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The Month of June

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Instead of my usual 'What I've Been Watching' post, which I've written every single month since I started Ellis Tuesday, I felt like switching it up a bit without losing track of it altogether. So I've decided to do a 'The Month of...' series where I share what I've been watching as well as what I've been up to that month and what blog posts have really caught my eye too. As always, please let me know what you think of this new take on my month, particularly if you were a fan of my original 'What I've Been Watching' posts.

Let's get to it then. Here is 'The Month of June';

Best TV Shows 2015

What I've Been Watching:
Orange Is The New Black - So OITNB started back this month. I was always going to end up binge watching it now wasn't I? Season three, a bit like the prior two seasons, has it's ups and downs but as with the other two, there are definitely more ups than downs. To say that a lot goes on in season three would be a bit of an understatement but to avoid any spoilers, all I have to say is, if you haven't yet seen Orange Is The New Black yet then I would seriously check it out and try your best to stick with it. When I first started watching it it did take a couple of episodes for it to truly grip me but once it did I was more than a little addicted. Oh and just in case you think that it might be a good show to watch with the rest of your family or your parents, well I would seriously reconsider that. It's definitely NSFW! Hehe. I reviewed the first two seasons last year (here) if you want to hear more about my thoughts on it.

The Affair - Another show that I've been watching religiously this month has been The AffairWhat I really like about the show is the fact that each and every episode is split into two. The first half of the episode is told from Noah's point of view whilst the second is told from Alison's. Noah (Dominic West) and Alison (Ruth Wilson) are the ones involved in the affair, as the name would suggest and both have quite a lot going on in their own lives. The acting truly is superb, especially when it comes to Noah and Alison and their spouses played by Maura Tierney and Joshua Jackson respectively. There are two more episodes left to air here and I really can't wait to see how it all concludes. There's definitely a bit of True Detective vibe to it in the fact that there is a shift between the present day and what happened in the past to lead them where they are now. Talking of True Detective, I have a feeling that in next month's 'The Month of...' post I'll be sharing some of my thoughts on the new season of that. Has anyone else started it yet?

The Syndicate - This is a show that I have a lot of love for. The first two seasons of The Syndicate were brilliant so I had a feeling that the third would be just as good, if not better and I certainly wasn't wrong. You don't need to have seen the previous two seasons to watch the third but what does link the three is the fact that each revolves around a syndicate, as the name might allude to, who have just won the lottery. We get to see what effect the win has on their lives and a lot of the time the winners have more than a few skeletons in their closets. This season has been even more exciting and intriguing as Amy, one of the winners' daughters, mysteriously disappears on the night of the win. There are two episodes left of the season and I can't wait to see how it all ends. You can catch up with all of it over on the BBC iPlayer and I would definitely recommend that you do, especially before the season is over.

What I've Been Reading:
Bourbon BBQ Chicken Burgers & Apple SlawClearly I'm having a bit of a burger moment when it comes to my blog reading this month since this post by Gillian at Elevatormusik immediately caught my eye. The burgers look and sound amazing and as always from Gillian, the photography is absolutely stunning. I'm getting hungry just thinking about them.
Benefit Operation Pore Proof Kit - Having heard a lot of buzz about Benefit's brand new release; the Porefessional License To Blot, I was really excited to see Sandra at The Black Pearl Blog review the new Operation Pore Proof Kit. It also includes what looks like a gorgeous new highlighter, Shy Beam and Sandra has definitely tempted me to check out this adorable little kit.
Things Horror Films Have Ruined For Me - And last but not least, my favourite blog post of the month. As a huge horror film fan this post was such a great read and I completely get where Charlotte is coming from with this list. Creep definitely ruined travelling via Subway for me for quite some time and I also always make a bee line for the horror movie section on Netflix too.

Glasgow Instagram 2015 June

What I've Been Up To:
Benefit's #RealColours Event - This Monday I had the absolute pleasure of attending a top secret Benefit event in my local House of Fraser. We were treated to Champagne, cupcarons (yes that's right, a cupcake/macaron hybrid) and a demonstration of the newest Benefit launches; the They're Real! colours. I even had a They're Real! colour makeover with the brand new brown liner and mascara and was blown away by the difference it made to my blue eyes. You can definitely expect a full review of two of them this Wednesday.

Visiting Museums - On Wednesday my dad and I spent the day at two of Glasgow's biggest museums; The Riverside Museum and Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum. Having never visited The Riverside Museum we went there first, followed by my favourite museum in Glasgow; Kelvingrove. As a child I spent most of the summer holidays visiting museums with my dad and my brother so it brought back a lot of good memories of those days. I will be writing up a full post on my day at the museums very soon as part of a little guide to Glasgow I'm putting together. Does that sound like something you would like to read?

Hospitals, GP appointments & Blood Tests - Sadly it hasn't been all fun and games this month as I've been pretty unwell for most of it. I feel like I've spent more time in hospital and doctor's waiting rooms this month than anything else and I even had to miss a blog event that I had been looking forward to for weeks last night as I was unable to even move from my bed. The annoying thing is that like usual with me, nothing at all has been resolved so expect more of the same from me next month I bet.

So what do you think of my 'The Month of...' series idea? Is it something that you've enjoyed reading? And what have you been up to this month? What have you been watching? And what blog posts have really caught your eye this June?


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