold and beautiful blue.

Benefit They're Real Purple

Benefit They're Real! Beyond Purple Push-Up Liner* £18.50
And in addition to the award winning Beyond Black Push-Up liner, there are now four additional shades to choose from. There is Beyond Brown which perfectly compliments the Beyond Brown mascara, Beyond Blue, Beyond Green and Beyond Purple, which I was lucky enough to receive in my goody bag. When we were given one of our Real Colours demonstrations the Beyond Purple Push-Up Liner was actually applied and blended out like an eyeshadow. This was something that I had never even dreamed of doing with a gel liner before but it really did work fantastically well and has definitely inspired me to try that out very soon. Would anyone like to see a bit of a tutorial on how to do that?

Benefit They're Real Beyond Purple Liner

The purple itself is a beautiful jewel tone and that's without it being too brash or bright. So I certainly wouldn't let the fact that these new They're Real! products are coloured put you off if you're not a huge fan of wearing a lot of colour in your eye make-up. The shades are incredibly subtle but still give you that wonderful pop of colour and are much softer than a traditional black shade. And I'm definitely going to need to treat myself to the brown shades very soon especially as they look so gorgeous on my eyes, if I do say so myself.

Benefit They're Real Purple Push-Up Liner

A little top tip from Benefit themselves regarding the Push-Up liner; don't throw away the little orange tip. Keeping this and remembering to reinsert it into the nib once you're finished using it will keep the liner itself from drying out. Now that's certainly what I'll be doing from now on with my Push-Up liner.

So what do you think of the new They're Real! colours? Are you a fan of the They're Real! family of products? And what colours would you most like to try out?


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