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Beauty On A Budget With New Look

New Look Pure Colour Beauty

When New Look asked me if I thought that I would be able to create a make-up look using up to but no more than £25 worth of New Look make-up, I knew that I was certainly up for the challenge. When I start to add up just how much money I've spent on the contents of my daily make-up bag, that amount begins to get rather eye-watering pretty quickly. So I was definitely excited to see just how impressive the New Look make-up range was, especially when taking into consideration the price of it, as well as seeing how much I could realistically afford to buy for less than £25.

My aim was to be able to buy enough to create a full face of make-up and what I mean by that is, a base, eyes, lips and maybe just maybe, if I have enough left over, brows. So here's what I was able to pick up for under £25 and I think that I managed to do exactly what I had set out to.

New Look Pure Colour Liquid Foundation

New Look Pure Colour Liquid Foundation in Porcelain (01)* £4.99

When it came to my base products I went for their liquid foundation and concealer, both of which I picked up in the lightest shades available. Whilst the colour match of the foundation and concealer aren't exactly spot on, they are a little too dark for my deathly pale complexion, the actual quality and formulation of both are great.

New Look Pure Colour Liquid Concealer

New Look Pure Colour Ivory Liquid Concealer* £3.99

The concealer is creamy and has a lovely consistency to it. It's not so thin that it doesn't really do the job of concealing but it's not that thick that it clings to fine lines either. I definitely enjoyed trying it out and unlike my current concealer, Make Up For Ever's HD Concealer, the applicator actually works at dispensing it.

New Look Pure Colour Make Up

From left to right: New Look Pure Colour Mink Lip Liner* £1.99 - New Look Pure Colour Light Brown Eyebrow Pencil* £1.99 - New Look Pure Colour Brown Eye Shadow Crayon* £2.99 - New Look Pure Colour Black Waterproof Ink Eyeliner Pen* £3.99

I then picked up a couple of crayons/pencils, starting with the mink lip liner and the light brown eyebrow pencil. Both do the job but neither particularly blew me away, however at £1.99 a piece I wasn't really expecting miracles to be honest. But saying that, both would make nice additions to any daily make-up bag especially if you're on a budget.

Next up was the shimmery brown eye shadow crayon. This feels so buttery on the skin and it doesn't pull or tug on the eyelid which is always a plus point for a crayon such as this. I also really adore the shade too and I don't think that I've seen anything else quite like it at this price point either.

New Look Pure Colour Swatches

But the most surprising and impressive of the products that I managed to pick up in my New Look budget make-up haul was the waterproof eyeliner pen. This eyeliner is seriously amazing! It is the blackest of black shades and it stays that black all day long. I honestly couldn't believe that this was from a store that I normally only associate with clothes, shoes and accessories. It really does glide on and as I said, it has some real staying power too. I would definitely recommend checking out this bargain eyeliner pen the next time that you're in New Look.

Eylure London Black No 107 Natural False Lashes

Eylure London Black No 107 Natural False Lashes* £4.99

And last but not least, I went for a pair of Eyelure false lashes. When I was doing my shopping for this particular post, on the New Look site they didn't actually have any of their mascaras in stock so I went for the next best thing and I like the fact that they stock such a well known brand as part of their make-up and beauty section.

To me this just proves that you don't have to spend a ridiculous amount of money on some of the basics particularly if you are a little darker than I am. I'll definitely be stopping by the New Look make-up stand much more often now especially after finding a few products that I really liked putting to the test, all of which came to around £24. 

Have you ever bought anything from the New Look Pure Colour range? Do you think that you could do your full face of make-up for under £25? And how much would the contents of your daily make-up bag amount to if you sat down and worked it all out?


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