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Primark Haul - March 2015

Primark Haul 2015

Believe it or not but I've actually never done a Primark haul before! And it's been a while since I last did a haul post which wasn't completely beauty based, so here it is; my first Primark haul.

Over the past month or so it's safe to say that I've found myself frequenting Primark more than ever and every time that I've stepped through the doors of the shop I've left with quite a few things. I don't know if it's got something to do with the fact that we're transitioning into Spring fashion now or if there's just more on the rails that's to my taste but Primark really have been hitting it out of the park recently, so here's what I've picked up this month (I am planning another trip next week to see if I can find a pair of boots that I've been looking for for weeks now so this might not be the last Primark haul to be seen on Ellis Tuesday).

Sooty and Sweep Primark

Sooty Cosy Slipper Socks £4 - Sweep Cosy Slipper Socks £4
As you might have already seen if you happen to follow me on Instagram (link here), I managed to pick up these adorable slipper socks. I'm a big fan of Primark's selection of slipper socks meaning that it's a section I always make sure to check out when I'm in the store and as soon as I saw these two I couldn't stop smiling. Even looking at them now whilst I type up this post just puts me in such a good mood. I was the biggest Sooty & Co. fan growing up, so much so that I even appeared in the Sooty & Co. magazine when I was about two or three years years old. Definite claim to fame! Hehe. I had my beloved Sweep puppet on one hand and was balancing on one leg. I'll need to see if I can find the photograph to let you see.

Primark Necklace Jewellery

Necklace £6
The jewellery section in Primark used to be one of my favourite areas to check out but for some reason or another I definitely haven't paid it enough attention recently but I'm so glad that I reacquainted myself with it on my last visit. This necklace is just so stunning. It's hard to describe just how perfect it is for me and for the Spring/Summer seasons. The chain itself is gorgeous and unlike anything else that I've seen on the High Street recently and I simply adore the pastel shades mixed in with the metallic, pearl and diamant√© detailing.

Primark Black Heels

Shoes £12
I'm always on the lookout for heels that I can actually comfortably walk in and these certainly fit the bill. I very rarely wear heels but I do want to try and step out of (no shoe based pun intended there hehe) my comfort zone when it comes to my footwear choices this Spring/Summer. Normally it's ballet flats all the way for me (that's not to say I won't be stocking up on them too) but I really wanted a classic pair of black shoes with a bit of a heel for a variety of different reasons and I'm so glad that I managed to find these. They are honestly so comfortable. As you can hopefully see, there is a cushion at the front of the shoe for support and as they are of the wide fit variety, there is more room for your feet to breathe and fit. I can't wait to style these up over the upcoming weeks and months.

Primark Super Cosy Tights 2015

Super Cosy Tights £2
After years and years of hearing basically everyone rave about Primark's Super Cosy tights I finally gave in and added them to my basket this month. And to see them with £1.50 off of their usual price made the decision even easier. I've yet to try them out but I do love the feel of them. I do wonder how long they will last but for £2 I guess that it's not too much of a loss when they do inevitably rip/ladder.

Primark Navy Purse

Purse £2 
I also picked up this adorable little purse. As you will have seen if you read my recent 'What's In My Bag' post (link here), I tend to carry quite a large wallet with me on a day-to-day basis but that wallet is far, far too large for my Michael Kors Mini Selmas. And since I've been carrying my Mini Selmas with me more and more these days I really needed a significantly smaller purse or wallet for those days. As soon as I saw the size of this I knew that it would be the perfect size and at £2 I really couldn't complain.

Primark Mini Purse

The fact that it isn't just a coin purse (who only carries coins with them these days?) was what really sold me on it, as well as the lovely navy and white love hearts design. You can carry several cards in the front section of the purse and there are enough spaces for the essentials. Of course my Boots advantage card is an essential in my purse. Hehe.

Primark Green Trench Coat

Trench Coat £25
Now this purchase was an absolute no brainer! I've had the same black hooded trench coat for a good few years now and every single year I go on the hunt for one to possibly replace it. I've had to give up all hope of finding another one with a hood that is within my price range but this year there have been trench coats aplenty on the High Street. However, most of them are a bit pricey so to find out that this one was only £25 made me so happy. The shade of green is absolutely stunning and I love the way that it looks against my auburn hair. I also featured this very coat in my first article for Scotcampus on 'Your Spring 2015 Wardrobe'.

Primark Disney Wrapping Paper Thumper Bambi

Disney Wrapping Paper £1.50
Just in case you haven't already noticed, Primark have really been hitting it out of the park when it comes to their branded merchandise (case in point; the Sooty & Sweep slipper socks) and their range of Disney items really is out of this world. I just so happened to be in the queue waiting to pay for the shoes featured above, when I happened to spot this gorgeous Bambi wrapping paper. And it was perfect timing as I was actually planning on making a trip to a card shop or supermarket to see if I could get some gift wrap to wrap up my mum's Mother's Day and birthday presents. And to get 4 metres of Disney branded wrapping paper is pretty amazing.

Have you bought anything exciting from Primark recently? If so, you'll need to let me know below so I can be sure to go and check it out. Hehe. What do you think of the items that I managed to pick up? And would you like to see more haul posts in the near future?


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