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Father's Day Takeover (My Dad's Picks)

Beauty, Fragrance, Shampoo Suggestions For Men

Since it's Father's Day today, I asked my dad if he would mind sharing some of his favourite fragrances and beauty products on the blog and he happily obliged. I thought that it would be a nice take on the Father's Day theme without doing something like a traditional gift guide. So today it's Ellis Tuesday but with quite a bit of input from my dad, who I must say has given me some great notes on each of his favourite products.

First up is haircare. After being very kindly gifted some haircare products to put to the test since starting Ellis Tuesday, this led my dad to discover these fantastic shampoos, all of which have quickly became must-haves for him.

Best Shampoo For Men

Richard Ward Keratin Volume Shampoo* £5.99 - Richard Ward Keratin Sleek Shampoo* £4.99 (Normally £5.99) - Klorane Chamomile Shampoo £8

Since starting using these three shampoos in particular, my dad has seen a massive improvement in the amount of hair growth and thickness, over that period of time. And he certainly attributes all of that to these three shampoos. He alternates between the three and now swears by them and what he really loves about them is the fact that they don't have a strong scent nor do they 'go all foamy'. His words as I say. They leave him with squeaky clean hair without there being an excessive amount of lather either. He would definitely recommend both the Richard Ward Keratin range of shampoos and the Klorane Chamomile Shampoo to any men, or women,  in a similar situation regarding hair growth and thickness.

Next up; all things shaving related.

Best Shaving Products

Lush D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap* £5.75
This is a universal favourite in our household but I couldn't, or more like my dad couldn't, mention the topic of shaving and not mention Lush's D'Fluff. Despite being billed as a strawberry scent it's not as sweet or overpowering as you might imagine. We would definitely recommend that you take a trip to your local Lush store to see if it's for you, scent-wise. It just leaves the skin so soft and nourished.

Avene Homme Shaving Foam* £10
Can you tell that my love of all things French Pharmacy related has rubbed off on the rest of my household? Hehe. Avene's shaving foam has a distinctly masculine scent without being too pungent and according to my dad, it's really smooth and creamy and you don't need a lot of product either. This is what he reaches for most when he goes to shave.

Nuxe Men Survival Kit* £5.66 (Was £8.50)
And again we have another French Pharmacy favourite of a brand; Nuxe. Despite being pretty reluctant to start or pay much attention to a skincare regime of sorts, this Survival Kit from Nuxe Men really has come in handy according to my dad. There's a shaving gel
a multi-use shower gel and a moisturising multi-purpose gel, all of which have such a wonderful scent. The shower gel in particular has been a big hit with my dad and he's already looking forward to treating himself to a full size bottle of the stuff soon.

And last but not least, we move on to fragrance.

Best Male Scents

Lacoste Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Jaune EDT* £39
Despite my dad's adoration for all things Aramis, as I will go on to describe to you below, he's also discovered two new-found fragrance favourites, both of which he says are particularly unique. Lacoste's Jaune is a bottle that you would have trouble misplacing due to the fantasticly bright yellow exterior. It's also got that trademark Lacoste alligator on the front of it and is a scent that my dad describes as clean and fresh without being too intense.

HUGO BOSS BOSS Bottled Intense EDP* £45
Then there's Hugo Boss' BOSS Bottled Intense which we both like to think of as the Gerard Butler fragrance. Hehe. Our local shopping centre, Silverburn, has a huge poster of Gerry draped across the entrance so that's why he immediately comes to mind and of course as he's the face of the fragrance. This is a subtle and sophisticated scent for my dad and is one that reminds him of being on holiday for some reason too. I completely get that feeling though, don't you? There are so many scents that just remind me of a place or a feeling even though I'm normally sure that this is the first time that I'm smelling that particular fragrance or perfume.

Aramis Classic Spray EDT £43.50
As you might have seen if you happened to catch Wednesday's Father's Day gifting post (link here), the one fail safe gift I know that I can get my dad and he will always appreciate has to be Aramis. Be it Christmas, Father's Day or his birthday, he loves the classic scent, one that hasn't changed at all over the years that he's been wearing it. Escentual currently have the 60ml Eau De Toilette and the matching 24 Hour Antiperspirant Spray, which I featured in Wednesday's post, for £22. Considering the EDT is normally around £44 on it's own, I would definitely say go for the gift set. It would also make the perfect gift for your dad or significant other too.

And let me finish by saying, Happy Father's Day dad!

What did you think of this kind of post? And would you like to see more posts like this in the future? How are you spending this Father's Day?


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