Wednesday, 18 February 2015

My Pilates Playlist With New Look

Pilates Playlist

When New Look asked me to put together a playlist of my favourite songs to work out to I was really excited to share some of my favourite songs to listen to whilst I'm doing my exercise of choice; pilates. I've been incorporating pilates into my life ever since finding out that I have joint hypermobility and subsequently attending physiotherapy appointments to help alleviate the issues that it was giving me. My physiotherapist was keen to introduce pilates based exercises into my daily routine and ever since then I've been a definite pilates convert. I'm not the fittest of individuals and the last time that I stepped into a gym I actually fainted (I wonder why I haven't been back since hehe) which is why pilates is perfect for me. You can certainly feel the difference but it's obviously not as high intensity as the workouts/classes that honestly scare someone like me, who has previously never gotten on with those kinds of activities. And as an added benefit, it doesn't put too much pressure or strain on my joints either.

New Look Grey Joggers

Unlike traditional pilates music (you know the type; pan pipes or classical music), when I'm in the comfort of my living room working through my daily routine of stretches and exercises, I like to keep myself motivated and engaged by playing some of my favourite songs, albeit ones that aren't too energetic or high-energy. So here they are. Some have been part of my Pilates playlist for months now and others are more recent additions:

New Look Workout

New Look White Pocket Front T-Shirt* £6.99 - New Look Grey Jersey Space Dye Joggers* £17.99

New Look also gave me the incredible opportunity to showcase some pieces from their sportswear collection. And I have to say, I'm really impressed with the range that they carry. I don't know about you but workout gear isn't exactly at the top of my list of priorities when I go clothes shopping. I definitely get distracted by so many other things that even if I'm meant to be shopping for workout leggings etc. I tend to get sidetracked pretty quickly. So to know that New Look, a shop that I visit every single time that I go clothes shopping, has such a great range, certainly means that I won't forget to get myself kitted out with better workout clothing. The range also definitely bridges the gap between pricey professional workout gear (especially if you don't necessarily need that kind of sportswear) and the likes of cheaper retailers. I mean, how incredible are these grey jersey space dye joggers? And at less than £20 who can complain? I also paired them with a simple white t-shirt which is so incredibly soft and doesn't cling to you at all mid-workout.

Pilates Workout Clothes

So what kind of music do you like to listen to when you work out? Do you have specific playlists dedicated to your favourite workout songs? And what do you think of my new and improved workout clothes? Have you checked out the sportswear collection in New Look before?


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