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Lush Braehead Beauty School Bloggers Party

Lush Beauty School Bloggers Party

On Tuesday night I was invited along to Lush Braehead for their Beauty School Bloggers Party. In case you weren't aware, Lush do parties and events. So if you're a Lush addict, a bit like myself, doesn't that sound like the dream? There are three different events to choose from. To find out more about them (click here)Ours was the Beauty School party and myself and seven other bloggers were treated to an evening of pampering, products and face mask making. I hadn't actually met any of the bloggers who were attending the event before, even though I felt like I already knew a few of them from following them and their blogs for a long time. So it was really nice to finally meet them as well as the other bloggers in attendance and the fantastic girls at Lush Braehead too.

Lush Braehead Bloggers Event
(Image Credit @lushbraehead)

From left to right: Kristin - Linsay - Roisin - Gillian - Michelle - Me - Kirsty - Amy - Beth - Rach

After everyone had arrived we were directed to the back of the shop where there was a table set up with drinks and some gorgeous chocolate nibbles. Then we introduced ourselves to one another and spoke a little bit about our blogs and what we were looking forward to most about the event, before being shown some of the new, limited edition products.

Lush Easter
As I hadn't actually seen the Easter range in person I was really excited to have a proper look at it and of course, give it a good sniff. We were also given a demonstration of some of the products which is always fun to see. My favourite had to be Hoppity Poppity. It has popping candy in it! Popping candy!! Now how incredible is that?

We were then taken to the front of the shop, just as you walk into the Braehead store and given a seat around the table. It was then that we got to make our very own Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask, which we got to take home with us at the end of the evening. I would have taken a few photographs of us making the mask, as it was definitely an entertaining process but it all got rather messy once we had started. 

Lush Beauty School Event

And after all that hard work (it definitely gave my arm a bit of a workout), we were given the opportunity to pamper one another using some of Lush's best massage bars, exfoliators, cleansers, masks and moisturising products. We were paired up, I was paired with the lovely Beth and we were given a crash course in the art of arm and hand massages and facials by our wonderful host Kristin.

The Beauty School Bloggers Party was honestly one of the best nights that I've had in a long time. The atmosphere was relaxed, informal and most importantly, so welcoming. And our hosts were absolutely fantastic too. I also learned so much about some of my favourite Lush products as well as ones that I've wanted to try for a while now. If you would like to experience a Beauty School Party for yourself, it is priced at £25 per person but this £25 includes £10 for you to spend in-store at the end of the party.

If you live in or around the Glasgow area, I would definitely recommend paying the team at Lush Braehead a visit. They were all so friendly and they really knew their stuff. I tend to get a bit overwhelmed when I enter a Lush store as there is so much to look at and they always seem to have something new to discover, so it really does help to know that the Lush team at Braehead can assist you with any questions or queries that you have. Thanks again to everyone at Lush Braehead for such a great night and to Kristin for inviting me along.

What do you think of the sound of the Beauty School party? Would it be something that you would love to attend? Just think how perfect it would be for birthday parties, hen nights and those sorts of events? Would you like to see a review of the very Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask that I made at the event?


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