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Celebrating Father's Day With St. Enoch

Father's Day Shopping 2015

Today's post marks the first of two dedicated to all things Father's Day this week. On Sunday my dad will be sharing his favourite beauty products but today it's all about Father's Day presents. So here's what I bought for my dad and hopefully this should give you some inspiration for your Father's Day gifting, especially if you've not started your shopping for him just yet.

Happy Jackson Blue 'Touch My Tools' Tool Box

Happy Jackson Blue 'Touch My Tools' Tool Box (from Debenhams)* £15

I started my search for Father's Day gifts in the one shop that I could easily spend hours and hours in and so often do; Debenhams. I headed straight to the homewear section where they had an impressive array of Father's Day stands but as soon as I got out of the lift my eyes were instantly met by a bright blue object off in the distance. It wasn't until I got a little bit closer that I realised that not only was it a brilliantly blue tool box but it was also by one of my favourite stationery and homewear brands; Happy Jackson. I couldn't think of a more perfect start to my Father's Day shopping trip. 

Father's Day Gift Guide 2015

Aramis Classic 24hr Anti Perspirant Spray (from Boots)* £17.50

Now what's a trip to the St. Enoch Centre without a pit-stop in Boots? I knew exactly what I was looking for, which isn't always the case as an easily distracted beauty fanatic, since this is the one fragrance that my dad has worn pretty much since he was a teenager. Aramis is always my go-to scent when it comes to birthday, Christmas and Father's Day gifting. And you can find out a lot more about my dad's love for the classic Aramis scent this upcoming Sunday but until then I'll just say, I know for definite that this will get put to good use and that it's something that he will really wear, unlike a pair of novelty socks. Boots have some incredible deals on Father's Day fragrances and gifts so if you've not yet picked up something for your dad's Father's Day I would certainly recommend starting there.

Yankee Candle Midsummers Night Car Vent Sticks (from Yankee Scotland)* £3.99

Next up I headed along to another of my favourite shops in St. Enoch; Yankee Scotland and as you will have seen if you saw Sunday's post (link here), I am quite the Yankee Candle fan. Whilst it's normally myself and my mum who pick out which candle to add to our collection next, I knew that my dad would really appreciate a bit of Yankee Candle goodness in his car. These vent sticks really are ingenious and look and smell so much better than traditional car air fresheners do. As it was for my dad I made sure to steer clear of anything too sweet or floral, which is why I went for Midsummers Night. If your dad is the type of man who treats his car like it's another member of the family then I have a feeling that he will seriously appreciate this kind of gift.

American Sniper DVD (from Tesco Metro)* £10 - I Heart Dad Card (from Tesco Metro)* £1

I then stumbled across two more perfect presents for my dad whilst dashing into Tesco Metro to grab a cold drink. My dad has been talking about seeing American Sniper for months now, probably ever since it was first released in cinemas and when he heard it was out on DVD he did say to me that he would need to buy it. So when I saw it whilst standing in line with a bottle of Fanta in hand, I made a quick beeline for it before anyone else took my place in line. And then in an adjoining stand I saw a whole host of Father's Day cards. This one was cheap and cheerful and I also liked the little metallic heart detailing. Is it bad that I also bought it as I knew that it would photograph well for this particular post? Hehe. 

Treacle Special Toffee Bag (from Thorntons)* £3

And last but not least, some sweet treats from Thorntons. These are my dad's favourites and again, Thorntons had some great Father's Day specific gifts and chocolates. I was definitely tempted to buy him a personalised chocolate trophy but I had a feeling I was getting a bit carried away being surrounded by that much chocolate. Hehe.

So there you have it. What do you think of the presents that I picked out for my dad at the St. Enoch Centre this year? Have you started or finished your Father's Day shopping yet? And if so, what did you treat your dad to?


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