Friday, 24 April 2015

This Has Been: April

My local shopping centre, Silverburn, were doing an amazing beauty amnesty where if you dropped off five old items of make-up you got a £10 gift card - Benefit browsing - TK/TJ Maxx stationary will always be my favourite - A Soaper special delivery from the lovely ladies at Soap & Glory - I shared some of my top tips for saving for a holiday (link here) - Oh, Mulberry - It's officially Spring now - KFC favourites - I was featured in the Stila US newsletter - The best Spotify discovery - Standard Saturday night SATC viewing - The cutest gingerbread biscuit ever - Rewatching OITNB from the very beginning again - Soap & Glory bargains at Boots - I almost bought a second copy of The Great Gatsby solely as a result of this gorgeous rose gold cover - Chippy chips - Viktor & Rolf prettiness - Do you follow me on Pinterest? (link here) - I voted for the Fragrance Foundation People's Choice award - Duvet day essentials

April has had it's ups and downs for me. Let's start with the negative aspects of April to get them out of the way first. If you've read my monthly Instagram blog posts for a while now then you might know that I've had a few health issues, ones that have now lasted for years. This month has involved more trips to multiple hospitals and my GP, several blood tests (why was I cursed with deep veins?!), trying out new medications and this morning I had an Ultrasound scan. As you can imagine, not exactly the best of times, so as a result of having a pretty crappy time I've certainly treated myself to a few things to try and cheer myself up.

This month, the little things have really made me smile, more so than ever before and what has put the biggest smile on my face is the fact that it now finally feels like Spring! Not only have the Spring flowers bloomed (just think about how many photographs of blossom you have seen on Instagram hehe) but the nights have become increasingly lighter too, which is great in terms of taking blog photographs and when it comes to going out for a walk after dinner.

What was your April like? Please feel free to send me your Instagram links and I'll be sure to check them out.


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