Sunday, 26 April 2015

My Perfect Pair Of Summer Sandals With Clarks

Clarks Romantic Moon Sandals

Clarks Romantic Moon Leopard Print Sandals* £50

Every year, as the sun starts to make more of a regular appearance, I begin my quest to find the perfect pair of sandals to carry me right through the warmer months. And every year I end up buying a pair that absolutely destroy my feet. And when I say destroy my feet, I really do mean it. I'm still sporting a scar on my foot from a pair of ill advised flip flops that I wore for three weeks in Florida a few years ago. You can actually see it quite visibly which is never a great look. So when Clarks got in touch to ask if I would like to like to choose a pair to feature it really did feel like perfect timing.

Clarks Romantic Moon Leopard Print

I don't know about you but when I think of Clarks it instantly brings back memories of shopping for school shoes. Does anyone else remember the snazzy machine that you would hop onto to have your feet measured? That was always my favourite part of back to school shopping and I think it was the sole (pardon the foot pun) reason that I wasn't as nightmarish as some of the other kids in the same school shoes shopping situation as myself. But as soon as I clicked onto the Clarks website I was honestly blown away by the incredible selection of shoes, boots and sandals that they had to offer and what surprised me the most, the fact that you could have sworn that they were from the likes of Zara or Topshop. But unlike those high street stores, Clarks are renowned for their fit, comfort, durability and competitive pricing. It's only now that I truly appreciate how important those things are. Gone are the days when I would buy a £3 pair of sandals from you know where and expect them to last more than a week or so. And now to find that Clarks also add great styles into the equation, it really is a no-brainer. The sandal section alone essentially left me breathless. Can I perhaps justify six new pairs of sandals for summer 2015? What do we think?

Clarks Leather Sandals

As soon as I saw the Romantic Moon range of sandals I was immediately sold. I went for the leopard print variety as I still tend to wear a lot of black, even in the summer months but I've certainly still got my eye on the pink combi pair. I've actually never seen a more perfect pair of sandals, for my tastes, than the leopard print Romantic Moon ones. I mean, leather; check. Leopard Print; check. Incredibly comfortable; check. And all of this for £50; check!

And since the sun has been shining on quite a reliable basis recently, I've actually had the chance to really put them to the test already. The only place I've not tested them is on the beach. Anyone feel like sending me on a quick trip to some sunny sands? Hehe. For research purposes of course. 

Clarks Sandals Summer

Normally it takes me weeks or even months to properly break in a pair of summer shoes or sandals but with these, after about ten minutes or so, my feet had automatically adjusted to them. Now that is something that never happens with me and shoes. And what is also really helpful, especially for those of us who find it problematic to find a pair of summer sandals wide enough for our feet, is the fact that Clarks have a whole host of fantastic wide fit choices (link here)I have a feeling that you're going to have to practically restrain me from shopping in Clarks now. Hehe. I wasn't kidding about having six other pairs of sandals on my Clarks summer wishlist.

So what do you think of my choice of summer sandals? Do you find it difficult to find a pair of sandals that don't tear your feet to shreads or deteriorate before your very eyes after a couple of wears? And when was the last time that you shopped in Clarks?


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