Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Arran Aromatics Blogger Breakfast

Arran Aromatics Blogger Breakfast

Last Thursday I was very kindly invited along to Cafe Zique in the West End of Glasgow for the Arran Aromatics Blogger Breakfast. 

Arran Aromatics Blog Event

I was the first of the bloggers to arrive and was warmly greeted by both the Arran Aromatics team and Becky and Caron from Becky White PR. As you might remember if you've been reading my blog since the start of the year or happen to follow me on social media, I interned at Becky White PR during the first three months of this year, so it was great to see Becky and Caron again.

Arran Aromatics Blogger Event

I took my seat, at the head of the table, since I was the first to arrive, and had a quick natter with Caron before the rest of the attendees started to appear. How gorgeous are the flowers that Caron picked out? They really do match the three distinct colours featured on the Eau De Toilette boxes perfectly. 

Once we had all arrived and taken our seats we were given a really interesting talk by Arran Aromatics' brand director, Andrew. It was great to hear how the brand had evolved into what we know today. And of course, it was also fantastic to finally be able to smell the summer fragrance range.

Arran Aromatics Eau De Toilettes

Just look at how stunning the bottles are. I love how sleek and clean the bottles look and that was before I had even given the scents a quick spritz. I will be reviewing the three fragrances in the next couple of weeks, so be sure to check back for a full and in depth review of each of the scents very soon. Eydis has notes of mandarin, pear, rose and the buzzword of the morning; gorse. Does anyone happen to know what gorse is? I know I certainly didn't. Citrus Shores is incredibly fresh and combines lemon, bergamot and grapefruit. And then there's Velvet Isle. I think that every single one of us in attendance picked this out as our favourite and I completely understand why. It's warm yet tropical and definitely more of an evening choice. 

Arran Aromatics Blogger Breakfast

In addition to the three aforementioned summer scents, we were also given the incredible opportunity to be the first individuals, outside of the company, to smell two brand new fragrances that are currently under development. Both smelled like real winners already. The names at this stage being Citrus Rock and Delightly, so be sure to keep an eye out for new fragrances in the future.

Arran Aromatics New Launch

And if that hadn't all been exciting enough, we were then treated to a spectacular breakfast. I would definitely recommend paying a visit to Cafe Zique if you are in or around Glasgow and are looking for somewhere that has a delectably comprehensive breakfast menu. Every single one of our breakfasts looked and smelled absolutely incredible.

Cafe Zique Breakfast Review

A huge thank you to Arran 
Aromatics and Becky White PR for having me and for such a wonderful morning. It was also so nice to finally meet the bloggers in attendance, most of which I have been following for quite some time now.

Have you ever tried anything from Arran Aromatics before? If so, what is your favourite scent or product? And if you live in or around Glasgow, have you ever been to Cafe Zique?


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