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100 Ideas For Instagram Posts

100 Ideas For Instagram Posts

I spend more time on Instagram than I should probably openly admit to but that's exactly where the idea for this post came from. This list comprises of the kinds of posts that I always make sure to like when I see them as well as some of my most popular posts.

So here are a couple, or 100 to be precise, of ideas for those days when you have no idea what to post on Instagram.

1: Your favourite beauty stand 
2: A trip to Lush 
3: MAC lipsticks 
4: 'Insta-empties'
5: Swatches on the back of your hand 
6: The beauty products on the side of your bath
7: Your make-up storage
8: Some make-up packaging (NARS and Charlotte Tilbury are always good shouts) 
9: Your bedtime beauty routine 
10: Your current make-up bag contents
11: Had a haircut? Be sure to instagram your new do!
12: Your favourite nail polish at the moment
13: An exciting new beauty launch
14: What's in your drugstore basket
15: Your favourite fragrance or perfume at the moment
16: A close up of your favourite make-up look
17: An Insta-haul of beauty products
18: An Insta-beauty review
19: In the hairdresser's chair
20: Oh and do Lush have a limited edition release? Get photographing!

Instagram Post Ideas

21: A new pair of shoes 
22: What's currently in your wardrobe
23: A special outfit laid out
24: A slogan tee or sweater
25: Your current handbag
26: A piece of jewellery that you've been obsessed with recently
27: Your favourite fashion magazine
28: What you're wearing on a night out/to dinner
29: A luxurious purchase in it's shopping bag (think Mulberry, Michael Kors, Selfridges) 
30: Any kind of fashion flat lay

31: A great bargain or deal that you've found
32: Something that's caught your eye in Primark
33: An online shopping delivery (any excuse eh? Hehe)
34: An interesting display in one of your favourite stores
35: A shopping haul 
36: Your favourite independent store
37: Disney related fashion always seems to attract a lot of interest
38: Not sure whether to buy something? Then put it to your Instagram followers!
39: Your favourite designer section in your local department store
40: Shopping bags

Ideas For Posting On Instagram

41: Your weekend takeaway meal 
42: Your bed or current bedding set-up 
43: What you're watching (on TV, Netflix, Youtube) 
44: Your favourite Spotify playlist at the moment
45: A magazine article you've enjoyed reading
46: Going out for a fancy (or not so fancy) dinner? Get a picture taken before it starts getting cold! Hehe 
47: Macaroons 
48: Spring blossom 
49: Baking or bakery treats 
50: Your cinema ticket
51: A trip to IKEA 
52: A cosy night in 
53: What you're currently reading 
54: Any kind of fast food (the more fries the better in my opinion) 
55: You and your dining companion(s) 
56: This week's Stylist magazine cover 

57: A Pinterest regram of any kind (I'm a big fan of seeing home decor inspiration)
58: An indulgent treat or dessert 
59: Your breakfast
60: A DVD boxset in bed 

Travel Instagram Ideas

61: Your passport/boarding pass combo
62: Your in-flight essentials 
63: The obligatory airport/out of the plane window shot
64: A well-known landmark where you're visiting 
65: A beach snap
A sunset 
67: Foreign currency
68: Hot dog legs'
69: 'Is there a Sephora where you're holidaying? Then get yourself along there asap! 
70: You on your holiday 

81: Where you blog
82: A blogging achievement (however big or small) 
83: Share the blog love and recommend your favourite blogs/bloggers
84: A blog post that you're particularly proud of
85: Debuting a new blog template? Then show it off!
86: Your weekly/monthly/yearly favourites
87: A photograph from a blogger event or meet-up
88: How you schedule or write your blog posts
89: Has your blog been featured somewhere? Then it's always fun to share it with your Instagram followers
90: Your most popular post of the week or month

Instagram Posts Ideas

71: Birthday celebrations/presents 
72: Christmas trees (the more the better in my opinion)
73: Halloween decorations 
74: Got a Christmas jumper? Share it with the masses! 
75: A summer BBQ
76: Christmas equals Lush Snow Fairy, now doesn't it?
77: Your Easter egg(s) 
78: Christmas decorations
79: An ice-cream/ice lolly 
80: The Christmas gifts that you've purchased for your loved ones, all wrapped up

The Old Familiars
91: A selfie
92: A selfie taken in the mirror of a lift
93: An #ootd (outfit of the day)
94: A #tbt (Throwback Thursday)
95: A #notd (nails of the day)
96: #motd (make-up of the day)
97: A quote 
98: 'From where I stand' 
99: Fresh flowers
100: A coffee cup (of any variety really)

So what do you think? Was this post helpful? Are you an Instagram obsessive, a bit like myself? What are some of your favourite Instagram accounts? And do you think that I've missed anything off of my list?


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