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My Spring Room Tour

Disney Thumper Cushion

Since I just gave my bedroom a Spring clean, I came to the conclusion that now was as good a time as any to do a little room tour of sorts, so here it is. Hopefully this will give you a bit of an insight into the sort of things that I like above and beyond what I tend to review on my blog and even though my bedroom is definitely not Pinterest worthy, I thought that it might give you some ideas when it comes to giving your room a bit of a Spring update. I've also tried my best to provide links to any of the products that are still available in the shops or online, just in case you fancy checking them out. And first up is my current bedding situation, as you can see in the photograph above.

As you might remember if you read my 'What I Got For My Birthday' post (link here), I received both the duvet set and the adorable Thumper cushion for my birthday in February. I've been waiting for it to feel a bit more Spring-like before putting them on my bed and now that it's April I thought that it was about time for them to make an appearance. The adorable Thumper cushion is from Tesco and it's currently got 20% off it at the moment (link here) and the Rose Duvet set is from Asda.

Bedroom Tour Blog

As will soon become apparent to you, I have quite a lot of shelving in my bedroom mainly to house my DVD collection but at the moment anyway, there is still a bit of free space which mainly consists of some little trinkets, the majority of my perfume collection and a portion of my library of books. On display are some of my favourite books and recent reads (the rest, most of which are from my Uni days are in a huge box under my bed).

Have you read any of the books that you can see on my shelves?

And then on top of my set of drawers I have a few more little trinkets as well as most of my jewellery collection, my current make-up bag and my fantastic Simplehuman Magnifying Sensor Mirror (link here). Anyone who loves doing their make-up will certainly have a much easier and more pleasant time doing it with this fantastic mirror at their disposal. Expect another blog post featuring it in a bit more detail very soon.

Dottie Rocks Gold Foil Print

Do you remember this gold foil print from Dottie Rocks Designs from one my Christmas Gift Guide posts (link here)? Well I finally found the perfect frame for it, all these months later and believe it or not but I actually found it at Asda which was a welcome surprise. This quote basically sums me up to a tee and you can find it (here)

Bomb Cosmetics Candle Secret Santa

I tend to always have a candle burning in my bedroom, especially at the weekend as it just makes my room feel all the more cosy. I've got quite a few candles to work my way through (Summer Scoop by Yankee Candle is up next) so I've just started burning this festive scent despite it being mid-April. Oh well, who says you have to play by the rules when it comes to scented candles? 

And here's a little fun fact for long-time readers of Ellis Tuesday. Up until the start of this year all of my blog photographs were taken on top of this chest of drawers. Have a look back through my blog and you should be able to spot it. It's the MALM set of drawers from IKEA.

Michael Kors Mini Selma Handbag

And on another recent trip to IKEA (who doesn't love a trip to IKEA?) I managed to pick up this little shelf, which I've put up just above my bed. I'm still not entirely sure what I should put on this shelf but for the meantime it's become a home to some of my American purchases from last year. If you read my Florida haul posts (link here and here) then you might remember Boo and Buddy (how cute are they?) as well as my two Michael Kors Mini Selma bags. I've also got a little goody bag sitting on the shelf that I received from the Benefit Rollerlash event (link here) which currently has receipts in it. Oh so glamorous! Hehe.

Room Tour DVD Collection

And here it is, on the wall adjacent to to my little white shelf; my DVD collection or at least part of my DVD collection, as I couldn't really fit it all into the shot. I've been amassing DVDs ever since I first started my little Saturday job working at a hairdressers when I was fourteen. It's safe to say there's always something to watch in my household and that's not even taking into consideration my Netflix addiction. Hehe.
How many of the DVDs can you name in this shot and how many have you seen?

Spring Room Tour Blog

A couple of years ago my room underwent some massive alterations. The biggest of which was the walls going from a dark teal shade to white. You have no idea how many coats of white paint were needed. It definitely puts me off painting any wall that dark a colour ever again. Anyway, I've been on the lookout for a new light shade ever since but for some reason or another I've found it so hard to part with this one just yet, even if it does stand out in my all white room now.

Wardrobe Tour Blog

And here's a little peek inside my wardrobes. I've yet to give them a proper clear out but at the moment they are packed full of stripes, patterns, velvet and cardigans.

Wardrobe Organisation

If you would like to see a blog post on my Autumn/Winter to Spring/Summer wardrobe reshuffle then please let me know. I have a feeling that it could make some interesting reading even if just for the fact that there will probably be some right sights lurking in there. Hehe.

I've also got to reorganise my beauty drawers asap too (they are actually the chest of drawers that I featured above) so
 if you would like to see that at some stage too, again please let me know. It might even inspire a blog sale kind of post in the future as well since I know that there are quite a few unloved beauty items just sitting there that could definitely go to better homes.

So what did you think of my Spring room tour? Have you given your bedroom a Spring clean yet? And h
ave you ever done a room or bedroom tour over on your blog? If so, leave a link to it below and I will be sure to check it out.


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