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Writing For Blogosphere Magazine

Blogosphere Magazine Marcus Butler Issue 6

Blogosphere Issue 6 £4 (Print) / £3 (e-book)

Blogosphere Magazine is a magazine written by bloggers about bloggers which also covers the topic of blogging itself. If you happen to be a blogger yourself or love a good blog reading session then Blogosphere Magazine is the publication for you.

Each issue has a blogger or YouTuber as cover star, with this issue's being YouTuber Marcus Butler and enclosed is a full spread featuring them. There are several blog related articles and features, which is where I come in, as well as a section on some of the big blogging genres such as beauty, fashion, lifestyle, photography, travel and food.

Blogosphere Magazine Review

I was given the opportunity to write a piece entitled 'YouTube Vs TV', which starts on page 75, if you already happen to have a copy and I was literally brimming with ideas as to what I would like to cover within my feature. 
I won't go into too much detail in today's post as it really did take me the full two pages to dissect and discuss the differences in how people are choosing to consume YouTube and TV but I'd definitely recommend giving it a read. I would say that now wouldn't I? Hehe. What are your thoughts on YouTube Vs TV?

Blogosphere Magazine Feature Article

To actually see my writing and a whole article at that, in print and to be able to hold it and show my friends and family is a very big thing for me. I've been an avid writer ever since I was a child and even studied English at University, so to be able to pursue writing as a result of starting this here blog is really incredible. I've yet to take a trip to my local WH Smith to see it on the shelves but I will definitely be making a trip specifically to do that soon. And I also must finally get around to treating myself to some of the earlier issues of Blogosphere Magazine too, especially as I adored issue 6 as much as I did.

YouTube Vs TV Article Feature

As I briefly mentioned above, regardless of what kinds of blogs you read, be it beauty, fashion, lifestyle, photography or food, there really is something for everyone in Blogosphere Magazine. What really enamours me to the way that Blogosphere Magazine is set out is the fact that bloggers, who are particularly successful in their field, are editors of each of the individual blogging sections. So for example you've got Tattooed Tea Lady sharing her five favourite beauty bloggers and Milk Bubble Tea editing the lifestyle section. That really gives it a special bloggers touch for me and allows for many different and distinct blogs to be discovered. I've already added quite a number from a whole host of genres to my reading list as a result of flicking through this issue.

Chroma Stationery Notebook

And I jotted down all of my notes for my Blogosphere feature, as well as some exciting ideas for upcoming posts in my personalised notebook from Chroma Stationery. 

Chroma Stationery, just in case you haven't already heard of them, are a brand that specialise in beautiful and fully customisable notebooks. From the binding, to the colour, to whether you would like blank or lined pages, you really can design your very own notebook from scratch and make it look exactly as you would like it to. And as if that wasn't exciting enough, you can then have whatever you would like, be that a quote, your name or your blog header if you're anything like me, embossed onto the front of your new notebook. And this is at no extra charge. And then there are even more choices to be made. You can choose from white, gold or silver embossing and pick one that really compliments the notebook that you've created and you can also choose whatever font you would like it in. It's essentially a blogger's dream, especially if you've always wanted to have one notebook dedicated to all things blog related instead of relying on scrap pieces of paper and the memo section on your phone, like I so often do. For £8.50 for all of this it's easy to see why I'm more than a little obsessed with Chroma Stationery.

My notebook is the Ryton Spiral Bound in the colour black (Flynn)* with silver embossing and as you can see, I went for my blog's header on the front. What would you emboss onto your Chroma Stationery notebook?

Have you heard of Blogosphere Magazine before? And have you picked up issue 6 yet? If so, what did you think of my thoughts on 'YouTube Vs TV'?


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