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Rene Furterer Lissea Haircare

Rene Furterer Haircare Lissea

I'm always one for trying out new haircare products, especially when it comes to the styling side of things, so when Escentual got in touch to see if I would like to put one of their newly acquired brands to the test I couldn't wait to find out more. Launching exclusively on Escentual, French Pharmacy favourite Rene Furterer is now available to us in the UK, without having to book a trip across the Channel to get your French Pharmacy fix. The Lissea range comprises of four products, a shampoo and the three products that I will be featuring today and is a haircare range best suited to those of us with unruly hair. 

I've been putting the three Lissea products in question, through their paces over the past month or so and I've been rather excited to share my thoughts on them with you, especially as I hadn't heard a great deal about the Rene Furterer brand before having the pleasure of trying them.

Rene Furterer Lissea Leave-In Smoothing Fluid

Rene Furterer Lissea Leave-In Smoothing Fluid* £17

First up is the Leave-In Smoothing Fluid. Unlike other smoothing balms, lotions and potions, this product is so lightweight. I hate nothing more, when it comes to my hair anyway, than applying a product that instantly makes my hair feel saturated or greasy. It's especially frustrating when you've just washed it moments before and then a bad product makes you feel like washing it straight away all over again. There's none of that with this Leave-In Fluid. Oh and expect some serious shine to be re-introduced back into your hair, as well as a whole lot of smoothness, as a result of using this.
You can either apply two pumps of the product to towel dried hair before blow drying, making sure to avoid the roots as you would with most styling products, or you can apply a drop through the ends of your hair once you've styled it. I really enjoy using it to smooth away fly-away hairs and talk about working wonders when you wake up with some untameable bed head.

Rene Furterer Lissea Thermal Protecting Smoothing Spray

Rene Furterer Lissea Thermal Protecting Smoothing Spray* £18

The next product in the Lissea line is the Thermal Protecting Smoothing Spray and I have to admit, I can often get a little lazy when it comes to heat protection. The fact that this product and the entire Lissea range smell absolutely amazing really does ensure that I remember to apply it. Who wouldn't want their hair to smell like winter cherry? I've actually just went and grabbed the bottle to have a little sniff whilst writing this. Is that strange? Hehe.
This spray protects your hair up to the temperature of 220°C and again, much like the Smoothing Fluid above, is unbelievably lightweight. I certainly appreciate the fact that these three products in the Lissea line all share some fantastic attributes and that there isn't that one product that I think doesn't quite fit with the rest of the range. Don't you hate it when you find a shampoo that you love, for example, only to find that the rest of the range doesn't quite live up it?

Rene Furterer Lissea Thermal Protecting Smoothing Conditioner

Rene Furterer Lissea Smoothing Conditioner* £15

And last but not least, the Smoothing Conditioner. For me, conditioner is more of considered purchase than shampoo, simply for the fact that I get through about ten bottles of shampoo whilst still using the exact same bottle or tube of conditioner. So I definitely do a bit more research when it comes to my choice of conditioner and for me, this one ticks all of the boxes. Not only is it humidity-reactive (say goodbye to Monica from Friends style hair), making a significant difference to the amount of frizz that you have to put up with but it also leaves your hair feeling so incredibly soft. It really does feel like your hair has just had an intensive treatment at a hair salon instead of the reality, which for me is applying this for a few minutes in the shower whilst I belt out some Katy Perry hits. Hehe. Rene Furterer also recommend using this product on more of a casual basis, which is what I already do when it comes to conditioner to be fair, so I can imagine this tube lasting quite some time.

Rene Furterer Lissea

As I mentioned briefly above, Escentual are the exclusive stockists of the Rene Furterer range here in the UK and they carry several other Rene Furterer haircare collections, in addition to the Lissea range (link here).

Have you heard of Rene Furterer haircare before? What do you think of the Lissea range? And does it sound like something that you would like to try when it comes to your unruly hair?


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